Tuesday, July 12, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Tuesday Evening - July 12

Oh Mylanta, looks like Frank has gas!

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of the Fickle Finger of Fate:
  • While they didn't have waffles for breakfast, there sure was some waffling going on in the house.
  • Oh, let's keep Tiffany, get rid of Bronte.
  • Oh, let's keep Tiffany, get rid of Paul.
  • Oh, let's keep Tiffany; she'll target Frank for us.
  • But, in the long run, the more things change the more they remain the same -- Tiffany should be the one going out the door this week.
  • I think she made some major mistakes which have done her in. First, like Paulie did about Cody, she should have told people about Vanessa -- the family resemblance is very strong and, if you close your eyes, she even SOUNDS like Vanessa. Most of the recruits saw that season only. Her second major mistake was emotions and sleeping/not mingling in the start of the game.
  • James warned Da'Vonne that keeping Paul around as the weekly pawn just might pawn his way into the finals.
  • But Da'Vonne still has Frank in the crosshairs, as does much of the rest of the house.
  • One mark against Michelle in Frank's book is that she idolizes Ian Terry.
  • Ian Terry was the one who got Frank out in his season.
  • Frank also seems to have disdain regarding Dan Gheesling's BB abilities. 
  • He claims that he tried to get them to target Dan, but Boogie talked him out of it.
  • @@
  • I don't know. To me, the more he talks about those two (Dan and Ian), the more it seems that he's upset that they were hailed as great at the game and he was more known as a constant pawn and competition beast. (AKA -- non-thinking.)
  • Paulie gave Corey some incentive to win HoH. Corey's a Have Not and, if he won HoH, they let the winning HoH break Have Not.
  • Tiffany still thinks she's staying. No one really wants to tell her otherwise.
  • She thinks they'll vote Bronte out.
  • To be honest, I personally don't care whichever one goes between Bronte and Tiffany. I guess Bronte annoys me more. But I feel let down by Tiffany. I never expected much of Bronte. I did of Tiffany.
  • The talk kept going back and forth to keep Tiffany or not.
  • Talk about a vicious circle!
  • They enjoyed the yard while they had it because inside lockdown lasts for more than a couple of days for their comp stretch.
  • Oh geez ... as I get this finished up for you, they're now talking keeping Tiffany again.
  • And on and on it goes.

Those Califiore boys are nicely put together

Telepathically sending out vibes to oust Frank

Like we really needed outdoor chess, too.


uncartie said...

Around 8:30 BBT Tiff is in the hammock with Michelle and it crosses her mind that maybe she should make a deal with Frank @@ How great would that be?

I think she knows the score. She can read people and probably knows body language. People like Nicole & James are not going to be able to deceive her.

Sharon N said...

It doesn't take too much to know the score when you enter the room, and everyone evacuates!

uncartie said...

Haha. Exactly Sharon,or the conversation stops and there's dead silence.

Sharon N said...

Unc, this is totally off topic... but thought you might find this interesting.
Your avatar shows you are a Blackhawks fan. One of the Hawks' former Assistant coaches when they won the Cup a few years ago (Mike Haviland) is now the Head Coach for our Colorado College team. He's been at the helm here for 2 years and the upcoming will be his 3rd season. It's been a difficult road because of having to try and rebuild after our former coach left the well VERY empty.

Back to our regular scheduled programming...

Petals said...

I love our Jackie Family...

Stormy said...

I HOPE Frank will be "strutting" out of the house like he "struts" inside the house all the time. Paul may just keep on keeping on and win the whole thing.

Chacha said...

This show is turning into the bachelorette. I want to watch Big Brother. I can change the channel if I want to watch romance crap.

Nicole was never a favorite of mine and this season she is HORRIBLE!!

Paulie last night was giving pointers on why they have to get rid of Tiffany. If the other houseguests actually paid any attention then they would realize that he is exactly the same as he is describing of her.

Paulie thinks that he is going to just run the tables.

Paulie is my pool pick this summer and wish he would just STFU.

My opinion is that the only person that is really playing is Davonne. She is always thinking and working in this game. Even if she is doing her hair maintenance all the time.

uncartie said...
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uncartie said...

ChaCha,The sad part is that even though every single person in the backyard group last night wanted Tiffany to stay they rolled over and did what their master Paulie wanted.

My two wishes are that Frank or one of his stooges wins HOH ON Thurs and backdoors Paulie and that Tiffany spills some secrets and doesn't go quietly.

Sharon,Thanks for the tidbit on Haviland

Chacha said...

uncartie- No way do I want Frank to be HOH.

I would like to see Nicole with HOH only to see her stress eat more and then will be THE target going forward. She is more concerned about her "showmance" than she lets on.

uncartie said...

2 imbeciles that don't have the faintest idea of how the game works...

Wed 11:53 AM BBT Mich says Nat has a good social game; she's nice to everyone. Nat says she was mean to Victor. They talk about being afraid to be HOH and nom people.
My crystal ball says that James will be running their HOH if they accidentally win one

Wed 12:01 PM BBT Nat says she doesn't know BB. Still doesn't know what a backdoor is!@@ Seriously? Did you sleep all through week 2 when Victor was backdoored?