Sunday, July 31, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Sunday Evening - July 31

Breakfast small talk

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Suspicious Minds:
  • It was your typical boring Sunday in the house with a few strategic discussion exceptions.
  • The "boys" -- Paul, Paulie and James -- talked more about getting the "girls" shot down one by one ... and using Bridgette to do it.
  • James piped up that Natalie isn't a threat to anyone in the game, making a case for keeping her around as long as possible.
  • Paulie did not say the same of Zakiyah ... another one who's no real threat.
  • The Backdoor Da'Vonne plan is in full motion with almost all aboard.
  • Not aboard are Da'Vonne (d'oh!), Zakiyah and Natalie to an extent.
  • Da'Vonne has an idea that something might be going on and keeps trying to talk to people, including Bridgette.
  • She's getting very paranoid.
  • She's still pushing a Backdoor Nicole plan and thinks it might be a possibility ... but is very nervous.
  • She cried to Zakiyah about it.
  • Meanwhile, in the HoH room, Bridgette and Paul had a long long talk.
  • Well, Paul talked more than Bridgette did.
  • But you know that.
  • It goes without saying.
  • But, like Paul, I said it anyway.
  • He informed her of the Backdoor Da'Vonne plan. He told her that he had vowed to get her out this week, but would accept what happens as the will of the house. And, he's willing to work with her.
  • She said what he wanted to hear -- she wants to work with the guys to get the women out.
  • Bridgette told him that Da'Vonne keeps popping up where she is and has been trashtalking Nicole.
  • Bridgette also told Paul that it was more Nicole and Frank talking while she and Corey chillaxed during their brief working together stint.
  • Both she and Paul think Nicole has been a bit shady, but not like Da'Vonne. 
  • In another Paul talk, this one with Da'Vonne, he lied to her and told her she should have no worries if she goes on the block in Paulie's place. In that one, she sold out her buddy Zakiyah even.
  • If nothing else, Da'Vonne's actions have made her probably the most disloyal person in the house ... out of many disloyal persons.
  • No fisticuffs, no kerfuffles, some tears but no hysterics.
  • And, that's how the day went.
Catching some sun

All about being Victor

Boys summit meeting

How come no one cares when I'm paranoid?


~~Silk said...

The P-twins' hair has been reminding me of something, but I couldn't think of what. I realized this evening - it's Pepe Le Pew's hairdo!

Wikipedia, by the way, has an excellent discussion of the origin of "mind your p's and q's" at wherein they dismiss the pub explanation (it's illogical), as well as several others.

Sharon N said...

Good one Silk.. Pepe Le Pew!!!! LMAO
Paul really is convinced he's the best thing ever since wrapped bread.

What I don't "get" in the last few years.... WHY do these "recruits" feel the craving need to tell someone they are going on the block? Especially when it has the appearance (and probability) of being a BackDoor. Really, why give that person all the extra time to whine & cray... trying to talk the HOH out of putting them up. And the extra day or two to try and work some magic?

monty924 said...

Yes, the SKUNK!! Wait, Pepe was lovable so not Paul or Paulie... nevermind. I've always thought that minding your P's and Q's meant to be kind and polite. My Mom would often scold me when I was little with the "mind your Ps and Qs". I think the pints and quarts are fine too and it's all relative to what you think of it as many old sayings are. :))

David said...

I think BB should start enforcing the rule about not telling the peeps that they are going on the block. I have seen it mentioned plenty of times in past seasons but not this one. I think it might just be the HOH or person doing the nomination that can't say directly though. That rule needs to be extended to include everyone to put an end to this telling before nominations.

As for the hair, it reminds me of the gorilla in the cricket wireless commercial.

Gorilla capture

SusanS. said...

I watched After Dark last night. Where was James?
And OMYGOSH, the girls popping pimples on the guys???? That is disgusting!