Friday, August 19, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Friday, HoH Winner - August 19

WHO won HoH? Really?

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Goopy Gaddabouts:
  • I'm glad I didn't stay up waiting for action. The feeds were blocked for more than they were shown since the live show ended.
  • While the feeds were indeed blocked a long time, they were active after the show ended.
  • Not much of any real importance happened.
  • Natalie was upset that someone (Paulie, maybe?) called her a "princess" when she's had to work hard for everything in life coming from a family with little money. (Definitely Paulie as revealed when she mentioned it again post-comp.)
  • Paul went on about how that envelope called his name.
  • @@ (Although I did find it fitting that he had the right one since he was the first to figure out the clues.)
  • James and Natalie talked about not really trusting Paul.
  • They do trust Victor, though. Hmm ... they probably made a good call there. Victor is a bit malleable; he'd more than likely be able to listen to them than Paul would be. They think Paul is bringing down Victor's game.
  • Then the feeds were down ... like FIVE hours!  
  • But they did finally return and I was able to catch up.
  • Oh my.
  • NATALIE won HoH!
  • And it was even a tough comp!
  • It was a goopy search for stuff -- in the dark most likely comp.
  • Paul claims he didn't give 100% because he didn't want that stuff in his beard. 
  • Victor went on and on to Natalie about how great she must feel winning a comp on her own. He said it wouldn't have been the same feeling if he "gave" her the comp in which they were vying for the win.
  • So far the HoH room reveal hasn't happened, nor the announcement of the co-HoH from America's Care Package.
  • Natalie told James that she made a promise to Nicole that she and Corey would be safe or, at least, both won't be put up together. Hmm. It really doesn't leave a lot of possibilities. Paul? (Probably.) Michelle? Hmm. Corey, not Nicole? Hmm.
  • It's kind of unclear who she will nominate.
  • We'll see!
  • Victor is freaking out about the goopy mess in the shower and has started cleaning.
Goopy stuff

There she is ... Ms. HoH!

He would have hated the goop


David said...

Congrats to Natalie. =)

The voting for the America's Care Package is still open until 1 pm Eastern, 10 am Pacific so get those votes in. I threw all mine at Michelle.

Anonymouse said...

Give them to Corey bet paul wins it though

Petals said...

Whooo! This means James is safe one more week. I hope Victor &
Michelle are safe, too.

All my ACP votes went to my boyfriend, Victor! Can't wait to see if
he gets the package.

Can't get too excited, because of Paulie coming back (possibly, probably!).

How can Conspiracy Theorists NOT be all over this latest "twist"?

Sharon S said...

Maybe they'll bring one back after HOH, but before nominations. Then they can get Paulie out two weeks in a row!

Sharon S said...

Maybe they'll bring one back after HOH, but before nominations. Then they can get Paulie out two weeks in a row!

Ed in Ohio said...

Gave 20 more to Big Meech! Congrats to 'Little Nat' HOH!

Maybe 'girl' power for a change?!

Becky said...

I voted. I gave most of my votes to Michelle, some to Victor. I think that would be wiser. Just in case Paulie, the worm, wiggles back into the house Victor is strong enough to take the HOH. If Paulie comes back this week Michelle and Natalie will send him right back to the jury house.

If the come back comp has to do with strength Paulie will win it.


Chacha said...

No one from Jury will be back until after the eviction on Thursday.
It will be between the first five jurors if I heard correctly.

I threw all my votes to Michelle this morning. I would not mind either Michelle or Victor winning this care package as I have been throwing all my votes to them.

I still like paul but it now seems the way he was acting last night before HOH comp that Natalie and James caught on to him.

I have to say again Natalie is very perceptive.

Natalie needs to have a serious chat with Michelle.

If Victor, Michelle or Paul get CO HOH it will be one of Nicole/Corey.

I see no way that Victor ever puts up Paul.

Jean said...

Chacha, how was Paul acting before last night's HOH comp?

~~Silk said...

Julie said one of the first five jurors would return. Paulie is number four, so nobody will be returning this week. Do the hamsters know this? If so, it would be to their advantage to eliminate someone this week who has a chance to beat Paulie, like Victor.

Chacha said...


He was sketchy. He was running between Nat/James, Nicole/Corey and then Victor and michelle.

He was pushing very hard to stay the course.

Apparently Paulie told everyone some strange info

Chacha said...


Julie did not tell the houseguests nor the jurors there will be a chance for them to get back in the game.

She said she would tell them next week.

Judi Sweeney said...

Julie said the 5 jury members will fight to get back in. There are presently only 4 with Paulie in the jury house... So the fight to get back in won't take place until after the next eviction.... That's how I heard it.

Judi Sweeney said...

They don't know Silk

Judi Sweeney said...

As of right now it sounds like Natalie and James want Paul out as another big move. They are talking about putting Paul and Victor up... Telling Victor that Paul is their target. They feel Paul has a three going with Victor and Meech; a three going with Corey and Nicole AND a 3 going with them.... This should be very interesting!

Sharon N said...

YAY for Natalie!! I've been splitting my votes between Meech and Victor, and got Fridays votes in late last night. Now I kind of wish they had all gone to Meech. Hindsight is a wonderful thing...

Meech and Nat would have the nerve to put up Paul, but I think Victor will fight his bestie going OTB....unless he thinks Paul isn't the target. If he's tricked though, he'll want to target Natalie next.

Judi Sweeney said...

Well, hopefully they don't tell Victor that Paul is the target.... This is going to be interesting to see who gets the ACP!!

Anonymous said...

James is not totally safe, is he, since the co-HOH could nominate him or if the co-HOH's nominee gets POV and James could be the replacement?

Chacha said...

no james isn't 100% safe. but if Nicole and Corey somehow are off the block then they will vote to evict the other person

tbc said...

I feel bad for Natalie though. Here she is thinking that she has control for the most part (apart from POV) this week, and then bam! you'll have to co-HoH with someone....

I didn't think about the other person putting up James. I was thinking that they would have to work with one another to make the decisions.

Becky said...

They would be smart to get rid of Victor. Nominate both Paul and Victor and tell Victor that he is not the target. Judi, I think if they know they have the votes to keep Victor that it would be the way to go. Or put up Corey and Paul. That would take away Nicole's vote. I wish they knew they had the votes to back door Paul. He is too strong. Let Paul think that he is not the target. Then if Corey or Nichole win POV they could talk to Victor and tell him that Paul is going one way or the other. I hope what I have written makes sense. I have been up and at 'em since shortly after 8. I am an old lady and not used to hard labor any more! We emptied everything but the table holding my computer and TV. My keyboard is on a tray in my lap!

Becky said...

I meant get rid of Paul. I wouldn't give any hint to Paul or Victor until the last minute and only if necessary. Break is over. See you tonight.

Judi Sweeney said...

I think they want to put Victor up with Paul so in case Victor wins POV, he will pull himself down rather than Paul....

Judi Sweeney said...

I agree Becky

Judi Sweeney said...

The other person can put up anyone other than Natalie. Going to be wild!

Chacha said...

I have a feeling it will be Victor or Michelle who win the care package.

Natalie will be able to tell either of them what is going on with Paul.

I personally don't want Nat/james to team up with Nicole/Corey. That doesn't help their game at all.

I like the way Paul has acted the last week and a half but I think whatever Paulie said has gotten to them and Natalie snuffed out Pauls game

Chacha said...


Sharon N said...

This will be interesting.
Natalie wants to put up Victor/Paul with Paul the target.
But Michelle has aligned herself with Victor/Paul and doesn't want Victor OTB.

Natalie is a smarter player than Michelle, so I hope she can convince Michelle on Vic/Paul.
The only way those girls will have a chance at ANY $$$ is to unload the stronger players and Paul will shaft Victor if he has to... when it comes right down to winning the $$.

Sharon N said...

I'm still laughing over Jackie's picture of Paul. PERFECT!!
Imagine that's exactly how he feels right now. LMAO

David said...

LMAO, good for her. Looks like girl power all the way this week. Good news to wake up to. Wonder how Paul and Victor are taking this news that Michelle is more liked by fans than they are.

The hamster that wins the buy-back next week has zero chance of winning the care package. Since we can't even vote for any of them they are SOL.

Next weeks package is tough for me to pick one of those left. They should just open the voting to include the jury members in case one comes back. Since the winner actually has to give away the $5k, I want to give it to someone I don't like, but only if their buddy is evicted so they have to give it to someone they don't like. Such as giving it to Cory as long as Nichole is evicted this week.

Well, we will have to see who is nominated and how the veto goes to make an informed decision. Remember the person getting the package doesn't get the money, they have to give it away.

Sharon N said...

David, the best part of next weeks 'give-away' is that they are convinced that each week's ACP will be an even better perk than the week before. SHOCKER! LMAO

Becky said...

Chacha, that is terrific news! How did Paul and Victor take the news?

Becky said...

What time is the show tonight? I am on CST.

Sharon N said...

I'm MT and checked my tv and it will be on (for me) at 7:00pm.
But I've read 8:00pm in other areas, so you best check your schedule.

Chacha said...

Vic and Paul just want nat and michelle to stay the course.

Nat pretty much flipped michelle. They will nominate both Paul and Vic but let Vic know he is not the target.

As far as Care package goes. voting for that is pushed off a week. THere will be no package next friday.

Voting will begin again on 8/25, if you go to website you will see it.

T-Town Chick said...

This has been an unthrilling summer, to say the least. Thanks again Jackie for hanging in there for all of us. I couldn't do it. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

David said...

Thanks ChaCha. I had not noticed that. Does anyone know if they changed the date for the last care package after no one used the RTT or was it always that way meaning production had planned on skipping this week.

Nickelpeed said...

So glad to hear Natalie won. How terrible that Victor said he was proud of her winning on her own. These guys are as sexist as they come. And, glad Michelle got the package.

Judi Sweeney said...

Thanks for the care package info Chacha! Vic and Paul are nervous! It will be interesting to see if Vic goes against the girls wishes and tells Paul of their plan!

Judi Sweeney said...

Yes they are Nickelpeed! LOL....