Wednesday, July 13, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Wednesday Morning - July 13

Workin' it

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Myopic Maniacs:
  • Y'know ... these doldrums periods get really trying when you're attempting to make this stuff entertaining on a blog!
  • At least, when they're doing "secret" comps, I can try to give you some breaking informational news.
  • But, when we're in times like this, it all tends to be a lot of "what ifs." What if so-and-so wins HoH? Who will I target? It all goes by the wayside because the scenarios rarely go down in actuality.
  • I always label these posts as spoilers.
  • It's just a habit.
  • Forgive me, America.
  • Okay ... let's just see what I've got for you ...
  • Paulie is getting almost Frank-ish on getting Tiffany out this week.
  • I guess there's no solidarity between the We Have BB Siblings Duo.
  • Nicole is irked at Michelle because she thinks Michelle put a target on her back.
  • I'd personally like to see these hamsters walking around with literal targets on their backs when they think they have one. They could all then turn and target the few without the physical targets on their backs.
  • That makes sense. Right?
  • More than a few people are telling Paul he's safe this week.
  • Well, duh. I'll be surprised if anyone votes to evict Paul. He's the survivor of the Three Stooges and seems to have overcome his early bad decision to jump in the Jozea Boat.
  • Corey wants a boy to win HoH this week. Hmm. I guess there are no real men in the house, huh?
  • Michelle claims that Tiffany's latest tactic of wearing sunglasses all the time is a Vanessa tactic.
  • I recall, sometime last week, Bridgette asked Paul to take his sunglasses off as they talked.
  • Judge Judy never allows sunglasses unless they're prescription ones. People do hide a lot behind them.
  • Nicole thinks that Da'Vonne has just been trying to make Frank mad. She doesn't want Frank to be mad ... even if she and many others want him out.
  • Corey is getting leery of Da'Vonne. She wants everyone to throw HoH to her. But she rarely talks to him, spends a lot of time sleeping ... how does he know what she'd do with it?
  • Frank and Nicole talked about sending Da'Vonne out.
  • Hmm.
  • It seems the less targeted of the returnees would be Nicole and James.
  • Their solidarity has definitely fallen apart on short order!
  • Paul is workin' it. He thinks he needs to get closer to Bronte and Natalie (for the good of his game). He's adapting much better than I thought he ever would.
  • Zakiyah is getting a bit hung up on Paulie, but wonders if it's mutual or not.
  • James thinks that Paulie is getting a bit Frank-like and, as I would say, too big for his britches.
  • Da'Vonne is also leery of Paulie as well.
  • Paul told Nicole that he thinks Natalie is taking advantage of James and is using him. Paul thinks James is a nice guy and feels sorry for him.
  • Michelle told Nicole that Frank and Bridgette want her (Nicole) and Paulie out.
  • Oh, yeah ... let's just fuel the fire.
  • I want a brouhaha!
  • I don't get one.
  • Wah.
  • Michelle also said that Frank wants to backdoor Da'Vonne and that Corey and Nicole were in on it.
  • Oh my, Michelle. 
  • Keep all of this up and it's YOU who will get the boot.
  • They all talk together, y'know.
  • Michelle also said that Paulie referred to himself, Paul and Frank as kind of like the Hitmen -- Cody and Derrick.
  • Keep it up, Michelle.
  • Paul solidified his alliance more with Da'Vonne and Nicole. He said he survived the "Messiah" bit and needs to support more level-headed because he's not an idiot.
  • Heh. He was in the beginning of the season!
  • I expect we'll just see more talk go 'round and 'round until we find out tomorrow night who will be the Head Hamster for the week.
  • Tiffany is still the likely one out this week.

Can't wash that BB off of you, Z!

Pillow support

As if she posed just for us!

Sweet baby James? Nah.

Late night pancakes look good!


LittlestWinslow said...

Michelle is running her mouth SO MUCH! She has a pretty bad attitude too. Girl should try to enjoy herself more. TEAM NICOLE FOREVER.

Sharon N said...

Nicole is a nice person, but seems like paranoia is getting to her faster this time around, and she's starting to flip-flop all over the place....not playing a good game.

I'm disappointed in how Paulie's game now also. Yeah, he's a newby, but he does (or should) know BB from watching Cody's season. Maybe that's the problem...he doesn't want to be a weak-fish-follower like his bro.

Frank. There are no words...

DaVonne is trying to play, but with Nicole turning on her, I don't think she can last more than another 1-2 weeks.

Paul has gotten so much better, and with Josea gone, he's opened his eyes and playing much smarter. In a way tho, he's ending up a bit like this seasons J-Mac....w/o the constant sleeping.

Chacha said...


here is my follow up on your assessments.

Nicole- Not very nice, playing a stupid game. She flip flops more than her shoes. She is repeating her mistakes of letting a guy get in the way. over on twitter there is a not so nice hashtag about nicole. #nickfollowsthed@ck It seems to be a true statement. I really don't like her game this season. She will kick herself in the ass when she gets out and hasn't won and realizes Corey is gay....

Paulie- Playing a really stupid game. He wants to get out Tiffany who isn't after him. He is drinking his koolaide that no one wants him out.

Davonne- Is the only one besides James who is always working and playing the game. I do agree she could be gone in the next few weeks.

Paul- is playing a great game but I am confused who his real loyalty is too. I think Himself as it should be.

James- playing somewhat of the same game as last year but knows he can't play for anyone else. I really dont' think he will let Natalie get in his way.

Frank- waste of houseguest. Did anyone else catch him yesterday saying that he gets morphine every morning from DR?

Sharon N said...


Yes, on Frank and the morphine bit. It was discussed a bit (back a couple of threads ago. Uncartie feels CBS would NOT go along with giving Frank his 'fix' (legal reasons). IMO, if he has an Rx for it, they might. With that said, anyone observing him at various times of the day, will see that he doesn't ever seem to be in pain, so I can't imagine why he'd "need" something as strong as morphine. All of which means Frank was blowing smoke... again.

I know uncartie will disagree (ha!), but I think James is playing a little smarter this time. He also isn't ruffling anyone's feathers, seems to have cooled down on the pranks a bit, and has let it be known he'd cut Natalie when the time comes.

I still think Nicole is generally a nice person. She's just flip-flops (a LOT), and I agree she's not even playing as well as she did last time. Totally clueless.

Paul could screw up his game by telling Bronte so much. Now that he know she still tells absolutely everything to Bridgette, we will have to see if he's smart enough to stop blabbing to her.

Petals said...
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Petals said...

It's no big shock to me that Day is the new target. I didn't understand her appeal last season, and was surprised that she was invited back.
DaVonne is a bad BB player, IMO.
ChaCha - By contrast, think Nicole's game has improved this year. And she is a much more likeable person, (again), IMO.

Chacha said...


I don't think that Davonne is a great BB player by any means. I do think she is keeping her mind in the game at all times.. Keeping her mouth closed to a point by not lashing out..I think she studied Vanessa

Nicole hasn't improved very much. She now doesn't trust the she did christine.... and she still is linking up with a guy to get through this game.

Sharon N said...

Today's rankings:
Who would have ever thought that #15-Bridgette and #16-Frank would drop below Jozea? LMAO
Both are in for a rude awakening when they exit BB.

Judi Sweeney said...
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Nick said...

I'm not sure if Day is really gunning for Nicole, or if she just wants Corey out of the house so Nicole will be focused on making it to the end...and making it to the end with Day. I really do think Day wanted to go to the end with Nicole, or at least F4 or so. But when Day saw Corey/Nicole AND Paulie/Z happening, she was forced to look for other options. Nobody in their right mind would make a F5 with TWO showmances unless they are one of those horrid houseguests that "just want to make it to jury."

Judi Sweeney said...

Reality being, almost ALL of them are linking up with another person in the house... Whether it be boy/girl, girl/girl or boy/boy (thus called a bromance like Cody and Dereck were... Bromance has nothing to do with being gay in BB). EVERYONE who made it to the end HAD to link up with someone at some point in time in order to get there.... That's just the reality of the game. Lone wolves won't make it. Tiffany, Michelle and even Day (a tad) are struggling with this. I feel Nicole is playing better this season without blinders on which can cause second guessing her thoughts! Her eyes are wide open when it comes to Day... Where in the past she would have not realized Day is gunning for her.... except for Frank and Bridgette all players seem a little more paranoid earlier this season! Just my two cents...

Judi Sweeney said...

I agree with you Nick, I think that is exactly how Day sees it and rightfully so! Maybe it is just that I'm not a big Day fan... But, if I were Nicole there is no way I would trust Day more than Corey! If I were ANY of those players, I would not trust Day! I really had great hopes and thoughts that Day may have changed, but I'm beginning to realize that she is the same person and has just learned to hide it better. Sorry Day fans...

Petals said...

And you know...? Frank was never anything more than the pony that Boogie road. He is not - by any stretch - a Chill Towner. LOL He's a legend in his own mind.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading Judi and Nick's posts. It helps with me giving a damn about this show somewhat...........having a hard time with keeping any interst. I have watched BB since the first show and read this blog as long as its been on..........just a BB fan, until now with this cast.

Yes, I think Corey is gay. And that is good for Nicole's game since she is not interested really in him, appears just clinging to a man and he is clinging for shelter to find it I suppose??? Whatever works in game play. I could care if he is gay or not.

Find the show may be interesting when the 5 people play to get back. Since it appears it will NOT be all five against each other with one winner ( at least that is how I see it.........then Vanessa and Frank will have one of the before them to get back in the game. Odds are ( to me) it will not be Vanessa surviveing to go after Frank? Am I right about all this?

And I don't like the group thing this year, but do like the second chance to get back in house idea. Should be a nervous surprise to the house guest when ????? walks back in the house.


Petals said...

Sally - I am disenchanted with this cast, too. Too many clueless recruits. I long for the good, old days of the "average Janes & Joes", whose only agenda was a fun, different experience and the possibility of $500,000.00.
Now, all these kids have websites or "clothing lines", bands, acting careers (or whatever) they are promoting. What a waste!

Anonymous said...

Day has tried to be loyal to the girls (Nicole and Zekeyah) but knows that they are more concerned with Paulie and Corey's game. And Paulie/Corey are about taking bros to the end. No one sees Day as an asset except James.

monty924 said...

Lordy, I agree with so many of you on this thread. Chacha, I think you've nailed Nicole as far as this season goes. I actually am liking this Davonne this season but like so many have commented on, I have a feeling she won't last long this season. I hope I'm wrong.

Petals, your 4:39 post is spot on. Frank is totally stomach churning to me now because all I can see in him is Boogie. I had hopes for Frank after the feeds went live and he won that first RK comp, but his actions since then just say Boogie to me.

I hope James would cut Natalie if he had to. I think he's playing a great game, but sometimes he does blab a lot to the girls. Maybe that's his strategy to keep ties with multiple factions in the house. Who knows. I wish more of them would talk to us/talk to the cameras so we would know what their thinking is.

I also think that this season isn't that far off other seasons this early in the game. Yes, it is boring somewhat but you know it's going to heat up in the next week or two. There are too many targets and too many cross alliances. It's bound to happen.

See everyone at the pool later tonight.

monty924 said...

*What they're thinking

Anonymous said...

I take issue when people say "I don't like. -----" and don't give an explanation why. You can support Corey who talks and laughs about watching harmless animals being hurt. But don't give a reason for disliking Day. IMHO Nicole is less than smart for coupling with Corey.

Anonymous said...

And regardless of how annoying Bronte and Natalie and Tiffany characters appear on television I applaud them for wanting the girls to keep their numbers greater than the boys and increase the chances for a female winner. Nicole and Bridgette say this is a good idea but don't do anything to make it happen.

Petals said...

Anon @ 6:16pm - I don't like many things about many of the hamsters, but I don't feel the need to list the reasons for each HG. Sorry. I hope Nicole is only slightly crushing on Corey, not "coupling". I think if he betrayed her or even if she became slightly suspicious of him, she'd drop him quickly.

Anon @ 6:28 Meh, I don't want any of these girls to win, especially the Powerpuff/Spy Girls - they are all recruits and not worthy of the win. Michelle winning would be great, tho. But she is smart to not try to do it within an all-girl alliance. We'll see.

Monty - *wave* Hey girl!

Petals said...

OH - Frank's morphine. We have a couple patients that are prescribe daily morphine; an ER 100mg tablet. Both are back injuries/surgeries. On the Black Market, these pills start at $50/pill. Frank may be on a lesser dosage; I'm just mentioning that morphine is, in fact, still prescribed. No idea why he is on it...

Drinking word tonight can still be Jose. They all seem to still talk about him *sigh* @@ And apparently, he left a t-shirt in the bathroom that is so ripe it could stand-up and walk around. LOL

David said...

I just have not been able to get excited about this season so far. I think the teams really threw a monkey wrench into it for me so far. I will be glad when it goes away. Having half the house safe from eviction really blows. I want everyone to fear for their BB life. It makes people get off their duff and can create conflicts which is what we as viewers want.

I usually follow all the updates and have even had the feeds the last two years along with reading Joker's to see if I missed anything I need to go back and see. I have not had the desire to get the feeds or even bother to follow updates except for Jackie's wonderful condensed version here along with BBAD, and even that is almost too much for this group of hamsters. (The BBAD part)

I do hope it picks up and we get some action going so I can get into this season. This CBS reliance on recruits instead of fans or all total newbies has put a damper on this season so far.