Wednesday, July 13, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Wednesday Evening - July 13

Corey on alert

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Phonetic Phonies:
  • Those race cars in the Have Not Room didn't take a person Corey's size into consideration. It's painful to watch him sleep in one.
  • Bridgette thinks Frank is safe because "everybody needs him"
  • @@
  • Natalie cleaned the kitchen floor. Wow.
  • I could barely contain my excitement!
  • Nicole thinks Frank trusts Bridgette more than the 8-Pack.
  • Well, he's in control of her. Of course he trusts her. She would be like Trashy was to Randall Flagg in The Stand. "My life for you!"
  • Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit.
  • But maybe not!
  • It still should be Tiffany going out this week.
  • But it's putting a strain on her buddies as no one wants to tell her.
  • She still thinks she has a chance.
  • James thinks that Paul is playing the entire house.
  • I think Paul isn't the only one doing so.
  • Frank told Da'Vonne that Bridgette is a soldier for them.
  • Gag me now.
  • Frank and James talked about how they wouldn't have to even backdoor Da'Vonne -- they could just put her straight on the block and be sure she wouldn't win PoV.
  • The only bad thing would be that she would act out all week leading up to eviction.
  • The biggest news of the day came with a feeds block. The hamsters were shown video clips of Jozea, Glenn and Victor. They were trying to memorize them, thinking it would have something to do with the HoH comp.
  • The Spy Girls seem to be the only ones really loyal to each other. However, with Bridgette's Frank infatuation, she could betray them and not even realize she did it until the deed got done.
  • Tomorrow's another day ...

Always so mellow, so laid-back. Not.

The bunny hat reappeared

She has wings!

His mandana fell down


David said...

Well, it may be that someone has thrown a quick patch kit to me for my pool floatie and saved me from drowning in the blog pool at the last minute. As of right now, subject to change on a dime of course, it looks like the plan is to vote Bronte out tomorrow. Enough like minded hamsters finally got together and realized they want to get Bronte out and that Tiffany is no mastermind at all, just a bad BB player. lol

David said...

On a side note, I really hope they follow through with the evict Bronte. I want to see the look on Frank's face when he realizes he is not the king of the house. He may blow out more than his normal excessive gas. Bridgette's face also when she realizes the basket she put all her eggs in has a rotten bottom, in more ways than one.

Sharon N said...

OMG David, thanks for those really made me laugh tonight!!!

Ginephur said...

Grr...Paulie has diarrhea mouth, I swear! He finally agrees to vote out Bronte then the 5 (Michelle, Nic, Corey, Paulie and Z) agree they have to stay tight lipped and not tell anyone. Then he, Corey, and Nicole go in the Have Not room and are discussing that they will tell Tiffany tomorrow. Tiffany walks in and Paulie spills way too much infk to Tiffany and lets her know she's staying...and none of them every told her to play it off and keep acting the same or anything. THEN he walks out and Frank is in the next room laying down. He goes in there to play it off and starts giving Frank all sorts of information regarding the photos they are supposed to be memorizing for tomorrow's HOH comp! WHY would you correct him and continue to divulge more and more info to the ONE person you do not want to win?! He's an idiot with no control over his mouth. Smh.

Sharon N said...

Paulie is doing that stuff way too often. He is trying to play both sides of the house, and that almost never pays off. There's been talk of evicting him, so I think it's going to catch up with him...soon.

Bizaro22 said...

Paulie is already starting to act like Frank Jr. and once Frank is gone he'll probably get worse. He doesn't even realize he's becoming the person he wants out (Frank). SMH....

Petals said...

And all I keep seeing/reading is that there is a strong movement to keep Tiffany and evict Bronte?
No idea what is happening tonight.As I type this, Nicole & Frank are all buddy-buddy.

Petals said...

...aaaand Tiffany is staying. Wow. The theory behind it is actually good gaming, and I really like Corey for being so involved. Recruited? Yeah, but he is at least participating, and his "agenda" is that charity-celeb app? So, a good cause. I like Corey, even if he's gay ("not that there's anything wrong with that", LOL)!
By contrast, Zak was recruited and is floating/coasting, nay SAILING (on a yacht) thru this game so far. Yet, her name is never included in the other "floater" references the HGs make. If they aren't careful, we'll see Zak in the end, yeeps!

Petals said...

my last comment, about Corey/gay - that was from Seinfeld. I'm not a homophobe.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.