Wednesday, July 06, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Wednesday Morning - July 6

It's too bad the cars don't drive!

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Atrocious Adolescents:
  • Da'Vonne has another Frank gripe -- she told Zakiyah that Frank told Paulie about the 8-Pack.
  • I'm personally a bit lost about why Paulie was never included in it at the start as he was their pawn last week.
  • Victor thinks he might just be paranoid, but he has a feeling he might be going home.
  • Heh.
  • Don't worry, Victor. You won't be going home.
  • Come July 22, you'll have your chance to fight to get back in. You'll just be going to sequester until then.
  • THEN you might go home.
  • James told Corey he's tired of throwing comps. He's only been doing it due to the team thing and the targets being on his team.
  • I myself wish they'd get rid of the team aspect. I know it can't last all season. It might as well go away NOW.
  • James pointed out to Michelle and Corey that Frank wants everybody else to do his dirty work for him so he "doesn't get blood on his hands."
  • Well, duh.
  • Why do all these women wear hair extensions in the house? Michelle accidentally washed hers and Frank likens them to dead rats.
  • Of course, these are women who wear make-up to bed. @@
  • While Frank's own people think he's playing too hard and is sketchy, thus putting a target on him, he continues with his Tiffany talk. He really wants her out next.
  • Will he get his way?
  • Paulie told Zakiyah he's been observing everyone and taking a lot in.
  • I think he's actually playing the game smarter than his brother. But he has no Derrick as a foil.
  • Oh, Corey ... it's a good thing Frank told you not to microwave that metal cup!
  • Lots of the same old, same old. Much of Frank's alliance say they want him out, but who would be willing to act on it?
  • They're all asleep as I post this.

Looking so happy while talking to Frank

Bridgette listens to Paul and Frank

James has sore feet from wearing girls sneakers

Natalie screwed up the Alfredo sauce

Who wears hats to bed? Hamsters!

Better than Cody, but has no Derrick


Chacha said...

Last night it was said the Paulie was in the shower when Michelle came up with the idea. That was I think Davonne talking to Paulie so I am not 100% sure.
I really thought that after Nicole started questioning about Davonne to Corey and Michelle this would come back on her.
Somehow Davonne has come out somewhat clean in this situation. I really want Frank gone next week and if anyone wins HOH but his team I think they will try the backdoor.

I want Frank gone. I know I am in the minority but give Tiffany a chance. I wasn't a Vanessa fan at all. Tiffany isn't her sister to any degree except for the looks and mannerisms.

The best of last night to me was how Davonne talked about how she is going to win HOH or Roadkill.... Like that will happen. She stated a few nights ago how she never works out and she would only do survivor for the money, not the million but its good money and only at most 40 days gone from home.

uncartie said...

Jackie said "Much of Frank's alliance say they want him out, but who would be willing to act on it?"

Yeah,that's a good question. None of the guys will. James said "It would rattle the cage" as if that's a bad thing. Tiffany for sure would try to get him out. I also think Day & Zac would.

As to all the cursing you guys brought up last night? I hardly notice it.@@ Maybe that's because I'm usually watching the girls or I'm probably immune to it since I do it a lot myself.

Nick said...

I would say the biggest problem with having people who know the game is that they do usually play a bit safe and are afraid to make big moves...the ones who make big moves early on rarely make it far, usually one of the first jury members at best. So, as a fan of the show who has applied a few times and hates the idea of having a season where all the hamsters have no clue about how to play Big Brother, I guess that would be one positive.

As for the cursing, a certain word that begins with the letter f seems to be everyone's favorite adjective. Doesn't necessarily bother me, but it does get to be a bit much at times, especially when you watch conversations involving Paul or Paulie for an extended period of time.

Chacha said...

Nick- I see The two P's cursing the most. Frank runs a close second. I don't notice it so much anymore. Last season on Afterdark they muted the cursing. This year they are not.

I don't think any veteran this season will take that swing unless it is the backdoor. Roadkill wont do it.
All the vets talk about how he beated comps in his season. We haven't really seen if he still has "it".....

Chacha said...

Should have read Beasted comps in his season.

All the vets talk about how he beated comps in his season. We haven't really seen if he still has "it".....

Petals said...

I think Frank's (obvious) continued friendship with Mike has given him a strange side to his personality this time 'round. He is sooo confident and, rather than ask, he instructs (orders). Kind of like that "just TAKE charge, TAKE the reins" mentality. And it's been effective, to a point. He played that hand too early, IMO.

In other news...Roger has won his QF match in Wimbledon today, setting a new record for the most Grand Slam match wins in history! WhooO!!!!!

See you guys later. XO

uncartie said...

Wed 2:55 PM BBT Nicole wants to talk to Paulie, she is playing harder this season than the last one. She wants to play dan (glesling) game

Yeah,and I want play quarterback for the Chicago Bears and lead them to a Super Bowl.

Petals said...
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