Sunday, July 24, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Sunday Evening - July 24

Quad cam - 1pm their time

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Wicked Ways:
  • Gah, they slept most of the day!
  • BB TRIED to wake them up early.
  • Some had stayed up, made breakfast, ate and then it was back to bed.
  • Bridgette claims she'd rather go home than be stuck in jury with the girls.
  • Da'Vonne has been trying to get closer to Michelle than she has been all summer so far.
  • BB once again, around 1:30pm their time, tried to get them all up and moving.
  • They're still on indoor lockdown as the yard is put back to normal.
  • Well, as normal as anything in that house can be!
  • Nicole warned James that Frank wants him to have Michelle use the veto and put Da'Vonne on the block.
  • Well, duh.
  • I think he realizes that.
  • Nicole told Michelle that Frank told her that he had talked to her (Michelle) and she would use the veto.
  • Michelle denies it ... vehemently.
  • Frank told James that everybody is down with voting out Da'Vonne.
  • James remains noncommittal -- he'll go with whatever the house wants.
  • Now, of course, that also means he's down with everybody wanting Frank or Bridgette out.
  • Obviously, he doesn't hold the veto, nor does he have a vote. He's done his part. He put them on the block. It's up to them now.
  • James told Da'Vonne once again that he won't put her on the block.
  • Bridgette continues to think the girls are bullying her.
  • Zakiyah tried to tell her otherwise.
  • It's actually kind of hard to bully someone who either avoids them or exiles herself with Frank.
  • As of right now, it doesn't look like Michelle will use the veto.
  • But, it's going back and forth which one goes between Bridgette and Frank.
  • It's leaning towards Frank, but it could go either way.

Quad cam - 3pm their time

I'm tired of Frank!

Talks way too much

At least Corey's hair is quasi-normal

Frank isn't always frank about things.


monty924 said...

Your screen cap comments say it all Jackie. I spent my afternoon watching flashback because they slept all day.

Jackie Hardin said...

I wish James would tell everyone to leave the HOH room. They have eaten about all his goodies. They've taken over the bed. I would be hurting some feelings. He needs to get "Z" out of the bed. I want her to go home so PAULIE and Michelle can get together.

Anonymous said...

Well for the first time I finally deleted my auto record BBAD for this year. Just so many times you can stand to hear the "F" word and keep your sanity. I do not understand why CBS does not ask them back off a little from that??????? Does anyone else find it a problem or is it just me???

Anonymous said...

Bridgette bothers me the most - I think she's said f* more than regular words. Wish I had started counting from the beginning. In general, I have always surmised that people who constantly use vulgarity have low intellects and don't have other descriptive words in their vocabularies. But she's an educated, professional woman. She bothers me.

Petals said...

agree Anon 5:14am

chrob61 said...

Hi everyone- and thanks Jackie for the updates.

I had to post after watching last night's show. Does anyone else besides me think that the HG (especially Frank) got a little too involved with Davonne, James and Bridget during the competition. Especially poor Davonne! I was worried during her arguing with Frank she was going to lose it and drop her hand. There should be some kind of rule that the eliminated HGs need to stay back away from the remaining contestants!