Sunday, July 24, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds Late into Saturday Night, PoV - July 23

Will he rule the veto?

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Harried Hamsters:
  • It seems like they spent most of Saturday waiting around chomping at the bit to play for the Power of Veto.
  • Well, a lot of napping went on, as well.
  • They slept in a bit, too.
  • The consensus seemed that most would vote Bridgette out over Frank if the nominations remained the same.
  • Of course, that doesn't have James sitting too pretty with his little lady Natalie.
  • It seems he promised Bridgette safety during the HoH endurance comp.
  • And, Bridgette is Natalie's buddy although not necessarily James's buddy.
  • James thought he was making nominations "the house" wanted. 
  • Natalie told Bridgette that she's in this position because she never tried to bond with the girls.
  • Well, she did. The only problem was that the girls she bonded with were named Bronte and Natalie. Then, on the male side, she pretty much just bonded with Frank.
  • James apologized to Bridgette for putting her on the block. He told her that everybody was telling him that he needed to put them (as a couple) on the block and he was tired and conflicted.
  • He also pointed out that Frank running her game and treating her like personal property have turned others against her.
  • They hugged.
  • She's still on the block. She still might go home. Naturally, they'll fake hug then, too.
  • Bridgette thinks that the girls don't like her because they're jealous of her career, home, looks, and boyfriend.
  • Oh, yeah. She's got that boyfriend.
  • And, she has Frank, too.
  • Bridgette told Natalie that Nicole is playing both sides of the house.
  • She also let her in on the Fatal Five and other information leaked by Tiffany.
  • Natalie told her that she has her back, but she doesn't talk game with Frank and isn't working with him.
  • When the feeds returned after the PoV players pick, the additional players are Nicole, Michelle and Da'Vonne.
  • It's back to randomly picking out a chip from the bag. Uh-oh. Bridgette picked Da'Vonne. You can tell that one isn't Houseguest's Choice!
  • "The House" seems to think that, even if one of them -- Frank or Bridgette -- come off the block, it doesn't matter the replacement, per se. The one remaining on the block will go out the door.
  • Victor says it's much easier returning to the house.
  • Nicole told him it's because Jozea is gone. 
  • Of course, Jozea went before Victor did, but his presence still lingered at that time like a cheap perfume.
  • I said that, not Nicole.
  • They think the comp is going to be the one with prizes and punishments.
  • I hope it's something new and different.
  • James told Nicole she wouldn't be a replacement nominee. She asked him. He didn't just volunteer the info.
  • He also told Bridgette she wouldn't be going on the block.
  • Hmm.
  • Lots of speculation as to who would put up whom if they won HoH, as usual.
  • The feeds got blocked late and have been blocked for hours.
  • But, finally ... we have a PoV winner and the feeds are live once again.
  • MICHELLE won PoV. 
  • It was the OTEV comp and, as Nicole pointed out, all four vets played.

Does he realize how bad that hair looks?

Oh, Nicole, you need to step it up

Better a silly hat than a silly haircut

Zakiyah sans Paulie

Michelle and her PoV necklace


monty924 said...

I think it will either be Bridgette going home or some crap reset to save Frank and his cabbage patch kid. I honestly wouldn't mind her going and Frank staying this week. Her mouth has sunk her in my opinion.

Jackie Hardin said...

Is Corey and Nicole not speaking? I really feel sorry for Frank. I wish they would get "Z" out of the House. She really needs to go home. Can't stand her. DeYonna needs to go home also. Paul is acting crazy tonight. He needs to go to. It's going to be great when all turn on each other.

Sharon N said...

Ditto Monte. Funny how Frank has developed a modicum of humility lately.
How you feel about Bridgette is how I also feel about Michelle...but she's safe now.

Anonymous said...

Wow Frank just emitted he uses ADHD medicine Can't wait until Frank is gone. There both saying horrible things about James.

Sharon N said...

Those of us who have followed BB for several years have heard several HGs admit they are on drugs aaaociated with ADHD.

Now, if they really do need the drugs just to level them out to a semblance of normal, I have no problem with it. However, its totally different if those drugs are simply being used to give individuals a concentration-advantage.

The problem... how can CBS prove cheating be if these people have a valid Rx? And how can any of us legitimately pass judgment... just because we might not like a particular HG?

Frank is oblder now and IMO, not quite the same competitor as last time.
Of course, he doesn't have Boogie, his mentor, this time either...

Sharon N said...

Wow...please excuse all the typos...using my tablet doesn't always work well. lol
But I'm sure y'all get the gist.

Carol Calvin said...

I don't get to watch BBAD too often, but Paul is being crazed tonight. James keeps moving away and Paul just gets right back up in his face to tell him how it's going to be. Not threatening or anything - just aggressive.

Anonymous said...

Frank said he would take "Ativan" after he was evicted which is for anxiety. I think you confused that with "Adderall" which is for ADHD and can be considered performance enhancing by some.

Petals said...

re the behavioral med issue. Yes, in the past, several HGs have been medicated. BUT! Last season, Vanessa would get especially weepy and funky in the hours before her dose, then in the hours immediately AFTER her dose, she would go 1000mph, talking, zipping, spazzing-out.

Whatever Van was on wasn't your average dose, IMO.

We prescribe Ativan on the reg for patients with anxiety about their procedures. It's no big deal.
And it seems more & more adults are on Adderall now, which was originally speed - but when given to children, it calmed them down. Adderall is now the go-to pill for soccer moms and other 30-50-somethings: it makes you focus, wakes you up, gives you enough energy to "take on the day" but doesn't make your heart race.
(I wish I had a shrink that would prescribe Adderall for ME, but I am between insurance plans and cannot afford to pay for a shrink out-of-pocket just for an Add script)

Happy Sunday! YAY for Victor being back, YAY for Michelle winning something.
PS - I find Victor's laugh kind of endearing now. At first, I thought it was phony, but it isn't - so now it's kind of cute & funny. imo

Petals said...

LOL Love this Jokers poster, Harper_Lee:

*(ED: Every version of Paul's story about his blowout w/ Frank becomes more embellished and less like what actually happened) - Harper_Lee
Now Paul is telling Mich and Day his newest version of the blowup, now including non-existent blubbering by Frank during confrontation.*

TRUE, soooo true!
Paul can go any time, too. Drama queen. @@