Thursday, July 07, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds Overnight into Thursday - July 7

Nicole looks befuddled a lot.

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Conspiring Comrades:
  • Grr. Blogger keeps freezing on me as I write this live feeds report. That's not cool. It needs to stop that.
  • Huh. Victor claims he was asked to do The Bachelor. Talk about recruits!
  • Now, I can see some people who might want to actually apply for more than one reality show. After all, if someone wants to do Survivor, they'd probably love to do The Amazing Race. But there must be a bunch of folks who just get casting connections just to get out there on TV. And, Victor's apparently one of them.
  • While talking anti-Frank, Paulie told Da'Vonne that Bridgette is a spy for Frank and they need to consider targeting her as well.
  • He also told her he likes Paul, but doesn't entirely trust him.
  • She told him that she entirely trusts Nicole and Zakiyah.
  • Corey claims to live in the house where Jack Ruby lived. Hmm.
  • He also claims the neighborhood is a "gayborhood." Hmm.
  • Bronte told Bridgette she thinks there are four siblings to previous hamsters in the house.
  • She's the math whiz. In her mind, probably one plus one equals four.
  • Frank told Paulie and Corey that the girls are so loyal, they might as well keep them around.
  • Heh. Little does he know ...!
  • Neither Paulie nor Corey fill him in on the real skinny about those girls.
  • Heh.
  • There has been less Oust Tiffany talk as the Oust Frank talk escalates.
  • Of course, Frank still has his sights on Tiffany.
  • Natalie does really seem to like James. She stuck up for him as Bronte and Bridgette warned her that showmances tend to get both parties nominated.
  • Bronte is still worried that she'll be evicted even though the whole house (just about) should be voting for Victor to go.
  • James doesn't want to throw the HoH comp again.
  • Frank thinks production might get on to them for throwing comps.
  • Nicole says she won't throw the comp.
  • I'm sure that statement puts fear in the hearts of all the hamsters.
  • Heehee.
  • Nicole is very worried that Frank is secretly targeting her for eviction.
  • Well, not yet, Nicole. I think he wants Tiffany out first.
  • They want Michelle to throw HoH so that her team (with Frank) is open for nomination.
  • The Anti-Frank Squad think he's going to be very hard to take out in a PoV comp.
  • They're probably right. In order to get Frank out, they'd have to have a perfect real backdoor like they've done with Victor this week. If Frank plays for PoV, it's unlikely they'll get him out.
  • All are sleeping as I (finally) get this posted.

See ... she can smile!

Bathroom brush-up

So ... the vote will be 10-0?

"I live in a gayborhood."

Storage room strategies

My hair extensions are DEAD!

Last night with the robe, Jersey Boy!


Chacha said...

I really hope the Frank movement works. If not it is bad for everyone. We can see though this will be all blamed on Tiffany. Davonne is going to start forgetting who she told what to.

With all this talk about Frank being the target we know what happens tonight. He our one of his team will win. My hope is Michelle really does throw it.

I would like to see Tiffany win the HOH. If Corey and Nicole were smart then they would let her take it and they stay "no blood on my hands" for the week moving forward.

Sharon N said...

Re Cody living in Jack Ruby's home.

HISTORY BUFF ALERT: Don't feel like looking waaay back, but one of the girls (Michelle?) wanted to know if Ruby died there. @@

Petals said...

For not being gay, Corey sure says that word a lot! LOL

Judi Sweeney said...

There are so many "secret" final twos being made its hard to keep track, let alone if they are serious! LOL....

Nick said...

If production is going to hint at things, can they "hint" to Nicole and Da'Vonne that someone is coming back pre-jury so they know it would not be wise to take Frank out this early? I know Da'Vonne is pretty much convinced that someone is coming back before jury starts, so she really should be more cautious with this plan to go after Frank. Odds are pretty strong that Frank would win his way back into the house, and then we'd have a Brendon situation all over again where it would take weeks to get him out again...although the dramatic explosions we'd see once he got back in there would be excellent for the feeds!

On second thought, for our benefit especially, I hope they do get him out next :)

monty924 said...

Sharon N, that's hillarious!!

Sharon N said...

I thought so too Monty! lol

ooops... wrote Cody. I'm sure everyone knows I meant Corey though.

Anonymous said...

Just thinking about Victor's (like most nominees')feeble campaign to stay, and about what Dr. Will would do in Victor's position. Will would tell everyone that eventually, they do need to evict him, but right now, with her supposed intelligence, attitude, instability, and connections, he'd convince them that Tiffany is an immediate threat that they can't afford to keep around. She'd be out before she knew what hit her.

uncartie said...

Chacha,No,No,No! We do not need Tiffany winning HOH. She would be immediately targeted next week for eviction. In fact,I predict whoever wins HOH might go the next week.

My 1st conspiracy theory of the summer....Remember last week we were all hoping for a Jozea meltdown? BB shut down the feeds that entire day,yet today they were up until 12:30 BBT. I think production must have spent the whole day calming him down so he wouldn't make a scene.

Jackie;You were on fire today in your report. Hilarious! Re:recruits. Tiffany was a finalist in the Amazing Race but didn't make it. She sent her contact info to some casting person figuring that the cast was already chosen and maybe she could get on next year. Soon after she gets a call out of nowhere saying she was chosen. Previously she was on some show called "Sequester" and won that.

Sketchy weather here on the horizon. Please CBS weather people do not overreact like last Thursday and preempt the show for what turned out to be nothing.

monty924 said...

Hope you keep your broadcast channels open tonight, Unc.

Petals said...

Unc - your last post cemented my dislike for Tiffanessa. I knew she was not a FT high school math teacher.

uncartie said...

How do you know that,Petals? She could have accrued vacation time and used it when an opportunity arose. Teachers get the summer off,remember?

One thing is for sure. She's not an attention seeking lunatic like most of the others. Her social media presence is almost non-existent. She only joined Twitter in May and her Instagram account is private.

Petals said...

Yeah yeah - whatever, Unc. Let's call my distaste for Tiff strictly her relation to one of my least favorite BBers of all time. Or that I really hate paranoid crybabies.

Speaking of attention-seekers - Natalie is on my sh*t list now: she just wants a paycheck for the summer. Well EFF her. BB is a dream for some 'normal' people, and little fame-seeking Barbies are taking-up space in the house for these lazy brats???

No thanks - Natalie can follow Tiffanessa right out the door ASAP, imo.

Petals said...

OMG - how cute would James & Natalie be? Oh I hope that becomes a showmance!