Tuesday, July 26, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Tuesday Evening - July 26

But can he win a comp not thrown to him?

Here's the latest from that Big Brother House of Melancholy Mice:
  • After the rush of excitement with the clues, secret room and envelopes, today was the calm after the storm.
  • Sure, none of them trust each other.
  • Sure, some of them even strongly dislike each other.
  • But, it generally wasn't a day for kerfuffles.
  • Da'Vonne tried to pump Michelle wondering if there's been any talk of flipping the vote.
  • "The vote" would be the plan to evict Frank.
  • They all sat around talking about each other, most of it in the negative.
  • James got his HoH digital camera. You know the next line ...
  • ... And fun was had by all.
  • Although Victor has been playing a bit better by laying low, he's irking them all with his eating habits. The ice cream is almost gone. He made like five pizzas one day. And, the dude just eats too much and cooks too much.
  • Paul the Recruit who watched a part of one season before going in the house, thinks Natalie has no clue about the game and contributes nothing to the house. He wants her out.
  • @@
  • Paul thinks Victor is dumb for sharing the code to get in the room with Nicole and others.
  • Paul thinks he's the greatest thing to ever grace us with his presence.
  • Just ask him. As a matter of fact, he'd be willing to share that information without being asked!
  • Zakiyah told Nicole that Da'Vonne's been opening up to her a bit more, but she still doesn't really trust her. (They had a falling out last week or so.)
  • They explored more around the secret room, but the envelopes were the only treasure to be found.
  • BB wised up and blocked the code from working so they can't hang out in there.
  • That's about it for now. Lots of small non-game talk or repeated already fantasized dreams of HoH and who needs to go home.

Frank hasn't given shout-outs to his girl lately

Not being a Zany Zakiyah

What is with the fake eyeglasses every season?


Sharon N said...

"What is with the fake eyeglasses every season?"

Ha! Maybe BB is trying to make them look smarter than they are?

monty924 said...

Sharon, I think you hit the nail on the head. :))

So we're listening to them waffle over Frank or Bridgette. I just want Thursday to get here and be done with it. Bring Frank back in if you want to BB or let him go home. I'm so done with the Frank drama.

Anonymous said...

I am so done with Paul's "expert" advice to everyone. He watched half of one season but seems to think he is the ultra expert, saying Natalie does not know the game . GEEs get him out. My eyes and ears have been punished enough.

Petals said...

Yeeps. I wanted to Nicole to do well this time 'round, but she is not the
same sweet Nicole. She is behaving like a love-struck highschool chick,
complete with the hallway whispering and silliness. I don't HATE her, because
she is a good girl outside the game, has a good career (and beautiful legs, lol)
but she can go home now.
This CoCo showmance must end. I don't want Nic to get hurt, but it c'mon! How can
this end well? Corey-bot isn't going to move to Michigan (or is it Wisoncin?) to be
her permanent cuddle-buddy.
I'd rather Bridgette go this week. Then Zak, Paul and Day.

Why am I rooting for Michelle? Because she is the only fan, I guess.

Paul, Paul, Paul... *smh* enjoy being on camera. While it lasts.