Friday, July 01, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds Report into Friday - July 1

Will his social game save him?

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of From Zero to Hero:
  • Okay, not really hero.
  • But Paulie went from being on the block to winning HoH. It's kinda like that.
  • James threw the comp (as they had talked about previously) so that Paulie could win and Victor would be the target.
  • Paulie told Zakiyah that one of the people who voted to evict him would be going home this week.
  • Let's see ... that would be either Victor or Paul or Bronte or Natalie. 
  • Victor told Frank and Paul that he wouldn't be surprised if he goes up on the block.
  • Well, duh. He shouldn't be after his Jozea Worship bit so far this season. Man, that guy picked the wrong horse in the race. Jozea's behavior should have turned anyone off from supporting him. In the end, Paul actually had conversations about Jozea going too far and Natalie wasn't entirely in his court. But Bronte and Victor were loyal to their chosen Messiah.
  • Cough.
  • Frank needs to watch himself a bit. Without Boogie to give him advice, he's straddling the line between both sides a bit too much. It's easy to fall off that tight wire.
  • Paulie told Nicole that he knows Bronte and Natalie voted to evict him even though he told them they wouldn't have enough votes to save Josea.
  • Paulie said his alliance needs to help decide nominations. But, no matter what, he wants Victor to go home.
  • Heehee. Bronte is in a panic. It doesn't take much to get her going. Hey, she made the wrong choice of who to support and now she might have to pay for it. Miss Math Girl should have seen the odds.
  • If the HoH decides who the Have Not (Team) is. James offered to go on slop just so Victor would be on it, hopefully weakening him for comps.
  • Since Victor is a health food nut, seeing him on slop should be good for a giggle or two, too.
  • But they're not sure the criteria for deciding who the Have Nots are for the week -- it could have something to do with the comp standings.
  • Paul is pretty sure he will be nominated.
  • Oh, that's quite possible. But he's not in as much danger of eviction right now as is Victor.
  • Newbie recruit Paul doesn't get the big HoH reveal ceremony doings.
  • I never could get excited about them, either. So, he may have a point there!
  • Bronte and Victor talked about Da'Vonne and Zakiyah flipping and how shocked they were.
  • Hey, those two didn't flip. They were just never with you in the first place, fools!
  • Paulie doesn't want James or Frank falling for the wiles of any of the girls.
  • Well, I doubt he's talking Nicole!
  • Of the Jozea bunch, only Paul knows his downfalls and is willing to talk about them -- even before last night. It makes me wonder why Paul ever hooked up with them in the first place. I think it comes from not knowing BB at all. He thought it was all newbies versus veterans and that's obviously not the main goal. It's winning friends and allies and influencing others.
  • Oh, yeah. Jozea influenced others ... to mock him and want him out!
  • James said that if Victor confronts him, he'll go ahead and tell him he threw the comp.
  • While Bronte panicked about not have a meat thermometer for their salmon, Bridgette lamented that everything they made had meat in it and she can't eat meat.
  • Victor told Paul he thinks they could do something like the Brigade. First off, neither saw that season. So they have no clue what it was other than four guys going to the end. Those four all had decent social games. 'Nuff said, kiddies.
  • Bridgette warns the guys of colon cancer risks if they put hot dogs in their rice. 
  • Yep, she must be a bundle of fun when it comes to meals and snacking!
  • Paul tried bonding with Paulie and Corey.
  • I don't think it will work. Although Victor is the one Paulie wants out, Paul is his second choice.
  • Can't blame him there.

Corey wears that pillow so well

Will her flirtmance with Paulie go on?

Who wants to see my HoH room?

Not going to San Francisco w/flowers in her hair

Making his brother proud

How will Victor do without his bromance?


Anonymous said...

Thank you Jackie for the updates. They help me try to like this season. It seems the older I get, the younger the hamsters are of course. Every year gets a little harder to watch. Thank God for Nicole as flaky as her voice sounds!

Dolores in Hollywood

ILoveAGoodTrainWreck said...

I am with you Dolores. When Big Brother first aired, the hamsters, in general, were closer to my age. Now they are not. I have really enjoyed watching the last few seasons due to the fact that I had no real rooting interest. Which makes for a much better viewing experience, IMO.

Witt said...

Every year, I am consistently amazed (though I don't know why, it happens every year) at how these people form alliances MINUTE ONE without taking some time to exhale and actually TALK TO SOMEONE to see if it is someone you like/respect/can work with. PATIENCE, PEOPLE!

Stormy said...

Thank you Jackie for your good reporting last night. We all appreciate your effort to keep us informed. Glad to see Josez GONE GONE GONE. Hopefully for the rest of the show. Victor need to step up to take his place with Bonte close behind.

Petals said...

True, Witt - I think Paul, Vic, Jose & their chicas, Nat & Bronte, bonded over being Latino. They all spoke Spanish together until BB told them to stop. Now Paul is scrambling & back-peddling. @@

I'm glad Paulie won HoH. Wonder who will gravitate North to his room? I didn't notice if Zakiyah slept with him up there.

Chacha said...

I am so happy Paulie won. I wanted it to be Tiffany to see how that would go down.

It was interesting late last night/early this morning that Frank let it be known that he wasn't keen on Tiffany to Paulie. I think Paulie took that and stored it. Paulie likes Tiffany and they have the bond of family as previous players.

About the Backdoor. We all know how they don't work well very often. Most times (IMO) they really only work twice a season, once being in the first double eviction.

I want Paul/Victor up with no backdoor.....besides these idiots don't know the true meaning of a backdoor. I love hearing the hamsters season after season trying to explain the true backdoor.

Davonne is also getting on my nerves. She needs to stop. I see her turning into last season every day.

Petals said...

ChaCha - I don't remember Da from last season, except that she was sent home early. How did she act?
Were you a Van fan last season. I wasn't, so I am eager to see gone Tiffany & her paranoid-driven emotionalism.

Anonymous said...

What is the pool and how do I get in it? Looks fun!

And I agree @Witt - it amazes me too that the hamsters immediately form alliances to then realize within days usually that they've aligned with idiots.

Just found your blog this year Jackie, and I'm already hooked. Your updates, and reactions, are great!! Love it - and love your followers. Of the 3 blogs I follow, your comment section seems to have the most camaraderie and fun.


Becky said...

I am glad to see Paulie is the HOH. I hope Victor goes home. He thinks he is the Latin Lover. I have disliked him since he pulled off the pony tail, flicked his hair and turned the charm onto Nicole. It didn't work. Anonymous (Nicole), the pool is now closed for having a designated pool pick. However, if you didn't sign up before the first eviction, just pick a float and climb on and root for your choice. Jackie hosts a blog for BB, Survivor and AR. Most of the peeps are people who have followed her blog for years. I really like that the posters are kind, funny and most of all polite to each other.

Petals said...

Welcome Nicole!
This is the best party in town - with the coolest, wittiest hostess!
Most of us have been with Jackie for years; we are all friends in here and have the best times chatting with one another during Big Brother season (and Survivor. And Amazing Race. LOL)

The Pool is something we do for fun - all of us are assigned (by random drawing) a BB Houseguest to cheer for during the season. For instance, I got Jose in the pool - but of course I didn't cheer for HIM, haha! Now that he is gone, I can root for anyone (go James!) It's all for fun, there isn't a real 'prize' other than bragging rights. hehe

Again, welcome! Hope to see you at the blog party during Sunday's show.

Petals said...

Jinx, Becky! LOL xoxo

uncartie said...

Welcome Nicole,We have the smartest,funniest posters here. Come up with a number and you can have my pool pick Da'Vonne Rogers. I accept PayPal. :)

Eventually Frank may socialize himself right out of the game. His plan seems to be we win HOH every week,meaning the guys of course,and their pick goes home. He completely misjudged how close Paulie and Tiff are.

Paulie and Tiffany are super close,they've spent a lot of time together and both know the concepts of the show. Tiffany wants guys that can win physical and Paul know he needs smart people like Tiffany. A match made in heaven and as Jackie pointed out they are siblings of past guests which creates a special bond.

Bronte continued her quest for dumbest hamster of all time when she brainstormed that she will just make peace with the other side and she'll be safe. Her reasoning,if you could call it that,is that she showed how loyal she is by voting to save Jozea@@ Sorry Toots,that train left the station over a week ago. You need to win comps!

Petals said...

LOL Unc, I agree re Brontasaurus.
Is there anything more frustrating than hamsters that don't know how to run on the wheel? Learn about the show, people!!!
Bronte also seems most concerned about the stipend. She was begging someone (Paulie?) to please let her to go Jury because she needs the money? Oh pu-leeze!

Sharon N said...

Welcome Nicole!
As you will see, Jackie's followers come from all walks of life and live in many different Time-Zones. Which also means, when the shows are aired, some of us see it 1 or 2 hours after Jackie posts the events. Personally, I prefer watching as Jackie posts what's happening, and follow all the pool-party comments... then watch the show when it comes on in my time-zone. Sometimes I will get a head's-up to watch for something I might have missed otherwise. lol

Sharon N said...

Unc, I agree.
Frank has been spreading himself much too thin, and a few people are starting to notice.
It won't cost him this week, but won't take too long before the trust is completely gone.

Chacha said...


Davonne wasn't there long last year but not so quietly stirred up trouble. Her problem last year was Audrey and she didn't keep her mouth shut about Audrey. At that time Audrey was working with Shelli/Vanessa and crew.

She is going to bring Zakiyah down with her this summer.

I don't like the fact that last night she started saying Tiffany is a lesbian like her sister and is lying. That has nothing to do with game. She is stirring up trouble like last year although more subtly.

uncartie- You are dead on about Paulie and Tiffany. Although Tiff has yet to let Paulie know of the 8 pack alliance. I hope she does tell him this week.

~~Silk said...

What bothers me about DaVonne is that everything is personal with her. She'll get ticked off by some little thing about someone, and then she turns a laser beam on that person and fires shots until she kills them. No further information can turn her, no possibility of ignoring that person. There's no game or strategy in it, no reason except that she got pis*ed off, it's 100% personal.

I've known people like her. She scares me.

Anonymous said...

Paul and Bronte are on the block.

I'm a very happy camper. :)

uncartie said...

Petals,"Brontasaurus". LOL! Perfect!

Petals said...

WHOOOOO!! Good job, Paulie! Great choices for the block...I assume Victor will factor on to the block somehow with either the veto or the RoadKill.

Thanks ChaCha. I didn't pay much attention to DaVonne last season; I for sure wasn't as enamored of her as everyone else seemed to be. She was almost like the "Cappy", you know? Jay kept mentioning her, like, "let's win it for Mamma Day". heheheee

Hi Silk! I agree - she seems so rigid, right? I didn't hear (but I did read about) the Tiffany comment and, like, who cares? If she's gay or whatever, I mean. Van being a lesbian is the LEAST of my complaints about her. She was waaayyy too emotional and paranoid, totally drove me crazy last season. I was NOT a fan.

Sharon N said...

I believe Paulie's plan is to b/d Victor.
Now just have to hope he doesn't win RK comp.

If Victor does happen to win RK, then I think it will be between Paul and Bronte going.
However, Paul has been trying to be a little more congenial with the 'in crowd.'
Whereas, Bronte is merely an irritating, ignorant, and bratty. At this point, even if she tried to make other friends, it probably wouldn't work.

chrob61 said...

So far I am liking this season. I agree with the earlier post on how quickly alliances are made!! They should get to know each other. So far I am liking James and his pranks, as long as he doesn't take them too far. I like the road kill comp and will see what the new BattleBack competition is like.

I want Glenn to knock out Jozea- I was surprised that Julie game him videos from the houseguests to see last night!

Sharon N said...

Hope I'm wrong, but kinda sounds like BB isn't going to show each of the BattleBack comps.
Possible we will only see the last 'battle' that brings the final winner back into the house.
At this point, I don't really care who returns... as long as it's not Jose, Victor or Bronte (if they're gone too). In the next 5 weeks, my attitude will probably change on a few more HGs!! lol

Nicole Chenault said...

Thanks for the welcome everyone! I feel such love. :)

I will most certainly try to join the party sunday. It's nice to have people to banter with during the shows. I've just recently gotten one of my sons addicted. We just spent two hours going watching BB11 highlight reels, since that season was so fun. Hoping for another one this year.

I don't even know who to root for yet - though I know who not to root for (Paul, Vic and Bronte). And Lord please let the comp to come back in the house be BB trivia so Josea will lose straightaway! :D