Tuesday, July 19, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Tuesday Morning - July 19

Now has Nicole all ga-ga over him

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Twisted Tales:
  • Natalie defended her relationship with James to Zakiyah. She said that, even if they don't date outside of the house, he's always going to be a special person to her.
  • James has a way of doing that. Just ask Meg.
  • Brdgette has a mouth on her that would make a sailor blush. Every other word starts with an "F." Not so pretty for someone who tries to be so cutesy.
  • Continuing try to annoy her, Da'Vonne hid Tiffany's stuffed gorilla.
  • The stuffed animals came with the house this year and some have laid claim to individual ones.
  • For example, Zakiyah has the giraffe whom she named Raffi. 
  • Paulie's father's nickname is Raffi. I'm thinking, since I have an Italian friend nicknamed the same, probably Raffaele.
  • Frank thinks they have the votes to get out Da'Vonne.
  • He told Nicole they have her, James, Paul and Michelle.
  • I don't know, Frank. You have some very anti-Tiffany people in those thoughts.
  • Michelle vehemently hates Tiffany.
  • I'm not sure James wants to vote out Da'Vonne right now, either.
  • Hmm.
  • Nicole is being like a pre-teen girl over Corey now. She got upset when Corey said he'd let James flirt with her if he wanted to.
  • Gah. Wake up, Nicole!
  • Corey tried to convince her he didn't mean anything by it. He's glad that men take an interest in her and like her.
  • Paul told Michelle that Tiffany is getting voted out this week.
  • That's because she told him "they" want her to throw the HoH comp if Tiffany stays.
  • Hmm.
  • Bridgette and Frank talked about how immature all of their fellow hamsters are.
  • Frank thinks, at the advanced age of 32, that he's the fountain of all wisdom.
  • Bridgette, with her potty mouth and Cabbage Patch Kid expressions (Tiffany scored one with that for me!), is oh-so-grown-up.
  • Give me a break.
  • Right now, things are still murky. It went from a definite Tiffany out to a Da'Vonne out, now it's kind of sort of back to Tiffany out.
  • I hold with my prediction that no one will vote to evict Natalie.

Spooning again?

Oh my

None of them in the HoH bed are HoH

Still Frank's target, but ...


Petals said...

OK, so this is sad: Corey is placating Nicole. He agreed to "cuddle" with her and (as I type this) they are scrogging, but without kissing. A lot of caressing and limb-locking, but not one single touch of the lips.
That is VERY telling. A guy that absolutely refuses to kiss you? RUN! She kept raising her face, then he'd move in and do the cheek-press! Over & over. For hours. He'd brush her forehead with his lips, and that is about as romantic as it got. Poor Nicole.
I wonder if Hayden is watching, or if he cares.

Yes - I noticed Bridge's potty mouth, too Jackie. She said, "I effing LOVE effin San Francisco". Really? Yeeps.

Wait! She covered her mouth with her hand! What a weirdo! I don't know whats going on with these kids. It's just so unsatisfying to watch a "make-out" without any ... making. LOL

Petals said...

Grrrr... Nicole will have razor burn tomorrow, but not on her chin (where it should be!) but on her cheeks from all this NON kissing!

Chacha said...
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Chacha said...

All this wisdom at 32... With these idiots in that house I guess the "old" people do have much wisdom.. Lol

This season is a sinking ship. CBS needs to somehow save this. I have to wonder if it is being tanked on purpose with the conventions, Olympiad and such.
At least get us fans and loyal watchers into the show somehow by voting for something. AFP at the end shouldn't be the only thing we have a say in.

Anonymous said...

They should have a fake eviction at some point....where someone is evicted, but not really.....and then be let back into the house after some time....I think they did this In Canada? And they did it in Australia also

Anonymous said...

They should also do like Australia and have a few intruders further along in the game to shake things up!

Chacha said...


The fake eviction is called the reset. This may come into play this year like it has in seasons past. There are too many days and too many players to think otherwise. The house guests believe this also.

To really shake this game up I think that even though the players who don't win the buy back should then be put into a pool and still stay sequestered so the fans and show watchers can vote one of the evicted house guests back in. That would be fun.

I don't watch any of the international BB shows. I may try and watch Canada again. I did try it the first season but lost interest.

Becky said...

Jackie, thank you for the recaps. Now I can get on with my day. Like the ones who posted on the previous link for POV renom, all of us love your blog. I hate it when trolls come on and try to stir up trouble.

uncartie said...

All I know is that James & Natalie's awkward courtship makes me feel like I'm back in 6th grade.

But 20 something nitwits throwing a birthday party for a stuffed giraffe?

Just vote out Tiffany already so I can end this miserable season.

Witt said...

Nicole says she is single. I read somewhere that Nicole wanted a family and Hayden didn't so they parted ways rather than go on, going nowhere.

Corey makes me think of that movie "He's Just Not That Into You." Wake up Nicole!

WHY WHY WHY WHY does BB keep bringing back former houseguests/relatives of former houseguests???? Don't they get it? Obviously ratings aren't totally tanking or something would change.

This show isn't what it used to be. The people HERE are still fabulous though!!

Petals said...

Unc, I'm with you regarding that RIDICULOUS birthday party for the stuffed giraffe. Then Day hid Tiffany's stuffed gorilla? *smh* I mean...

Chacha said...


To add onto the the Day hiding Tiffany's gorilla. Day isn't a young twenty something.
Some of her comments and DR I like but this mean girl mentality, not so much I thought CBS would have learned after season 15.

I have to say I was not a fan of the racism and many comments from season 15 but I will say they were playing the game hard and all the time. It weeded out the players from the HG who just wanted a summer vacation. The majority of these houseguests don't know how to play.

Yesterday James made the comment that this this season is harder. I believe it is. This season is full of people who are not very smart, do not know how to play the game and are only here for social media attention.

I also believe last season the cast members would put game aside to have a good time on most nights. It didn't matter if Vanessa and or the twins were mad at anyone. They would play pot ball.

I can't believe I just typed pot ball. I really am missing it this year after hating it last year.

I would also like James to make a comment about Irish Spring...

Something to get me interested.

Anonymous said...

I still think Corey is Gay. I think he must get girls attracted to him because he is such a good looking guy and super nice ans sweet, but "just not interested in girls!
He is not the type to scream Gay but it sure says it to me at least. I just don't think its that Nicole is not his type, I just think that he might be GAY. No one seems to agree with me and I may be wrong, just the way I see it.

Chacha said...


I believe he is gay also. There is nothing wrong with being gay.
I think he is struggling with it being a baseball player.

On twitter there is the hashtag of #NotGayCorey

Petals said...

Yes, Cha - I think Day is 28. She appears older, but it's kinda hard to tell.

Chacha said...

Its interesting that Davonne just said to James they need to cut the showmances.
He said he is in one and she comes back with, no the other four not you and Nicole.
He then says she is good this week.
James needs to grow a pair and bring this to Paulie.


Chacha said...
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Chacha said...

On the feeds it states that the feeds will be down a lil longer than usual. but with good reason, find out on Battle Back this Friday 8/7.

I assume from Thursday afternoon at regular time until Battle Back has ended. I hope they don't leave them blocked for west coast airring

Petals said...

Poor James - he really thinks he is in a showmance? More like a fauxmance.
And poor Nicole, also a fauxmance. She and Corey are The Ambiguously Amorous Duo.

Since when does "spooning" equal couple-dom? Sorry, but I need at least a full place setting before I consider a guy my boyfriend.

tee heee

Chacha said...


Lots of wining and dining with a few movies thrown in.
But I wont be just "spooning".

Looked like alot of undercover actions with Nicole and Corey last night. Thank goodness I fell asleep "early"

Chacha said...

It will be interesting if they will pre tape BBAD for Thursday Night. I can't see how they can do that with TIff/Davonne/Natalie in the house.
If we don't have feeds from Thursday until after Battle Back what would they show?
Normally they pre tape BBAD for when the show gets down to the end when they go from five to three in two consecutive nights or maybe 6 to 4? cant think right now.

monty924 said...

Houseguest rankings have turned around a bunch. James is still #1, no surprise, but Frank has moved back up to #4 and Paulie is holding on strong to the bottom, LOL. Love it. His HOHitis has really bit him in the butt with fans.

Petals said...

and you know? I don't mind Paulie.

Jackie Hardin said...

Lord have Mersey, Corey finally got NICOLE under the covers. Give him 5 points. Proud of him and even proud of Nicole. They are the ones I have my eyes on. I feel sorry for Tiff. She's playing the game. Hiding her toy is mean. I wish "Z" would get voted out.

Petals said...

Z is playing the "riding Paulie like a pony to the Finish Line" game. LOL

CoCo's under-the-covers groping left me very unsatisfied. I wanted to see a kiss. He's a weirdo.

uncartie said...

Jackie H,Day's BB key is missing @@ Tiffany's gorilla must have eaten it :)

Petals said...

^ ^ Heartbeat Alert ^ ^ : at 12:10pm, the HGs were talking about my Survivor boyfriend, Joe! *sigh* I love it when my fake worlds collide.

monty924 said...

I love you Petals, but I couldn't stand Cody and Paulie is right up there with my opinion of him back then. I had high hopes and liked Paulie for a little while. No more :)))

Chacha said...
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Chacha said...

Day knows she is a nominee. When nominated the key doesn't go next to your picture. I think she was just starting crap and nobody paid it any mind