Sunday, July 31, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Sunday Morning - July 31

I'm HoH! Friendship!

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Whacko Wombats:
  • Da'Vonne thinks Paul will put Natalie on the block when Paulie takes himself off.
  • Michelle, who knows otherwise, agreed with Da'Vonne.
  • We all know that, unless Paul thinks with his own mind and sticks to his guns that Bridgette is going home this week, it will be Backdoor Da'Vonne in motion.
  • James knows, but isn't telling Natalie.
  • He told her "someone" will be backdoored.
  • Michelle told Da'Vonne that she doesn't mind Bridgette as much now that Frank is gone.
  • Y'know, they can bake cookies and all together!
  • Throwing marshmallows and jumping in the pool have ticked off the BB piped voice in the house lately.
  • "I said, STOP THAT!"
  • Despite Paulie telling all the guys he wants to drop Zakiyah and wouldn't mind if she got evicted, he still lets her hang all over and snuggle him.
  • They're bored.
  • I'm bored.
  • They get silly.
  • I do not.
  • I yawn.
  • That should all change when (if?) Da'Vonne goes up on the block with the PoV meeting!
  • Eep. Michelle has around 40 grand in college debt. Natalie has 80 grand in college debt. I'm glad I went to college back in the dark ages and had a merit scholarship to help pay some of my way! Plus, worked full time. Plus, didn't go on reality TV shows hoping to win to pay the bill.
  • Michelle's parents paid off her credit card debt. Yep, that's the way to teach a kid how to handle finances!
  • Michelle told Victor all of her self-esteem woes. He told her that she can change all of them.
  • Actually, I think most of them are in her mind.
  • It has to be some sort of sociological statement that most of the girls in the house have low self-esteem issues while most of the guys have delusions of grandeur. What does it say of us as a society? Or, is it just casting?
  • Natalie also tried to talk up Michelle.
  • Paul told Zakiyah that he wants Bridgette to go home, but will put Da'Vonne up if the veto is used because "she isn't as paranoid as everybody else."
  • Meanwhile, Paulie thinks Nicole might have told Zakiyah that Da'Vonne will go on the block.
  • Paulie wants to use Bridgette to get out Michelle and Zakiyah.
  • Then he'd be finished with her.
  • Da'Vonne is talking scenarios with a final four of her, Zakiyah, Paulie and Michelle.
  • Let's see what happens ... 

He has to wear that HoH robe ALL THE TIME

Someone will be backdoored says James

Zakiyah, please remove your hair from the mic

She clings; he doesn't turn away


Judi Sweeney said...

It should be an interesting week! Hopefully!

Nick said...

I was excited for Da'Vonne to return just because I think she is hilarious in the DR and good entertainment overall. But I was absolutely thrilled to have Nicole come back this season because I felt like she definitely did not get an actual chance to play on her first season. Once she survived the first couple of weeks and she didn't seem to be on anyone's radar really I was looking forward to her going far and even having a chance to win. Now, I can honestly say I am just so disappointed with her. Of course she could still end up going far, but I feel like she has squandered her second chance at playing Big Brother. I still think she is a nice person overall and like her, but it has really been disappointing to watch her focused almost 100% on Corey.

Jackie Hardin said...

I agree with you Nick. You said it all. I still want Miss "Z" and DeVonna out of the House.

Anonymous said...

If a woman wins BB this season, it will be an upset. These women are horrible players. They act as if this is a vacation.

Zoe in California

Anonymous said...

BB is a social statement of our society and yes a competition for money. But it is sad to see that our American society still have norms that exclude people based on their families income, untraditional appearance and unspoken prejudices.

Sara in SC

Carol Calvin said...

Agree with Nick - I was happy to see Nichole back, but somehow she's not the same player at all. She's just kind of...a houseguest. I didn't like Da'Vonne the first time, and while she's better this time (in my opinion) I'm not a fan. I still like James - but it would be enjoyable to see Nicole and James step it up a bit.

Anonymous said...

James is a non confrontational little brown man just looking for love. He is not a threat to middle class American values and beliefs.

Paulie is a opinionated self entitled white male who was raised to believe his ideas are aligned with this society. Born to lead.

Sara (SC)