Tuesday, July 12, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds Overnight into Tuesday - July 12

Discussing Frank's ongoing demeaning ways

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of A Misogynistic Male:
  • Frank and his marionette Bridgette sat around discussing how Paul only wears one tank top and Paulie rarely wears a shirt at all. 
  • Meanwhile ... Paulie, Paul and Zakiyah sat around listing the many ways that Frank has treated others inappropriately, both the men and the women.
  • But, especially the women.
  • Bronte says she would never date Paul because she doesn't like his "image."
  • Paul probably wouldn't date a woman who wears little girl hair bows and usually speaks in a fake voice reminiscent of Minnie Mouse on helium.
  • Or, maybe it's a chipmunk. I just can't think of a female chipmunk.
  • Although they celebrated the night of the Outback dinner, Zakiyah's actual birthday is today.
  • She would like them all to wear pink.
  • Oh my. And here I thought I liked Zakiyah. I might have to rethink things a bit. I don't own any pink.
  • Frank doesn't want Michelle to win HoH because she's too "emotional."
  • He probably thinks she would put him on the block!
  • But ... Michelle also can't stand Bronte and wants her gone.
  • Can't blame her there. That woman has to be incredibly annoying to be stranded with all summer.
  • Tiffany tried to scare James the same way he leaps out of places to scare others. It didn't phase him at all.
  • Frank thinks he might come across as "bossy" sometimes. Bridgette says it's more like abrasive. I say it's more like: GO HOME SON, YOU'RE STARTING TO REALLY IRK ME.
  • Bridgette, for a nurse, isn't taking good care of her sprained (?) ankle. Instead of using the crutches, she's hopping and hobbling around. If she had to participate in HoH this week, her chances of a win in anything physical would be nil. 
  • Aw, Paulie and Zakiyah think each other is cute. Why, it's like we're back in grade school!
  • Bridgette thinks that Paul and Corey (both recruits) are only there to promote their own businesses/causes -- walking advertisements.
  • I don't know. The more I see Paul, the more I see a rather intelligent and well-rounded kind of guy who's hiding behind a bearded "tough" persona. He doesn't bother me. And, for the most part, with the exception of a few things, Corey no longer irks me. He's trying his best. At least both treat the other house hamsters decently without constantly offending them.
  • Da'Vonne would like to save Tiffany this week but doesn't think she'll be able to get the votes.
  • Who would she rather go?
  • Frank!
  • But, since Frank isn't on the block, she prefers Bronte go.
  • Paulie thinks it's a good time to move on the Oust Frank because Frank is so sure he has everybody in his pocket.
  • But it would have to be a true backdoor. If Frank can save himself, he will. That's just about a given.
  • Paul told Paulie and Zakiyah that, just because he hangs out with Bronte and Natalie, doesn't mean he wants to be grouped with them.
  • Paul seems to make his rounds, hanging out with practically everybody.
  • James is willing to throw a comp to get Frank out.
  • Paul said that if he slapped a woman's butt in the house, he would expect a punch in the face.
  • Good. Men should think like that!
  • Paulie thinks that James would never betray Natalie, but Natalie would throw James under the bus without caring.
  • He's probably right. 
  • With all the talk and scenarios of what might be down the line, it's still looking like it's Tiffany out this week.

Not playing like I thought she would

Gossiping about Paul and Paulie

Just a puppet?

This must be Wooden Spoon season

Give me strength


uncartie said...
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uncartie said...

Jackie,The wooden spoon was used as a prop microphone when James and Natalie were interviewing each other for fun.

The biggest twist of the season would be if it gets put back where it came from.

Meanwhile I just found Corey's next reality show gig...

"Logo has greenlit dating series, Finding Prince Charming, which will feature a cast of gay men competing to win the favor of America’s Most Eligible Gay Heartthrob. Lance Bass is hosting the show from Brian Graden Media."

Chacha said...


When I read that lance bass was hosting I thought that right away.
Did anyone catch Corey telling Nicole she looked like one of the girls from the movie grease about her makeup. I have hated jumping on the not gay Corey bandwagon but it is a little hard

uncartie said...

Sharon,Wanna know why I have no respect for James as a player?
Tue 9:18 AM BBT James: "Has Paul told you how he's voting?" Tiffany: "Paul? He's on the block."

(sigh) Day is back to voting out Tiffany.
Tue 9:36 AM BBT Day says Tiffany has to be sacrificed so they can do what they need to do next week (evict Frank)

Her stupidity is mind boggling. I just hope that if Tiffany goes home either Bronte or Paul win HOH,Frank ends up running it,and Day will become the target.

Sharon N said...

That struck me too, but I think James mostly says 'whatever' to avoid being nailed down.

If Frank runs another HOH, there's absolutely NO doubt that he will want Day out.
He's already said he wants her out next. Although, Frank's targets sometimes change....

Ok, did anyone else see that Frank said something about being hooked on morphine, so he goes to DR every day? (and...it cut to fish) IF that's really true, it could explain some of his angry outbursts, and IMO, he does look like crap this season.

uncartie said...

Sharon,Yeah,Day will be #1 on Frank's list. You know he does not want her in the jury.
Another reason to keep Tiffany is she would still be Frank's primary target.

I do remember hearing something about morphine but I didn't pay attention because I thought it was a joke.
What I did see him do is drink most of the Sangria that James made and then replace it with plain juice or water. I pegged him for an alcoholic after I saw that. I find it impossible to believe that CBS would let in a cast member that's hooked on mood-altering substance like morphine and dispense it to him daily. If something happened to Frank or he injured another cast member they would open themselves up to a multi million dollar lawsuit and the negative publicity generated would make the Aaryn racisim controversy look like a day at the beach.

Sharon N said...

Uncartie, you're right about Frank, on all counts. Didn't Frank have someone drinking the Sangria with him (maybe Nicole)?

If Tiffany stayed, I'm not sure if she would be Frank's immediate target. It's possible he'd be so offended that he'd look for the person(s) who spearheaded keeping Tiff and target them instead.

Chacha said...

Day was saying that to James so they don't become targets. The two of them also said after that they would feel Nicole and Corey out.
It would be interesting if they got Natalie to flip and ouster Paul.
I also heard frank talking of morphine.
If that is the case that is condoning being an addict and CBS is responsible.
On the other hand I can't believe the nurse is talking about the drugs she has done as well.

Chacha said...

Today that the HG are starting to reconsider keeping Tiffany. The only foil in this is they will also begin to remember that there will be issues when she stays and Frank goes off.
Frank will feel slighted by everyone which will be feeds gold.
If that happens I think he will try and win the HOH. I would hope its a team HOH and Michelle and Paulie really do throw it.

TheBayouRat said...

Corey's not gay!

uncartie said...

Tue 3:37 PM BBT Davonne said that she is going to Vote for Tiffany to stay. @@

This woman changes her mind more often than a road rager changes lanes on the highway.

ChaCha,Why should they worry about Frank's feelings? He doesn't care about anyone else ?There is no logical reason for voting out Tiffany. Like James said "We're playing Frank's game if we vote her out". Why vote out one of his enemies? Tiffany is an extra vote against Frank,an extra body to play for HOH,and someone who would back door him in the blink of an eye.

If these idiots can't make a simple move like this then we can look forward to a season of go along to get along house votes.

monty924 said...

Just got home from a three day vacation and getting caught up with everything. I honestly hope this last minute waffling does work, but I'm not getting my hopes up. I would love for Tiffany to stay because it ups the drama factor, and I'm all about the drama in BB. It's been a stale beginning and would love to see the firestorm ahead if Paul gets voted out and comes back, lol. I just finished watching Sunday night's show and I'm happy that BB showed the Frank stuff. I'm sure in his mind he isn't offending anyone with his antics, and let this be his little wake up call. It's all cultural and that is what BB is all about and the reason why I love this little sociology experiment every summer. I believed Frank's DRs that they showed on Sunday night, and his apology to Da but now he's going to learn that his mentor and idol might not have been the best coach afterall. Boogie may have been great in the game in ONE season making it to the end, but he's still a douche in life and Frank is heading down that path in the game. I'd call him a douche to his face in a heartbeat, LOL.

Sharon N said...

I can't understand why Paulie is so anti-Tiffany. Yeah, we all know she's Vanessa's sister. So what?
They ALL know how Vanessa played the game, so Tiffany will never get the chance to play the same way. Frankly (ugh), I don't think she has Vanessa's 'talent' anyway.

uncartie said...

Sharon,Paulie and Tiff spent a lot of time talking together. Paulie must of realized that she's way smarter than him and as a result he's scared. What's pitiful is that the rest of the gang wants her to stay but are too cowardly to act on it without Paulie's ok. Talk about the tail wagging the dog!

This is shaping up to be another follow the leader and what the house wants season of boredom.

uncartie said...

Tiff is in the hammock with Michelle and it crosses her mind that maybe she should make a deal with Frank @@ How great would that be?