Wednesday, August 31, 2016

BB18: Power of Veto Show Blog Party - August 31

Hamster watchers ready? Let's get this show going! 

As the show airs here on the East Coast, I'll be constantly updating this entry. Refresh the page to get the latest news! As always, the real party is in the comments area -- please join in on the fun there as we watch the show together!

Sitting through the recap. (I'll be sitting through the whole show with a sprained ankle.) 

Michelle didn't cry for the nominations. She's so proud of herself. Nicole wants Michelle gone, but seems uncertain which side she'll flow with after this week. James thinks that Paul is Nicole's target. She does nothing to let him know otherwise.

Corey is suggesting that he could bribe the veto winner, but he has no clue what he's going to do with the bribe. 

Have Not announcement time! Slop. seaweed and squid. The first two who fell in the HoH comp -- Corey and Victor -- are the lucky ones.

Veto player picks:
Natalie draws Victor.
Paul draws Houseguest's Choice -- Corey
Michelle draws James  

Michelle is suspicious because Paul picked Corey to play. 

Paul and Victor hang out in the HoH room, sealing the deal with Nicole/Corey. 

HoH Comp has a Christmas theme with live reindeer and all! They're elves who have to count everything in Santa's storerooms. They can stay or fold with their answers. They have to earn three candy canes to win. If they fold, they don't get a candy cane. If they're the furthest off, they're out.

Paul and Corey both fold. Victor out. James and Nicole each get a candy cane.

Corey, Paul and Michelle fold. It's between James and Nicole. James out. Nicole gets her second candy cane.

Corey throws it so Nicole can win ... answers a billion to names on list. Michelle earns a candy cane and Michelle gets her first candy cane. 

Paul folks, Nicole wins her third candy cane and wins the power of veto in the last round! 

Nicole is worried about keeping the best two competitors (Paul and Victor) in the house. 

James is concerned that Corey and Nicole voted out Victor last week and now they're buddy-buddy.  

Michelle has a pity party while Natalie applies make-up. 

Paul tells Nicole that he's okay with being on the block and trusts her. But then he makes a proposal that Natalie goes up in his place. Nicole wonders if he really trusts her or not. 

Veto meeting. She gives them both a chance to talk.
Michelle - Congrats on first veto. Do what you want.
Paul - Putting me on the block, not friendship. Taking me off, friendship

Nicole does not use the veto -- Paul and Michelle remain the nominees.

BB18: Live Feeds into Wednesday - August 31

I'd rather be with the boys

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Manic Depression:
  • Once again, not a heck of a lot going on.
  • These feeds need to liven up!
  • Corey and Victor are the Have Nots this week. They went to bed.
  • Nicole went to bed in the HoH room.
  • That left the bizarre quartet of Paul, Michelle, Natalie and James up most of the night talking.
  • While I don't think Paul is personable at all, he's definitely playing a good game.
  • He has the other three convinced that he has no clue whether he's staying or going.
  • We know that, unless James goes to Nicole and convinces her to vote Paul out somehow, Paul is staying.
  • Nicole's dislike of Michelle will make that scenario very unlikely.
  • But it wouldn't hurt James to try!
  • While I, as a viewer of the feeds, have no problem with Michelle going -- she adds very little entertainment and is no real "superfan" of the show -- ousting her instead of Paul should be the wrong choice for anyone remaining in the house except Victor.
  • The combination of Victor and Paul is dangerous for all of the others.
  • There are none so blind as those who refuse to see.

Convinced all he has no clue he's staying

Snacking in bed

Smiling until her next meltdown

BB18: Live Feeds into Tuesday Night - August 30

Having fun mocking Paul

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Unrequited Love:
  • Same old, same old once again today.
  • Nicole is insecure with her relationship with Corey.
  • She seems to be shallowly basing the whole "love" on his looks. Sure, he's responded with some affection. But he originally went to the veterans in the beginning as a bit of a parasite, thinking they knew the game and he didn't. He didn't go because he fell for Nicole. I don't think he ever fell for her.
  • Then there's Natalie.
  • She's insecure, period. 
  • And, she snaps at James often taking her frustrations out on him.
  • I do think she likes him a lot, but not quite in the way he had hoped.
  • I have a feeling James has many girl friends. Not girlfriends, mind you.
  • He's incredibly patient and caring when someone is upset.
  • But he's supposed to be there to play Big Brother!
  • Oy.
  • Natalie is worried that CBS will portray her as a villain.
  • James told her they wouldn't because she's tied in with him and CBS would never ... FISH CAM.
  • She told him she feels like the whole house has picked on her. He told her that while no one in the house picks on him, he had been picked on all through school. I don't doubt that.
  • The only slightly interesting live feeds today had Victor doing his Nature Watch, analyzing all of the fellow hamsters with a fake British accent.
  • Game talk?
  • Very little of that today. 
  • Or, as Victor put it to Paul, "Literally, no game talk today."
  • Well, there was teensy bit of game talk. Corey and Nicole lamented that James hasn't even tried to approach them because he's too tied up with Natalie.

How many hours can a man sleep?

BB life is definitely easier on the singles

How I feel right now

James consoling Natalie once again

BB Nature Watch with Victor Arroyo

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Tuesday - August 30

Up all night with ... Paul

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Lackadaisical Loons:
  • Well, Nicole has come to the realization that she and Corey just might not be the true love match she's been seeking.
  • So, she cried a lot.
  • Corey told Victor that he doubts he'll pursue the relationship outside of the house.
  • Are you surprised? I'm not.
  • In the James/Natalie lovefest there were also a few bumps in the road.
  • With them, it ended up pretty much as I've said all season -- he's looking to settle down, she not so much. But, the difference between them and Nicole/Corey is that I can see them remaining dear friends for years to come.
  • Natalie told him there are times she needs to be alone and that really has nothing to do with him.
  • I can identify with those feelings!
  • He told her that, if she gets angry at him, just to let him know.
  • They ended up just about where they were before the discussion -- friends and confidants.
  • Oh, and Nicole fell into Corey's arms once again. @@
  • She's just setting herself up for heartbreak. While it's sad, she should have known not to have another showmance and not to expose herself to this once again.
  • When is she going to realize that she doesn't NEED a man that bad? Wait until the right one comes along who cares as much about her as she does about him.
  • Yeah, like I'm one to give love advice. I'm not. But it bugs me to see women who could stand on their own two feet in life so desperately seeking husbands. When they stop looking, a guy will come along for them.
  • And, it's most likely not going to happen on a reality television show!
  • In other couples news, we have the Odd Couple of the overnight hours -- Paul and Michelle.
  • No, no kissyface or anything like that.
  • They just stayed up and talked (amicably) most of the night when the others were in bed.
  • Most of it was boring small talk, with Paul's grandiose ideals thrown in for good measure.
  • I wish guys wouldn't address women they're talking to as "dude."
  • A dude is male.
  • Do they not teach that in school these days?
  • If Paul ever called ME "dude" to my face, I'd just stop and say, "Excuse me? What did you call me? Do I look like a dude?"
  • Sheesh.
  • Maybe I'm just a bit grouchy. I fell last night and I'm full of aches and pains today. 
  • I'll just take it out on Paul! That's the ticket!
  • Back to them -- Nicole thinks Corey is just grumpy because he's on slop.
  • Yeah, probably so.
  • But he's just not that into you! Open your eyes!
  • Corey did try to console Nicole's just about out of control sobbing.
  • She cried because she can't cuddle with him at night (he's a Have-Not) to relieve the stress.
  • Give me a break! 
  • She thinks Michelle will taint the jury against her.
  • While Michelle, James and Natalie get that Victor is always in HoH kissing butt with Nicole and Corey, they continue to do nothing about it. They could approach Nicole and Corey themselves, y'know.
  • James and Company still think Paul is the target.
  • Michelle isn't as certain as the other two. She's ready to go.
  • Paul continued to say he's worried about staying or not in his long late night talk with Michelle.
  • And on it goes.

Up all night with ... Michelle

Relationship later? Maybe.

Relationship later? Nope.

Monday, August 29, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Monday Evening, Veto Meeting - August 29

Eating while bored

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Bored Bums:
  • Due to personal circumstance, this is going to be a bit short and sweet tonight.
  • Well, short anyway.
  • This bunch is far from sweet.
  • The veto meeting made them get themselves up before noon.
  • As expected, Nicole did NOT use the veto -- Paul and Michelle remain on the block.
  • Nothing plan-wise seems to have changed. Nicole really, really wants Michelle out. 
  • As pointed out before -- Victor/Corey will vote to evict Michelle; James/Natalie will vote to evict Paul. Nicole will be the tiebreaker, sending Michelle home.
  • Paul knows Nicole is using him as a pawn.
  • James and Natalie do not know that -- they think that Paul is the target.
  • All have suspicions.
  • Victor is practically living with Nicole and Corey.
  • James and Natalie have noticeably not approached Nicole.
  • That's all for tonight!



Talking about James & Co. not even trying

BB18: Live Feeds into Monday - August 29

"Hayden didn't want to have children ..."

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Misappropriate Mice:
  • Oh gosh, I really feel horrible giving you these same-old same-old reports as of late.
  • But it is same-old -- Paul and Victor continue to mingle with Corey and Nicole while James, Natalie and Michelle often stay totally away from them.
  • Well, except at the table in the kitchen.
  • But no private scheming talks can really take place there.
  • The walls have ears, y'know.
  • Nicole told Corey the long version of why she and Hayden split. He didn't want to get married and have kids. He isn't a close family kind of person. He didn't want to settle down. He had no career goals.
  • It's a wonder Corey doesn't scream and run away.
  • But he'd have to be more animated than he is to do that.
  • He just kept smiling and nodding.
  • Michelle told of a link between red food dye and ADD (something which seems to be prevalent in the last several hamster seasons). Hmm. It seems to me that my generation ate more red food dye than these kids. We didn't have to live on drugs to calm us. I still think the drug manufacturers and other businesses perpetuate these things to a great degree.
  • But that's a different topic.
  • Paul told Natalie he doesn't think any showmance from this season will survive outside of the house.
  • I personally think he's right in view of marriage, etc. I do think Natalie and James will always be dear friends. But I think he's thinking of settling down and she's thinking of dating. (Kind of like the Hayden/Nicole situation.)
  • Natalie defended her relationship with James.
  • Natalie and James commented (to each other) about how much Victor is sucking up to Corey (and thus, Nicole).
  • But they didn't do anything about it.
  • Michelle thinks the game needs a power shift.
  • Well, it had one.
  • But Nicole and Corey think it's more beneficial to lose to Paul and Victor than to have some ground in the finals against some more equally matched to their own game skills.
  • Victor made deep-fried squid. It was almost painful to watch Corey try to eat it.
  • The squid wasn't a hit with anyone.
  • They're all thinking they're coming up on a double eviction this week.
  • Silly hamsters.
  • Paul is suspicious about why James, Natalie or Michelle haven't tried to campaign and whatever they could be talking about.
  • He doesn't know if they're scheming or whether they've just fallen for the idea (wrong one) that he's the target this week.
  • He thinks things will change after the PoV meeting.
  • James did voice a worry that Paul might be saved and he'll be put on the block.
  • He should have worried much earlier and kept in Nicole and Corey's ear.
  • Not that he's going to go on the block, mind you. 
  • Nicole seriously wants to evict Michelle this week.
  • But James and Natalie need to be in Nicole and Corey's heads as much as Paul and Victor or they'll definitely be the next two targets.
  • Of course, if James doesn't give up HoH and wins it, the tides could turn.  

Yikes! Is that bowl big enough?

Natalie is much prettier than this!

These three keep segregating themselves

Looks like he cares, but never cared

Sunday, August 28, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Sunday Evening - August 28

Finding it hard to nap 24/7?

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Misguided Mongrels:
  • All in all, not much has changed since the overnight.
  • James is still napping too much, much of the time with Natalie.
  • He doesn't want Natalie to approach Nicole because he doesn't want Nicole to think he doesn't trust her.
  • He really should be noticing the fact that Paul and Victor are Nicole and Corey's constant companions.
  • I'm pretty sure he's safe this week, as is Natalie.
  • While I doubt Nicole will flip the game and vote out Paul on the tie, it will be Michelle leaving.
  • The huge news of the house today is that someone flew a drone with a blow-up doll on it. There was writing, but no one is really sure what it said.
  • Is it an omen?
  • Are fans trying to tell them something?
  • Does the doll represent Nicole? Natalie? Michelle?
  • Don't ask me!
  • I didn't really see it on the feeds. There they were talking about bears eating people and Leonardo DiCaprio and suddenly we got fish cam, then Jeff loops.
  • Production told them not to talk about it.
  • But, stuck in the house on an indoor lockdown because of it ... how could they resist?
  • But they didn't see the message clearly at all. So, it's a guessing game.
  • In other news, Nicole doesn't think Victor is smart enough to be playing them.
  • She and Corey discussed giving Victor the bribe to vote out Michelle (even though he would anyway) because he drives a car without air conditioning.
  • @@
  • BB did let them back out in the yard again.
  • I still think the noms will remain the same.

I never cared if he loses, never cared

Mingling man

Oh my

BB18: HoH Completion, Nominations Show Blog Party - August 28

Hamster watchers ready?! For those who aren't into the live feeds -- tonight you will find out the juror returner, as well as the new Head of Household! Could it be the same person? Watch and see!

As the show airs here on the East Coast, I'll be constantly updating this entry. Refresh the page to get the latest news! As always, the real party is in the comments area!

Sitting through the recap ... 

Okay, we're picking it up with the ongoing HoH comp. We have to endure all the reasoning for each one to feel he or she has to win. Ah, to a kerfuffle with Paul and Michelle. Natalie lets out that she wants Victor to stay (this was before the comp).

Back at the comp, neither Da'Vonne nor Zakiyah want to stay up. They jump off together. Da'Vonne is apologetic that she wussed out. Corey is out next. It isn't a comp for such a big guy -- they never last long. Bridgette down next.

Paulie almost fell, but saved himself. It's down to those two from the jurors.  

Paulie goes down! Victor will return to the game. Victor goes down next. 

It's down to Paul, Nicole and James. 

Nicole adopts James's squatting technique. It only works for people with short legs.

Oops. Paul is down! James wants this to be his fourth wall comp win. The deals begin. Nicole promises to keep him and Natalie safe, she just wants a letter from her mother. Didn't Natalie pull that same bit and not get Victor to give it to her?

Oh noes! He falls for Nicole's line ... literally. He trusts her in that he and Natalie will remain safe. Stupid James!

Nicole wins HoH. She tells us that she's not sure if she'll honor the deal or not.

Now it comes to Nicole's big dilemma. She knows that Natalie (and, thus James by association) was thinking of voting out Corey last week. Natalie isn't happy that James threw the comp to Nicole. 

Paul and Victor visit Nicole and Corey to plead their case. Paul is sure that either he or Victor will get the upcoming care package and he tries to convince them that he'll use it to help them. They promise loyalty. 

Corey thinks that James betrayed them by sending Paulie and Zakiyah out. Nicole wants Michelle gone. She tells us that either final four pact will survive the week if Michelle goes ... and all of her promises will remain intact. 

America's care package arrival time! It's for Corey! It's the BB Bribe. 

Nicole thinks that he got the package because America didn't want Paul or Victor to get it. He has no clue what he'll do with it. 

James isn't worried although Natalie is. James trusts Nicole. Silly boy. 

Nicole/Corey tells Paul/Victor she wants Michelle out this week. She tells them that she wants to also keep the other side happy. She thinks she wants to put Paul up as a pawn. He's fine with it. Paul comes up with the idea of naming their Final Four the "Final Four." @@ 

Nominations ceremony time. Shocker! Nicole nominates Michelle, then Paul. She says they're both a threat to her game.

BB18: Live Feeds Overnight into Sunday - August 28

No worries this week

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Giving Your Game Away:
  • When I last left you, Nicole (HoH) won the Power of Veto. Her nominees are Paul and Michelle. She's not really inclined to change them. She has promised Paul that when the tie vote comes in, she will break it and vote out Michelle.
  • She has an agenda against Michelle as Michelle and her have been oil and water since the start with Michelle often saying she wants Nicole out.
  • I do think she's pretty set on getting out Michelle.
  • But there is an opportunity for her to flip when it comes to Thursday night.
  • Paul and Victor have worked so hard on Nicole and Corey that they have them convinced that working with them is best for their interests in the game.
  • Well, it might be good for Paul and Victor as the numbers votes will keep them in if one goes on the block (not both).
  • Nicole said something to the effect of wanting to go to the end with the best of the best.
  • Now, the problem with doing that is that the BEST is BETTER than YOU. Thus, by doing that, unless you're best buddies in the world or something, you're most likely giving your own game away for them to win because ... they're BETTER than YOU.
  • Between Victor/Paul and Nicole/Corey at the final four, I can see either Victor or Paul or both making it to the final two. They're too good at comps. They're sneaky. They're playing the game, not having a showmance lovey dovey fest!
  • Paul's plan, according to one of his way too long talks with Nicole/Corey, is that he will act defeated and sad and make amends with Michelle. (All better for a jury vote from her if he succeeds and makes it to that point.)
  • The plan has Victor distancing himself a bit from Paul for show.
  • Paul did have his WAY TOO LONG making amends talk with Michelle. He apologized. He sucked up to her. She acted okay throughout. (I was just disgusted.)
  • Michelle later talked to Natalie who made it clear that Paul's sorry not sorry and just full of it for his own personal gain.
  • James and Natalie need to get some time with Nicole. James is too sure that Paul is the target for me to be comfortable with things!
  • But, most of the time, either Victor or Paul (or both) or her Corey fascination is tying up her time.
  • While Paul had droned on to Michelle, I was aware that Corey and Nicole were having an extended talk. I checked that on flashback.
  • Oh my gosh. I think they deserve each other. Nicole must have talked a half-hour about chubby cheeks.
  • She did make a comment at one point that it would be cool to tell Paul that she knows they decided early on to get rid of the veterans and now the table is turned.
  • But, with him up there against Michelle, I can only think she'll vote Michelle out.
  • Apparently, Michelle did also come close to winning the veto -- another reason besides their bad blood between them to get her out this week.
  • I swear ... they're going to hand over the game to Paul and Victor.
  • I guess I have to wonder who would win out of those two? Both have played good games. One is much more personable than the other and wins more comps. But the other is a super schemer and can win comps when he needs to do so.

I'm Corey. I'm a pretty boy.

Please get your act together, James!

One day your face will freeze like that!

Survived Paul's amends talk

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - August 28, 2016

Good morning! Since it's Sunday morning, it's time for my weekly off television topic reflection on the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken along the way. If you're here for Big Brother news, everything I have for you can be found at this link. I'll be posting another live feeds report later this morning (Paul's ongoing talking has made me crazy and late with the overnight post) and late tonight as well as live-blogging the aired show. But this ain't that. This post is a year-round regular "feature" while Big Brother is a summer obsession. Or, something like that.

While the temperature around here moderated a bit for some of this past week, the heat and humidity just doesn't want to leave.  Not only did we have one of the hottest Julys since the start of record keeping in the 1880s, we're in line for the top five of August heat, too. What's quite noticeable is that the top five for both months have been within the past thirty years. Either we've done that to our planet or it's just growing weary, as am I.

On the health front, the sciatica seems to be lessening. However, my right knee is still wanting to give out while climbing stairs and such. That worries me. There is no pain, just incredible weakness. I'm trying to exercise to build it back up, but the sciatica is interfering. What I don't want is to have to undergo a second knee replacement on the knee. I'm hoping it's just muscle weakness from the sciatica pain rather than the knee failing.

When I got home last night, I saw some people I don't know moving out of my building. This morning, there are all kinds of GOOD abandoned furniture and stuff by the dumpsters. I never understand why people just dump good stuff when moving. Hey, sell it on Craigslist, get a few bucks. Or move it with you! I did snag a huge folding frame doohickey that I want to eventually put my own photo works (blown up) in for display. I saw some nice photo frames, but they just dropped them there and the glass is broken. I didn't want to deal with that. There's a nightstand and bureau in very good shape -- almost new condition. But both pieces are too heavy for me to carry. I'm sure the furniture pieces in good shape will be gone long before the refuse hauler comes along.

I don't have much more for you other than the photos I've taken. Clicking on an image will open a larger version.

Sunflower with bees!

I'll admit I'm allergic to bee stings and my Epipen prescription is way expired. I've been following the controversy regarding the price. Perhaps because I haven't been stung in more than twenty years and the silly epipens expire within a year, I haven't bothered. Yes, I do go near bees. Most bees, like these on the sunflower, are much more interested in doing their work and aren't aggressive. Wasps and hornets are another thing. I'm very leery of them! This sunflower and more sunflower shots after the jump are growing by Bethel Presbyterian Church on the corner of Roosevelt and East 5th Street in Plainfield.

Who you gonna call?

Well, no one on that police phone! When I first started taking photos around town, I shot a lot of these call boxes. Those photos are held captive in an old hard drive which I will delve into some day. Most of them have been stolen by now, perhaps to sell on eBay or for the metal at junkyards. For me, that's a part of history lost. While this one has obviously been vandalized, it still stands at the corner of East 5th and Roosevelt in Plainfield.

Ring of red flowers

I fell into a burning ring of red flowers. Um, no. That doesn't flow very well at all. These are growing in planters in Bridgewater, NJ.

No, YOU are on camera, little sign!

Someone new has taken over Egenton's Auto Repair on the corner of East 5th and Roosevelt. I guess they have video security cameras.


Saturday, August 27, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Saturday Evening, Power of Veto - August 27

Lost in thought? BWAHAHAHA!

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Goodness and Light:
  • Goodness and Light? Hmm. I must have the wrong address.
  • Corey is still stuck on what he'll do with his care package bribe.
  • BB woke 'em all up to make them pick veto players.
  • Nicole drew Victor. Paul got Houseguest's Choice and went for Corey. Michelle drew James. Natalie will host.
  • And, there is no one else for the audience!
  • Victor seems to have turned the social game for both Paul and himself.
  • He's really worked his way into Corey's head and possibly made Nicole forget that James is her friend.
  • They're all worried about a double eviction this week.
  • We know better.
  • The feeds were blocked for the PoV comp.
  • But, of course, they all talked afterwards.
  • When the feeds came back on, some were still in Christmas costumes.
  • It was a stay or fold comp.
  • And, the winner was Nicole!
  • Apparently, there were reindeer there.
  • Real ones.
  • Nicole wants to keep the nominations the same and her nemesis Michelle will go home as she (Nicole) is the tiebreaker.
  • Paul is trying to make her consider other options.
  • She doesn't seem like she'll cave in.
  • She says he's definitely the pawn and will stay.
  • Nicole says that she and Corey will team up with them (Paul/Victor) after Michelle leaves.
  • I know Paul and Victor are using them.
  • You know Paul and Victor are using them.
  • And, when they get the boot and Paul and Victor are the final two, maybe they'll realize they were using them.

Oh, James ... get your act together!


He's not likeable, but he is playing the game.

First PoV win for Nicole, either season.

Is her fate sealed? I think so.

BB18: Live Feeds into Saturday - August 27

Definitely expendable to me

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of James, What Have You Done?:
  • The quick lowdown -- James GAVE Nicole the HoH win, Corey won the care package allowing him to bribe someone with $5,000, Nicole put Michelle and Paul on the block.
  • So, you think that Paul ... the one who has been arguing with Nicole for weeks ... is the target?
  • Nope.
  • Paul and Victor have wormed their way into Corey's head as his new "ride or dies."
  • Thus, Corey stopped being a vacant stare of man and convinced Nicole that James, Natalie and Michelle are not in their best interest for their end games.
  • Now, mind you, I don't care if Michelle goes. She's very expendable to me. I don't think she brings much to the live feeds (and thus my entertainment) other than a faux superfan who cries a lot.
  • But, if someone is IN the game, they shouldn't want to be going with either Paul or Victor to the end game as both have played the game extremely well and stand a chance of winning.
  • ... even though Paul can be so obnoxious.
  • The nominations were set up between Victor/Paul and Nicole/Corey before they happened.
  • Paul is NOT the target -- he's the pawn.
  • If the nominations remain the same after veto, the voting will most likely be a tie unless James or Natalie flip against Michelle.
  • If there is a tie between Michelle and Paul, Nicole will vote out Michelle.
  • The problems come in with the veto.
  • If Michelle wins it and takes herself down, it's quite likely that James will go on the block.
  • If there's a tie vote there, will Nicole stick with James whom she is friends outside of the house? Or will she make the move against Paul, thus alienating her This Season's Showmance with Corey and her new buddy Victor?
  • If Paul wins the veto and saves himself (or someone saves him), James will go up against Michelle and quite likely could be voted out no matter how much Nicole would prefer Michelle to go.
  • I personally fear for James. He just might have ended his game by being the nice guy, trusting Nicole and giving her the HoH win.
  • Where does the $5,000 bribe come in?
  • Oh, Corey will bribe Victor to vote out Michelle. Or, he'll bribe Nicole. D'oh!
  • Maybe not. But they're already making vacation plans. Cancun.
  • James and Natalie think the target is Paul this week.
  • Paul has been distancing himself a bit from Victor, as well as Corey/Nicole.
  • This is all for show, you know.
  • Victor is Corey and Nicole's new third wheel.
  • If things continue on this course, it will be a Paul and Victor final two.
  • And, if that's the case, they'd deserve the win.
  • I can believe Corey being taken in. He's not all that bright in the ways of BB. (Perhaps not is some other ways, as well.)
  • But James and Nicole, as veteran players, should be working together. Any other cast of hamsters and the veterans would have all been out by now.
  • I think both have tossed their chance of winning into the gutter.
  • Of course, if the move is made to vote out Paul this week, that would be a game changer for them.

Victor is their new best friend

Doesn't realize the danger he's in

Ready to bribe "someone"

Needs to step up her game

Friday, August 26, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds - Nominations - August 26

This is just a quickie post tonight --
  • Corey won the care package giving him the ability to bribe another hamster.
  • Nominations are finally in ... Michelle and Paul are on the block.
That's all for now!