Tuesday, July 05, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Tuesday Evening - July 5

Just chillaxin'

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Doldrums Dullards:
  • Not long after they got up this morning, it seemed each hamster was called briefly into the Diary Room.
  • They said it was for one question before BB shut down their talk about production.
  • Bridgette told Bronte not to trust Tiffany.
  • That seems to be a common thread in the house as of late -- don't trust Tiffany.
  • Zakiyah is mad because Frank slapped her butt -- Tiffany and Natalie told her she needs to shut that down right now.
  • Frank is souring with me a bit. I don't care for that stuff.
  • Meanwhile, Victor is trying to improve his behavior.
  • it's most likely going to be a matter of too little, too late.
  • Da'Vonne is sure that someone will be returning. Frank says that never works out because they're always targeted and out the first week back.
  • I don't know ... didn't Judd stay a number of weeks?
  • Frank told Zakiyah that both he and Paulie want her with them at the end.
  • We'll see about that.
  • Paulie got his HoH camera. Fun, fun, fun.
  • Lots of napping went down today.
  • Zakiyah and Da'Vonne have had just about enough of Frank. 
  • Although he hasn't claimed to be the Messiah in the house, he's certainly trying to rule the house.
  • Nicole doesn't think the majority of their alliance would be okay with sending Frank home even though he's got issues.
  • Victor thinks he has a chance to stay.
  • People are lying to him.
  • And, he's gullible enough to believe it.
  • The Oust Frank Movement spread as the day went on.
  • Even Victor has a hook for it -- if he stays and wins HoH, he'll put Frank and Paulie on the block.
  • Corey likes Frank. He's not in on the Movement.
  • On the other hand, the other nominee (Tiffany) will also go after Frank.
  • Although the Oust Frank Movement talk monopolized much of the day, that's not happening this week.
  • This week, it should be Victor out.
  • And, it might even be unanimous as they've talked Paul into voting "with the house."
  • I don't like the voting with the house.
  • Make them stop!

Pondering possibilities



Awake again, sort of

Needs to nap


Sharon N said...

I had hopes for Frank, but he isn't very likable this season. :(

Judi Sweeney said...

I also had hopes for Frank this season, but he's just trying to play too many angles! Too much too soon.... It's all catching up

uncartie said...

Frank has all the signs of a misogynist.

Stormy said...

I am far from a prude but am finding it very hard to watch BBAD with the "F" word said every other word. Paul and Paulie being the worst ever. Not enjoyable to hear it 6 times in one sentence. Gee and I the only one this is getting old for?

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. The language is pretty vulgar. It seems to be contagious, too. These millennials!! Heard Paul say that most of the newbies still live with their parents. And then the oldest one left, Tiffany, is losing her mind. How can you hide and sleep all day and then complain that people are leaving you out?

This might be my last year to watch. It just isn't fun to watch anymore. I don't know how Jackie does it!

Sharon N said...

Unfortunately, younger people use "F" (and other 'colorful' words) like it's the only way they can pull a sentence together. They think nothing of it and use those words like conjunctions.

I'm not a prude by any stretch of the imagination, but I often wonder how these people expect to make it in the real world.... especially when dealing with the public.

Stormy said...

Do not watch it live and thank goodness for the fast forward button. LOL

Petals said...

Cursing? I do curse ometimes, but I for sure do not curse outside my home (except my BFF's home, but she is like family). It's just not ladylike. I say (and type) a lot of "geeminy!" and "flippin' fudge!". But men doing it? Especially younger men? Meh...in one ear and out the other. I find toilet-chat far more offensive. I don't want to discuss your's or anyone else's flatulence or morning constitutions. There is a door on that room for a reason!

Being older-fashioned, the butt-slapping and stuff doesn't bother me. Frank is blow-hard on a Boogie-like power trip, yeah. But he's also just a big Southern guy with a job. Believe it or not, there are women lined-up around the block for him in his home town (so yes, his girlfriend is real).

Michelle is growing on me; I like her. I'm over Zakiyah (she will ride in Day's shadow straight to the end, hide & watch!), and over Corey. They are both just hooking-up to a vet to skate to the end. Whatever. Bor-ing!

Tiffanessa can go ASAP. It's like deja vu watching her slog around with a hat & glasses, crying & paranoid. @@

Thanks Jackie! See you guys later. XOXOX

chrob61 said...

I agree with you Petals- most of the cursing that goes on goes in one ear and out the other.

I also agree that Tiffany can go.

I prefer watching BB on my DVR and I can FFWD through the commercials. While it's great I can get thru an hour in about 30 min, I miss out on the live chat. Do most of you do your postings during the commercials?

I'm rooting for Paulie, even though my pool-mate is Paul.

Fred aka TwoBlackAces said...

So far, this season blows. It's been hard to get behind anyone, and yes the cursing is annoying. I hope that it will improve, but I'm not holding my breath.

Sharon N said...

IMO the cursing has become so prevalent in every-day conversation that it's like having our ears trained to accept this as normal, I.e., Pavlov.

Like Petals, I curse now and then too, but also try to keep it on the down-low in public. My "favorites happen to be sh-t or da-m....but I'd have to be totally livid to have the F word slip out.

Jean in Tampa said...

I couldn't believe I dropped an F-bomb at my doctor yesterday. I said, "that really f@$#&ING hurt! I'm sorry." He said, "I know, it's ok." I was so embarrassed.