Sunday, July 24, 2016

BB18:Live Feeds into Sunday Morning - July 24

Victor's new look

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Sunken Ships:
  • If you missed the post I made late last night, go read it.
  • If you don't want to read it, I'll tell you ... Michelle won the Power of Veto and it was the OTEV veto comp.
  • She was telling the cameras not long after the feeds returned that she will not be using it to save anyone.
  • She wants the nominations to remain the same.
  • Frank just can't understand why everybody in the house is so against Bridgette, the nicest and sweetest girl in the house.
  • Maybe it's the profanity she uses every other word?
  • I know that's why I don't care for her. That, the cutesy act and the latching onto Frank when she claims she has such a great boyfriend at home.
  • Paulie thought Michelle was a bit too gloating after winning PoV.
  • She did keep the veto paint mess and necklace on for a long time.
  • But not as long as Paul did.
  • Bridgette and Frank are SO not happy.
  • Poor babies.
  • They realize that Michelle probably won't change the nominations and that one or the other of them will go home.
  • James ticked Frank off by saying it's only a game.
  • Frank acted like all he was interested in is the welfare of Bridgette after he goes home.
  • Bridgette cries.
  • Frank doesn't.
  • It turns out that James threw the veto to Michelle.
  • He didn't want to be in the position where Frank would be at him to use it ... for either of them.
  • Although they had heard drilling, perhaps when locked in HoH, and they talked about the doors in the HoH room, no one is looking for any clues or the secret room.
  • Paulie, dead set on getting Tiffany out instead of Da'Vonne last week, now wants Da'Vonne out. 
  • He told Corey that they have Paul and Victor to do their dirty work for them in getting others out.
  • Da'Vonne thinks they need to get Frank out.
  • Frank wants Michelle to use the veto and have Da'Vonne up as a replacement.
  • And on it goes.
  • Frank tried to talk to Michelle alone, but they kept getting invaded by others.
  • Well, they don't want Frank talking to her alone!
  • Bridgette continues to make friends and influence people ... not.
  • She lit into Zakiyah, calling her a mean girl.
  • These hamsters remind me of 5th graders.
  • But 5th graders probably don't cuss as much.

Frank trying to get Michelle on his side

Froot Loop Dingus?

She needs a new vocabulary


Judi Sweeney said...

I hope Michelle sticks to her guns and doesn't use the veto! All Frank can see is how much Bridgette kisses his fanny.... So of course she is a nice girl... TO HIM. Going to be an interesting week

Chacha said...

At this point I don't care who goes anymore. It was funny to hear Paulie say next week he would put Davonne and Zakiyah up.
He is over Zakiyah acting like she does to Bridgette and thinks it stems from Davonne.
He is also over her throwing herself into him. He isn't going to start anything in the house.
Me thinks he won't start anything out the house either

Petals said...

I love Paulie and agree with him about Z. Z has been pretty clingy & has been riding him.

Jean in Tampa said...

Chacha, do you have the feeds? Tell me how Zakiyah acts towards Bridgette. I really don't care for Bridgette, but I definitely do not like mean girls.

I thought Zak could take him or leave him (Paulie). I guess that all changed from the beginning of the season.

Petals said...

And no! Of course he isn't going to start anything outside of the house. Paulie isn't in to that nonsense.
Bridgette thought everyone was jealous? Bwhaha haha

elee86 said...

" Front loop dingus" lol

Sharon N said...

Agree Petals. z's jealosy, possessiveness and cattiness have burned her bridges with Paulie in AND out of the house. He was dumb starting anything at all with her, and now he's forced into trying to preserve their non-relationship so she doesn't burn him...and that's gonna be hard to do.

Sharon N said...

Both of these will remain memorable BB moments... forever:
Zack's "Fruit Loop Dingus"
Frank's "Pop a Squat" (on his 1st BB).

Petals said...

Like Z, Natalie is another is needy & clingy girl. The difference is Natalie is the type of girl to GIVE you a kitten to temind you of her; Zak is the girl that will BOIL the kitten.

Petals said...
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Lili said...

What am I missing? The house finally has a chance to get Mr Competition Beast himself out...Frank. And they are going to waste this opportunity on Bridgette? Why?

For weeks either Frank's group had immunity or Frank or his Cabbage Patch Kid were HOH or had the POV. Now he is finally on the block and doesn't have POV, good grief. This opportunity may not present itself again, especially when the numbers dwindle and virtually every HG plays in the POV each week. If they don't bounce Frank now he will probably roll till F4 and beyond.

It's like 105* on the West Coast, anybody else overheating today?


Chacha said...

Jean in Tampa-

Yes I have the feeds.

Zakiyah is just a mean girl with the stuff she says. She does try to play it off as cute.

I will say of all the girls left in the house the only one who isn't a "mean" girl is Natalie. She really doesn't say anything mean. She really has no clue where she is...


Paulie doesn't want Frank out because that leaves that target in the house. Paulie can also pseudo work with him.

Michelle wants Bridgette gone because she doesn't like her. I think that is only because Frank chose Bridgette over Michelle and she has that case of jealousy

Petals said...

Sorry to hear that the Westies have the heat. We've been in the 100s for weeks here in the middle, and thought there was an end in sight.
I hate summer, always have.

Terry is a Texan! said...

I really think they would be wise to get rid of Frank while they can. However Bridgette acts so baby faced sweet heart with a mouth most truckers would not allow.

Sharon N said...

Unlike the other girls, Natalie has (so far) not involved herself in all the snide cattiness and refuses to participate. She also refuses to talk game with anyone but James. One could think that as plus, but it's actually not because nobody knows what she's thinking. But nobody can say "Natalie said..." because she doesn't do those "he said, she said" questions or discussions. LOL

I love summer for the GREEN grass/trees, all the pretty FLOWERS.... and NO SNOW or ICE.
Aside the increased temps, the downside (for me) is the fires that always happen in the summer.

Having lived in Calif most of my life, I was used to summers with days/weeks of 100s.
But it's much easier to live with Colorado's 80s (a few occasional high 90s).
For those not aware, Colorado Springs is considerably higher altitude than [mile-high] Denver. We're normally dry in the summers... except for the August 'monsoon' season, although the last few years, we've also been having a lot of thunderstorms in July.
There you have it... everything you never wanted to know!! LOL