Tuesday, July 05, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Tuesday Morning - July 5

Paul is playing smarter than his allies

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Silly Sycophants:
  • The big news of the day yesterday was the PoV meeting where the expected happened: Paul was taken off the block by Paulie and Victor became the renom.
  • Backdoor Victor Plan officially in progress.
  • The feeds were blocked for an indoor holiday party for the hamsters.
  • Traditionally, the Have Nots can eat during such things.
  • Da'Vonne says she'll go along with the EVictor Plan although it's not in her best interest. She wants people to back her when she goes after Frank.
  • She stayed up late into the night braiding her gazillion braids.
  • Frank wants either Bronte or Tiffany out next week while Da'Vonne wants him out.
  • Hmm.
  • Victor actually thinks he's getting a lot of support in his campaign to get folks to evict Tiffany instead of him.
  • Tiffany admitted to being a lesbian, not bi-sexual as labeled by the show.
  • Paul told Da'Vonne she reminds him of Michonne from The Walking Dead. I have to say that, at times, she can be a bit reminiscent of Michonne. Just don't hand her a sword in the house!
  • Da'Vonne is a huge Michonne fan, so that set well with her.
  • Yawnsers ... nothing much else happened report-worthy.
  • They're still asleep now.

Body language

Snackin' down

Paulie Boy

A good time was had by all

Pimple cream woes


Chacha said...

Last night the boys are talking wash, rinse, repeat about throwing HOH on Thursday.
I want the HOH to NOT be team based!!!
I want to see a brouhaha between Davonne and Frank.
This really is the most boring season in years.
I guess I really don't like the Kumbaya thats going on in the house.

Petals said...

Thanks Jax. I was up early and watched the end of Day's braid-a-rama. I don't know if I could handle that hairstyle.

Big shocker about Tiffany - not. LOL

Nick said...

Da'Vonne would be great on Survivor with all those challenges that involve untying knots! That was something else...every time I checked in on the feeds there she was still plugging away.

I do hate that Big Brother has involved into a game where 8-10 people get in alliance right away, pick off the rest of the house, maybe turn on one of their own (because they have the number to spare anyway, so who cares)...definitely doesn't create for an exciting opening month or so to the season! Not even from a feeds standpoint, but from a game perspective as well. Not a lot of gameplay involved when the breakdown of the house looks like that.

Chacha said...

I tend to agree with you on the big alliance numbers.
I believe this is the case mostly because of Team comps
and the Roadkill.
Alot of people are fans of the Roadkill, me not so much.
Maybe if the winner couldn't tell anyone about it and there
wasn't the team aspect I would like it more.
I am hoping for a solo HOH comp this week. We as fans need a comp.

Kathy said...

íf чσu guчѕ rєmєmвєr ít wαѕ tíffαnч hєrѕєlf thαt ѕαíd ѕhє líkєd вσth guчѕ αnd gαlѕ. whєn quєѕtíσnєd lαѕt níght ѕhє αdmíttєd thαt ѕhє вαѕícαllч wαѕ αttrαctєd tσ wσmєn. í fσrgєt whσ ít wαѕ whσ αѕkєd hєr íf ѕhє wαѕ αttrαctєd tσ pαulíє. í thínk ít wαѕ míchєllє.

Chacha said...

CBS told her that she would be listed as Bisexual for the bio they would do.

Nick said...


I'm back and forth on the Roadkill. I think it's another one (like the dreaded Battle of the Block) that looked good on paper but hasn't really made much of an impact. Again, maybe if the house was more evenly divided that third nominee could make things interesting, but so far it's either just taken another vote away from the weaker side or just been a throw away nominee.

I definitely despise the teams...makes it much easier to do just like James did and throw a comp to get someone out. If you want to be a Dan and throw nearly every comp for your own benefit/strategy, fine, but I don't like when that has a direct impact on multiple other houseguests just because they happen to be on the same team as the one throwing the comps.

uncartie said...

Right on ChaCha! This business of throwing comps and then ending up getting rewarded for it by installing their preferred HOH is the worst idea BB has ever had! It has ruined the season for me so far.

Next was bringing the Vets back in,in the first place. Then they made it worse by putting the Vets on different teams. Did they not take into consideration that people who had been on BB and know each other outside the house would not team up strategically and thus control who wins comps and becomes HOH?

The Kumbaya going on? On the bright side I've gotten lots more sleep :) No need to stay up and watch the suspenseful drama of Davonne braiding her hair all night.

We are going to see way,way too many what's best for house votes. Too many of these slugs just want to get to jury,meaning they will always vote in a way not to upset the apple cart.

Here's hoping that Tiffany who might be able to think outside the box or a female not in the disgraceful 8 win HOH.

Nicole Chenault said...

I don't like the whole "house vote" either - that is what ruined the last couple seasons for me and though I had hopes at the start of this season, it's headed that way again. Although I was as glad as anyone to see Jozea walk out the door, I fear his removal spurred the rest of them to not upset anyone and do what everyone else is doing.

I would actually like to see 16 people come in who have never seen or heard of BB before - watching them try to figure all this out, while one-upping everyone around them, would be fun - like the very first BB.

Petals said...

I'm a Roadkill lover (that reads funny, but you guys know what I mean)...I especially like the trashy RV.
What will be interesting is the Battle Back when Jose is battling Victor to come back in to the house!

Pinky said...

Petals - I hope Glen beats Jose even if it means no Jose/Victor match up. I think he (Glen) deserves the 2nd chance.

Petals said...

OH I totally agree Pinky! I'd love Glenn to have a chance to play.

BBFan54 said...

Hey Jackie! Do you go into a specific chat room while watching the feeds? You should start a Jackie's Blog chatroom!