Friday, August 12, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Friday, Second HoH - August 12

Yes, you are cringeworthy, Paulie

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Broken Dreams:
  • The live feeds came back immediately after the show ended on the East Coast, but the HoH comp was yet to come.
  • Ohh, there's dirty laundry all over the place.
  • And I'm not talking the kind that Tide detergent can handle!
  • Paulie is threatening that his brother and Derrick will tear apart Bridgette.
  • Say what?
  • He quickly adjusted his statement to "on social media." But the damage is done. I haven't been following Cody and Derrick, but I would hope they have more common sense than Paulie.
  • He also said his sister would beat up Michelle and Bridgette.
  • I say, "Please move out of New Jersey, Paulie. You're making the state in which I live look like it's back in the dark ages."
  • Michelle and Nicole talked. Nicole is still a bit in shock about being called a snake twice on national television.
  • She can't fathom why Michelle said it.
  • Every instance of sneakiness that Michelle mentioned, Nicole rebutted it was strategy.
  • That whole talk went pretty much nowhere in the end.
  • But they didn't kill each other.
  • Hmm. I wonder if BB has a biohazard team standing by after brouhahas?
  • While Nicole is in shock about being called a snake, Michelle is in shock that she's still in the house, not Bridgette.
  • Natalie told her it's because Bridgette is a feminist.
  • Um. I don't think that's quite why. I think it's because Bridgette can win comps, Michelle pretty much sucks at them. Bridgette can turn on a social and manipulation game, Michelle breaks down and cries.
  • Don't worry, Michelle. You're on the short list to go.
  • Corey didn't waste any time going for food. Being a Have Not is not his thing.
  • Paulie told Paul that he has a personal vendetta against James, but will stick with the Executives.
  • James has been quite quiet throughout. This isn't the outcome he wanted.
  • Before the second HoH comp, Paulie said he would put Natalie and James on the block if he wins. Victor said he's nominate Michelle and Natalie.
  • Corey would like America to know the girls were wrong and Paulie was in the right.
  • Jackie would like Corey to know he's absolutely wrong. Just go back to looking vacant and smiling a lot.
  • Corey says Paulie cares a lot and means well.
  • I say, "Go get a room. We know what we see."
  • Natalie and Paulie had a bit of a dust-up. But no fisticuffs.
  • James claims his vote cancellations weren't to get at Paulie. He thought that Zakiyah needed to go and that was the best opportunity.
  • Paulie bragged about having sex with Zakiyah five or six times in the house.
  • I bet that makes his mother proud of him, huh?
  • The feeds were blocked for the second HoH comp.
  • When they came back ... Victor is wearing the HoH key. He's the HoH now. Oh noes! I suppose it could be worse. It could have been Paulie. Before the comp, Paul and Victor were talking about backdooring Paulie. If only ...! That would be epic! Legendary!
  • The immediate talk about target has Michelle going home, no surprise there.
  • Paul tried to tell Paulie that getting Zakiyah out was needed because she was using him and taking him off game.
  • Paulie and Corey are confident that Victor won't target them.
  • It's like a house of testosterone and chest thumping.
  • @@
  • Paulie, sure that they'll be targeting the girls, says he's not forgetting that James flipped the house on him.
  • But ... stop the presses!
  • PAUL is trying to convince Victor they need to target Paulie and Corey! Woot! Woot!
  • Victor, rightfully I might add, is worried that if he does that, Paulie will win veto.
  • Perhaps Paulie has his little grudge against James now. But Victor has a bigger grudge against Paulie. He knows Paulie was responsible for backdooring him. 
  • Paul tells him he'll handle all of the social aspect of it because Victor's social game isn't as strong.
  • And, amazingly so, Paul went to work.
  • Heck, he even made Paulie feel that he was totally on his side.
  • Paul told James that Paulie is trying to run Victor's HoH again, but he won't let that happen.
  • Instead, Paul will run Victor's HoH for him.
  • But, the big difference is ... I think Victor agrees with Paul's choices. Paulie's targets were always good just for Paulie's game.
  • They managed to get Natalie, James, Michelle in with them. So, there's four votes against Paulie, Nicole and Corey, two of whom can't vote. Even if one of them wins veto, the other will go home and they have the choice of putting up Nicole up and the remaining dude would go home.
  • Meanwhile, Paulie is still badmouthing Natalie, Bridgette and James. Hopefully, to no avail.
  • Nicole went to Victor, saying that she thinks she's good with him and he won't put her on the block, But she just wants to let him know that he's not a target of hers.
  • Of course, Corey and Paulie just assume that Victor won't put them on the block.
  • You know what happens when you assume.
  • I just hope this all comes together.
  • It's time to play the game and I'm not talking obnoxious Paulie's game!

C'mon, James! Kick it in gear!

The man with the key.

Michelle lived through it all. For now.

Who wants to see my HoH Basket?

I'm not a snake. Right, Corey?

Ho ho ho, it's time for you or Paulie to go


Cheryl in NC said...

I will have a new respect for ole Vic if he puts up Polly and Corey

Cheryl in NC said...
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chrob61 said...

Dang it all!! All those care package votes for Bridgette are down the drain- everyone- get in and vote for Michelle this week.

I am no fan of hers, but of who is left for us to vote for, she's the only one worth saving to make this a good game.

I wish CBS would just cancel that care package after this week, or change the rules (wishful thinking) so that we can vote for the same HG twice!!

Can you just picture Paulie winning a care package???

Anonymous said...

When I went to vote for the care package it wanted so much info I didn't do it! I don't remember them asking for so much when voting for favorite in previous years. I thought for sure if Michelle had been voted out she would have had the return pass. Now I think it's either Polly or Victor. We shall see!

Dolores in Hollywood

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should "waste" our votes on Victor this week, allowing us to vote Michelle next week for co-hoh.

Ed in Ohio said...

I gave Meech 20 votes this morning....hope it helps!

If she wins ACP it will probably bring her to tears!

tbc said...

I sure hope Pauie doesn't get this care package. Or any of the care packages for that matter!!

Chacha said...

I split my votes for Michelle and Paul.

The only vote I will givie N/C/P would be the BB Bribe. Hopefully only one of them would be there then.

If I voted the Bribe for Paul I know it would be to Michelle or Victor.

Chacha said...

like I said I split my votes. I would rather them wasted then thrown to Pauli, Nicole or Corey

David said...

We will have to see who is left in the house when the BB bribe comes up. They HAVE to give it to another player. Most likely 2 but maybe 3 more hamsters will be evicted when the care package is delivered. If Cory and Nichole are gone, or (hopefully) Cory and Paulie, the remaining player has to give the money to one of the remaining players who boned them. lol Nichole, Paulie, or Cory being forced to give the money to someone else could be funny if they are the remaining player.

Sharon N said...

Late last night, I voted for Michelle, but must have been late enough that it counted for today's allotment because I couldn't vote again this morning. Oh well, hopefully Michelle will get the ACP.

Anonymous said...

I didn't watch BB last night. I don't like any of these people at all. Paulie being the worse. But I also don't care for Natalie nor Michelle. I don't want any of these people to win. Can CBS just forfeit and give the money to charity? ;)

Zoe in California

Sharon N said...

well crap... NICOLE received ACP.

Becky said...

Well stated, Sharon. CRAP!

chrob61 said...


Clover said...

I wonder how any of these people could be so naive not to know that Paulie (together with Paul don't forget) was calling the shots! Baffles me. Paul is the most untrustworthy; he'd stab anyone in the back. Michele replaced Tiffany as the biggest whiner possibly in BB history. Bridgette and Natalie are suddenly liberated women when their actions all season have shown us something quite different. I was rooting for James until he broke his promise to Frank. Victor is starting to look good to me...he's great at comps...not causing waves or making promises he can't keep. He's goofey but that's ok.

chrob61 said...

I'm starting to like Victor also, Clover-

I hope that he follows thru and nominates Corey and Paulie this week, but that may be asking for too much.

Sharon N said...

I think it's quite possible that the voters are voting for the "old" Nicole and don't realize she's nothing like she was that last time.

geez, I hope neither Paulie nor Codey (whichever is left after this week) will get an ACP.
Paul is ok... for now. At least he (and his duck) are playing the game and willing to push people into doing SOMETHING.

Ed in Ohio said...

I wonder if Bridgette had the most votes for ACP and Nicole had the second most votes winning by default.

Nicole winning is all the more reason to put up Polly & Corey. If one wins veto evict the other. Victor would have to break a tie.

Sadly the RTT would still be in play.

Anonymous said...

Reading what Jackie wrote, I wonder if outside of the house Paulie has always gotten his way. He has a huge ego and saying that his sister and brother or whomever will beat people up for him is just pathetic. Is he going to send his parents to beat up Bridgette's parents? Poor Cody. He was quiet and boring in his season. I appreciate him now.

Zoe in California

Sharon N said...

^^ ditto ^^ Zoe.
My impression is that Polly behavior indicates he's the 'favorite son'.... the one who hasn't heard "no" very often in his obviously spoiled (and maybe even uncontrolled) life.

Cody has an ego too, but he was much quieter and I don't recall him being obnoxious (like Polly). Who knows, maybe his better behavior was because of Derrick's influence, but Cody had a much more loyal/generous spirit, and other than his odd/weird relationship with Christine, he didn't end up leaving a bad taste in my mouth.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why everyone is against Nicole. What has she done that is so terrible? Paulie is the worst, Victor is pretty bad being so full of themselves. And Michelle is just ridiculous with the crying and pouting.

Sharon N said...

Michelle's tears are planned. She never sheds a real tear.
After being evicted and earning his way back in the house, Victor isn't a bad guy. He learned his lesson, but he's not particularly bright... easily led.

Paulie is.... awful.
Corey is a good looking idiot. That's all there is to the guy. His looks.

Nicole isn't a good player, and wasn't last time either. At least she was rather likable, cute and a little innocent last time, and the relationship she developed with Hayden wasn't so 'in your face.'

Maybe I'm just disappointed in her, but it's hard to cheer for someone who whines incessantly, and is so wrapped up in Corey she doesn't even want to interact with anyone else in the house. The silly junior high level jealousies she's displayed over Corey isn't attractive either. Nothing wrong with trying to get to the F2 or F3 and she probably thinks Corey will get her there. Stupid/silly girl.

Miss Margaret said...

Anonymous, I really liked Nicole before, but she has become a whiney, clinging, snitch. She has no game other than tattling on other people and not being able to handle herself when she (inevitably) gets caught. She has shown no loyalty to anyone other than Corey.

I didn't like Victor's interrogation methods on Nicole last night. He still seems like a bully to me. He was also giving away way too much of his thought process to her. It was clear that he was thinking of seeking revenge on Corey and Paulie.

Michelle's crying is SOOOO fake. It's much worse than Tiffany's or her sister's.

monty924 said...

Jeffish... noms coming up

Sharon N said...

Wouldn't we love to be a bug on the curtains for these Noms!! LOL

~~Silk said...

Folks, please don't assume that no tears means fake crying. I don't make tears when I cry. All the action is in my throat and chest. Oddly, when I watch very happy things like weddings, or commercials with kids and puppies, tears will roll down my cheeks --- but not when I cry. A lot of people don't always shed tears. (In my case, it's probably because as a child, we were punished for tears.) When my late husband died, people said I was "taking it very well", because no one saw any tears. Little did they know. Please don't assume.

Miss Margaret said...


It's not the lack of tears from Michelle, it's the loud boo-hooing that sounds so faked and forced. It's not the sound of someone sobbing; it's the sound of someone acting.

monty924 said...

That's what it is for me too, Miss Margaret. If it's real, it the most dramatic crying I've ever seen.

Sharon N said...

Silk, I have actually heard of the 'no tears' condition. I'm sorry people were so insensitive, especially at such a painful time in your life. Over the years, I've learned that people often don't know what to say to the bereaved, and are mostly ignorant that remarks that 'sound' innocent might be hurtful rather than helpful.

In Michelle's case, however, I don't believe this is the same kind thing because she manages to readily turn her tears on/off... much like my kids would do when they were trying to manipulate me (or their siblings). :)

~~Silk said...

I have no problem with people considering it fake based on other factors, like it's only when it's convenient, it's dramatic, it's turned on and off, especially when there are multiple factors. But the "no tears" bit has bothered me for several seasons, and I finally felt I had defend those of us "dry weepers". There are a lot of us.

monty924 said...

Polly's OTB

Sharon N said...

Lots of Polly activity... working himself heated up pretty good! Victor, Paul and Michelle not allowing themselves to be browbeaten and it's driving Polly crazy. LMAO