Saturday, August 06, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Friday Night, Nominations - August 5

Life in the BB house

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Whirling Dervishes:
  • They slept way in this morning.
  • I'm talking around 2pm their time until they were up and about.
  • When I came home from work and looked in on the live feeds for the excitement, I found none.
  • Then I followed their example.
  • I took a nap.
  • I only planned to take an hour. I woke up almost five hours later. Oy!
  • As a result, I had to look back on flashback and catch the action and now my report is just about as timely as the BB hamsters getting up in the morning.
  • My apologies.
  • Ohh! Ohh! James got the care package! He can take out two votes in next week's (first, I assume) eviction.
  • He also got socks and cookies.
  • Zakiyah, not knowing she'd be later put on the block, "knew" James would get it.
  • I personally wish the fans had held off and gave him the immunity package. 
  • But that's just me.
  • Nicole told Corey that she thinks Natalie and James are America's favorites.
  • Well, in this mess of hamsters, I'm having trouble picking a favorite. I'd probably have to go with James. He generally means well and doesn't cuss every other word.
  • King Paulie thinks that if they want to get Bridgette out, they would need Natalie or Nicole to do it so they wouldn't look bad.
  • Paulie also thinks they should hand HoH to one of the girls to get Victor out.
  • @@
  • I think someone needs to win HoH and knock Paulie down a peg or two.
  • So, you know that Bridgette won't be going on the block this week!
  • Actually, as predicted ... Victor did Paulie's will -- Zakiyah and Michelle are on the block.
  • Tears and more tears.
  • Fine with me. Either can go.
  • I just wish someone would be able to break up Paul/Paulie. With them ruling every HoH directly or indirectly, it's going to be a boring August.

She can smile ... for now

Nice that he won HoH again

Before the nominations

After the nominations

If memory serves, first red HoH robe


Sharon N said...

The Red robe is a nice change. Isn't it usually white or gray?
I figure they couldn't make Victor wear that gray HOH robe... not after Paul wore it almost constantly for a week!!

Can't remember when, but didnt the HGs mention Paul doesn't shower very often?
Don't want to ponder that loud mouth and the body odor any more....

Carol Calvin said...

Nothing wrong with a little (or big) nap - you must have needed some rest; but I must admit I kept checking your site to find out what was going on!
Thanks again for the updates Jackie - you are the best.

tbc said...

This cold must have you knocked out! Feel better.

Eww. The thought of Paul not showering much and food stuff gathering on his beard!!


Petals said...

And Victor looks so good in red. *sigh*

Thanks, Ms J. Hope you're feeling better.

Nickelpeed said...

With the crew getting smaller and smaller, I really do not want Paulie getting one of the care packages.

Don't understand the women. They could have targeted the men, but noooo, they target each other and make the boots much easier. So dumb.

Thank you for doing this, Jackie. I know you don't feel good. You needed the sleep. Feel good soon.

Anonymous said...

Women have a hard time not smacktalking wach other. Every year they say they're gonna stick together but seem to always backstab. SMH! Maybe next time there will be a real girls alliance!

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