Wednesday, July 27, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Wednesday Evening - July 27

No pranks from him lately

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Babbling Buffoons:
  • Once again, there was a whole lotta napping going on today.
  • Natalie cleaned the toilet stall room. She keeps complaining about how disgusting it gets and no one cleans it.
  • She ended up going wild through the whole bathroom on a cleaning spree.
  • Yep, we're paying to watch this!
  • She told James that she would remain loyal to him and that Frank has been trashmouthing Bridgette to her.
  • Of course, we all need to keep in mind that she's friends with Bridgette and Frank is an obstacle to the friendship.
  • I haven't really seen Frank actually talking trash about Bridgette at all. I might have missed it. 
  • Natalie also told James she would expect him to campaign to stay if they were both on the block.
  • Aw, ain't that so sweet!
  • James doesn't think they'll be on the block for a while. He thinks there are bigger targets in the house for the others -- Nicole and Corey, Paulie and Zakiyah.
  • Natalie told him she think Nicole is playing dirty.
  • Yeah, she is. But she's also playing pretty dumb.
  • James has been having problems with his arm being numb and tingling since the HoH comp. Apparently BB has called a doctor for it.
  • I couldn't have held my arm up for six hours without it falling off.
  • Victor cooked up some expired by two days turkey.
  • They must get the stuff at the same dollar store where they purchase the arts and crafts things.
  • Da'Vonne told James about Nicole's betrayal by making final two/four plans with Frank plus Bridgette and Corey.
  • He didn't get excited, said he already knew all about it. 
  • Da'Vonne also told Paulie that Nicole and Corey were working with Frank and Bridgette.
  • Unlike James's reaction, now Paulie is more on board with Da'Vonne going home sooner rather than later.
  • He, of course, brings Paul into it. Paul, of course, backs him up and says, "Yeah, Da'Vonne must go!"
  • Corey told Paulie he wanted to call Da'Vonne out on it.
  • But Paulie isn't quite as anxious.
  • (You'd think that Corey would know that they were working with Frank and Bridgette and it's the truth! Silly boy.)
  • Paulie thinks that if Bridgette wins HoH, she'll nominated Nicole/Corey. That's why he thinks she needs to go before Da'Vonne.
  • Frank told Nicole he's fully expecting to go tomorrow night. He told her not to take anything in his speech personally -- it's not about her.
  • Paul and Zakiyah talked about Nicole playing all sides of the house.
  • He said that if he gets HoH, he just might put Nicole and Bridgette on the block.
  • Paul also talked to James and Da'Vonne about how suspicious both Nicole and Corey were acting.
  • Corey wonders why their names keep getting thrown around.
  • Paul told Da'Vonne she needs to win HoH tomorrow and get Nicole out. He can't win because he promised to get Bridgette out.
  • ::: cue organ music here :::

Da'Vonne tells James dirt on Nicole

How she's playing this season

Oh noes! It's the Vulcan mind meld!

No, he's not crying. I'd pay to see that!

But it's an honor to be voted out, Frank.


Jackie Hardin said...

I really don't want Frank to go. I want Miss "Z" to go as soon as possible. PAULIE IS out of his mind or he's horny. Can I say that? I wonder if James and Natalie will see each other out side of house. Where are they from?

Sharon N said...

Jackie Hardin,
Fairly sure Frank's met his Waterloo. Or OTEV'ed.
His only hope is if his envelope contains the round-trip ticket back in.

Actually, I've been getting the impression that Paulie would like out of that quasi-showmance with "Z" (she's a possessive, whiny PITA). But he made the early mistake of letting his "little head" speak for him and now he can't unload her...for the time being.
He would prefer someone else do the dirty deed of putting "Z" OTB so she won't burn him.

As for James and Natalie, I think they will end up friends. I believe she really does like him as a person, but doubt it's romantic (on her part). Probably is for James, but...

Such is life in the House of Broken Dreams...