Thursday, July 21, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds Overnight into Thursday - July 21

Will Tiffany still be around after tonight?

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Horrors:
  • Frank still wants Da'Vonne out, but seems to have come to the realization that it just might not happen this week. He thinks people would prefer a double eviction and BOTH Tiffany and Da'Vonne gone this week.
  • Although being on the block is a bit nerve wracking no matter what, Natalie is blessed with two huge targets up there with her.
  • It's as if she's not even on the block.
  • I doubt anyone will vote her out.
  • By the way, her and James are all copacetic once again.
  • The late night hours continued to be as exciting as the daytime hours.
  • Yes, that was sarcasm on my part.
  • They all were called individually to the diary room to record goodbye messages. Some of those might be interesting. Once jury happens, we tend to get milder messages. After all, gotta get those jury votes!
  • Nicole thinks one of the beds in the house is cursed because Jozea, then Victor, slept in it.
  • Hey, maybe one will want it back after tomorrow!
  • I always kind of hoped they burned the bed Amanda and McCrae lived on that one summer.
  • Paulie told Tiffany that, if Frank can get things to a tie vote, he (the tiebreaker) will vote Da'Vonne out.
  • I don't think so! Liar liar pants on fire!
  • It's still either - or between the two.
  • This is one week I'm not going to make a solid prediction. I think it will be Tiffany out, but ...!

Only on the radar due to Paulie connection

Whispering strategy

Will her bum ankle affect her HoH chances?


Petals said...

At 1:53am, Michelle successfully pranked James! bwhaha (he didn't squeal like a lil' girl or anything, but it was a good 'get')

*sigh* Excessive heat warnings in the Midwest (for the past week and in to the weekend). Indexes in the 110°+ range.

Have a good Thursday, Ms Jackie & everyone. See you later. ♥

Witt said...

Whoever leaves tonight will still have the opportunity to come back in the house in the battle back competition, right? I hope it's Tiffany that leaves, but Glenn who comes back.

Chacha said...
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Chacha said...

I think that if Tiffany goes tonight like it seems to be leaning, she really wouldn't want to be back in that house with the crazies.
She is definitely is not Vanessa.
Paulie in my opinion will retreat this vote.

David said...

If the battle back winner is indeed safe for the week, as most have been speculating, that means it is a free ride to the jury. Even if they go out the following week they will be the first member of the jury. So it would be in all of the 5 evicted best interest to get back in there just for the paycheck.

Some of the first words I want to hear from Julie tonight is that the teams are no more, it is everyone for themselves from here on out. Or at least before the HOH competition.

Sharon N said...

Jackie gets a rest tonight. :)
The feeds are down now... until Friday, 9:00pm PST.

David said...

The show is going to be delayed here because of the Trump speech. sheeeesh, Don't they know that BB takes precedence over political speeches. So that means the same thing will probably happen next week also, sheeeesh. The East coasters get to watch it on time.

Sharon N said...

Yeah, I saw last night that MST folks will be slipped to 9:00pm.
I have zero interest in watching politicians.

monty924 said...

Feeds are back but nothing to report

Sharon N said...

oops... feeds are back for a while. @@
As usual, not much happening... mostly getting ready for tonight.

Petals said...

LOL alert:

Paul shaving Paulie's head; states that he (Paul) had a style that Brad Pitt copied, so he had to change it. @@ yeah, Paul - Brad stole your hairstyle, bro.

Paul is legend in his own mind. *friendship* PISSED!

uncartie said...

I'm usually overly optimistic about Tiffany's chances but I do think she's going to night. :(

Get this! I go to the CBS All access page to cancel my feeds since they'll be down until after tomorrow night's episode and If Tiff goes I'm no longer interested. As luck would have it my monthly subscription ends today and they would have charged my card tomorrow.

So I click on "Cancel my subscription" and up comes up "Don't cancel and we'll give you A FREE month. @@ So I don't end up canceling and according to my account I won't be charged again until August 22nd. :)

Petals,The heat is killing me here in Chitown 90 and feels like 104 with a Dew Point of 77. Yikes!

See you all 8PM Central

Petals said...

It's 101° here, index of 109°. Earlier, index of 114°. Brutal!

SueGee said...

We might be watching it at the same time tonight. Not on until after speeches, around 9pm PDT. Midnight your time!! Stay awake and we will have coffee and donuts.

SueGee on the LeftCoast

~~Silk said...

You know, just because the east coast folks leave the party early doesn't mean folks who are still partying (or waiting to party) have to go home. I'm sure Jackie won't mind if you all stay and continue commenting and commiserating. It's not like Jackie turns off the lights and locks the gate when she's finished watching.

monty924 said...

Oh Lord, that means my forecast in the next few days. Petals is always kind enough to send all the weather my way, lol. I'm going to veg out in the house and the A/C all weekend.

monty924 said...

So true, Silk. There was a year or two where our westie friends would pick up party when it came on out west. Some of the best endurance comps were shared with the California and other west crew.

Sharon N said...

89 in Colorado, which is not too bad... except for the humidity. It's normally dry here except for the monsoons that hit in August. Although, for the past couple of weeks, we've been getting afternoon thunderstorms (almost every day). Except for the lightning, the rain has been a blessing for our firefighters.

Jackie Hardin said...

I wish PAULIE would drop "Z". He needs to get together with Nathalie. I think she is more his type. "Z" is to hot. I don't mean in a good looking way. James needs to be with Michelle. Did I hear that Tiff was gay? Someone said they thought Corey was gay. I don't think so.

Petals said...

Silk, I'll try to hang around for a while to party with the Westies. But I have to wake at 3:30am, and I'm and old woman! LOL

Mendy - omg, Sorry my friend. We are in an excessive heat advisory until Sunday at 6pm. (it was Sat, but they extended it).

monty924 said...

I know it's going to be brutal and I don't handle humidity very well :((

uncartie said...

Jackie H,Tiffany originally said she was bi,then a week or 2 later said she was gay. She spent long periods with Paulie in the HOH room and eventually he made a move on her. She immediately said "Ohhh,I need a shower" and bolted out the door. I believe that's been a factor in his resentment towards her.

Petals said...

Yeah. My only "hack" is not putting on my shoes/socks until I get to work, then I take them off before I leave the building and put on flip-flops. I wear scrubs & athletic shoes all day, but they are too hot for the drive home (and no matter if you roll-down your windows and/or use a windshield visor-thingy - the car temp is like an OVEN at the end of a day.

Petals said...

But why would Paulie hit on Vaniffany when he had Natalie, Nicole, Zak? I mean...c'mon. I don't care how much you love Van/Tiff - they aren't like raving beauties or anything.

Sharon N said...

Jackie Hardin,

Yes, Tiffany came out and said she's gay.
Corey has only said he lives in a "Gayborhood" which could mean anything or nothing.

The girls need to quit with the silly high-school NO-mances. So freaking silly and stupid over the guys and it's always their downfall as they begin to care more about 'the guy' (than winning 500k), and the petty jealousies crop up. In my view, it doesn't look like the guys are all that interested, but it's a vote for them, so they are going along with the silly "relationships" ... for the time being. ALL of them have said they'll have no problem "cutting the girls." Even James.

Sharon N said...

I agree Uncartie. Paulie has a HUGE ego and he's not used to being turned down.
I don't remember if that happened before he knew she was Vanessa's sister... or came out as gay to the rest of the HGs.

However, whether other girls are better looking/available or not, it's all in the eye of the beholder. The fact that he was interested and got turned down could very well be behind his dislike for Tiffany.

Sharon N said...

Live Show post is up!