Friday, August 05, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Friday - August 5

Forget the bunny hat!

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Two Hang Tough:
  • If you missed the HoH comp update post previous to this one -- the comp went to a rather epic battle between Natalie and Victor.
  • Natalie, much weaker and more battered, finally gave in and Victor became the HoH.
  • They had promised each other safety during the comp.
  • We'll see how that goes.
  • Paulie (who might as well be HoH each week) wants Zakiyah and Michelle on the block. He thinks they should be split up.
  • Meanwhile, Michelle cried to Zakiyah that she thinks she's been set up and will be going home this week.
  • Both Zakiyah and Michelle think that Paul had no idea that Da'Vonne would be voted out.
  • Zakiyah told Michelle that, if she wins veto, she'll pull her (Michelle) down.
  • Let's see how that goes.
  • They both think that Victor will put whoever Paulie wants on the block.
  • They probably have that one right.
  • In other news, Bridgette says she's never felt more hated than right now with Michelle and Zakiyah because she's still in the house.
  • Paul played it off that he was shocked at the Da'Vonne exit when asked about it by Michelle.
  • Michelle is sure Da'Vonne will think she flipped and James voted for her to stay.
  • Nah, that's not it.
  • But, remember, Michelle is Ms. Low Self-Esteem Gal. So, all that goes wrong, will come back to her as her fault.
  • Michelle cried.
  • What a surprise!
  • She went to Nicole for sympathy. "Why didn't you guys tell me you were voting Da'Vonne out? I would have done it! I'm going to go up on the block!"
  • Well, she just might be right with her personal doomsday predictions.
  • She needs to get her act together.
  • Although ... it appears Victor is leaning more towards a Zakiyah exit this week. Paulie is just fine with that.
  • Zakiyah went to Paulie for comforting. He comforted her. He cal lie really easily.
  • Nicole thinks that Zakiyah should have realized Paulie didn't want her (Z) specifically to win when he dropped right after she dropped. All he really cared about is that Z didn't win HoH.
  • Michelle wants James to go home.
  • Not that she has any say in the matter, mind you.
  • James, on the other hand, has no sympathy for Michelle. He thinks she feels entitled and has done little to nothing in the house.
  • So ... as I post this, it looks like Paulie er ... Victor will probably nominate Michelle and Zakiyah for eviction.

Lived through her misery

Basket of goodies

Executive meeting


Petals said...

G'morning Jackie. Hope you are feeling better!
Sorry I missed the party, I needed my sleep. Am just now watching last
night's ep.

WOW! My boyfriend Victor is the Victor! YAY!

Thanks for your updates


Petals said...


Did you see what my boyfriend was drinking? STELLAAAAAAA


Cheryl in NC said...

Good morning Petals! We missed ya last night! Hope your feeling better! Pool parties are not the same without your colorful commentary!

Jackie thanks again for the updates..I don't know how you do it all summer long. Your hard work and time spent entertaining us with your humurous take on the events in the house is very much appreciated!

chrob61 said...

Thanks for the updates Jackie!

Although I am not a big fan of Paulie, I wouldn't mind this week if he is like a bug in Victor's ear. I am fine with both Meesh and Z going up on the block! I hope Natalie remains safe. Her girly voice is starting to get on my last nerve!

Yeah!!! Double Eviction week- always exciting to watch.

Chacha said...

Z and Meech up for nomination is music to my ears.

I don't like either of them.

I don't care which one goes home.

I do hope though that Victor leaves Bridgette off the block completely this week. She needs a break.

For DE I hope James wins and puts up Paulie and Paul. That would be fun but I have a feeling it would be Nicole.

I am ready for next Thursday.

To clarify on the RoundTrip. Julie said the next four Thursdays? So that means 5 chances wit the Double correct?

Anonymous said...

Michelle reminds me of that girl that used to cry constantly about 8-10 years ago. Amber or we used to call her Wamber.


Chacha said...

Anon 11:03-

Yes she does remind me of Amber, Season 8. Only difference is IMO is that Michelle is educated where Amber was not.

I am not knocking anyone without a college degree, I myself don't have one.
Amber had no self confidence at all. Its funny, I have never heard any info about her since season 8. She doesn't do appearances or anything that I am aware of.

Petals said...

Grrr! I just watched the HoH comp...

Every few minutes, Paul screams "Friendship!"

He is on my last nerve.

Petals said...

Whamber had a daughter, didn't she? She was a young, single mom?

Anonymous said...

Chacha, I think Amber made some remarks in her season that got her in hot water. I would think CBS doesn't ask her to make appearances.
True, no self-confidence with Amber. Kind of sad, really.


Chacha said...


Yes She was the Female Devin..... I have a daughter.....
She worked at a casino or was a cocktail waitress from what I remember.
She has some form of addiction previous to the show that she would slightly discuss.

CBS never asked her to do appearances, but back then the only CBS appearance previous houseguests did was come back the following season. Not like now when they go on other shows. I think BB 11 season was the first season for that.

Sharon N said...

Ha! When I saw Jackie's lead picture of Victor, the first thing that came to mind...
The Emperor Has New Clothes! LOL

Anonymous said...

I am also hoping for Z or M to go up on the block. And I hope M goes home.They have brought nothing to the game.

Zoe in California

monty924 said...

I'm fine with his choice of noms and don't really care which one goes. Z will always be in Paulie's back pocket but Michelle is out for James so either one can go.

OMG, Whamber. What a memory.

Sharon N said...

James won the Care Package today!
He can prevent 2 HGs of his choice from voting in next week's eviction.

David said...

The only thing I really like about this care package thing is the jerks in there that think they are the greatest thing since sliced bread and America must love them are shown they are not. lol I hope Bridgette wins next weeks safety package if she survives the DE. I can't think of anyone else in there I would want to have safety for a week.

monty924 said...

Found my avi... bwahaha

It will be interesting for the next three packages and could hurt James next week. Next week's will be immunity and neither he nor Natalie can win it. I don't think Paulie or Paul stand a chance at any of the last three though. They are lower than Jozea in the HG rankings.

monty924 said...

Michelle is crying. I knew she'd handle it with tears. All the girls, including Z who is also nominated, are consoling her. PP are in there too.


Sharon N said...

Michelle questions why Victor wouldn't put up physical threats like Paulie.
Yes, he should. But what she doesn't realize is Paulie has Victor snowed into believing he's "one of the boys"... even with Victor knowing Paulie was responsible for evicting him.

Michelle does have a point... Victor should be wanting to get even and have someone he can beat at the end... which is why Paulie has now changed his mind and wants Michelle out instead of "Z."

Victor is a brainless wonder... just wants to be one of the guys. @@
If Paulie gets his way on DE, Victor's rather dim light will finally turn on.

Sharon N said...


Waaaay off topic, but did you see Nadal carrying the Olympic flag for Spain?