Monday, August 01, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Monday - August 1

Oh, Paulie. Your hair looks so stupid.

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Dizzy Dames and Dudes:
  • Paul and Paulie want to get closer to Michelle and Nicole to get intel about each other from them.
  • Paul and Paulie have decided they need to be the final two and only totally trust each other.
  • They feel the only other two in the house they can trust to any extent are James and Corey (if not for his Nicole connection).
  • I notice they didn't bring up James's Natalie connection. They obviously don't think of her as a threat.
  • I also notice that they don't have Victor in the mix there.
  • They feel he might blow things up for them.
  • Paul thinks that Zakiyah is suspicious. 
  • He's also worried that Da'Vonne just might run around telling tales once she goes up on the block. 
  • What Paul might better worry about is the fact that most of the fans mock him and he'll be a good candidate for the Witless Protection Program after the season ends. 
  • Paulie has his own suspicions about James. He thinks that James is throwing comps and playing a Derrick game -- winning only when he has to.
  • Michelle told Zakiyah that Paulie is "becoming Frank."
  • Hey, he was becoming Frank since the beginning of the season, I say!
  • Zakiyah and Michelle are worried that Bridgette will stay and win HoH, them go after the girls.
  • Y'think?
  • For a change, Nicole was a bit close-mouthed when Zakiyah and Michelle asked her if she'd vote out Bridgette. She gave a noncommittal "if that's what the house wants" answer.
  • Then Nicole ran to Paul to report that Michelle told her they need to keep Da'Vonne in because Bridgette would put Zakiyah and her (Michelle) on the block.
  • She told him that she played dumb like anyone could be going up on the block and they needed to stop acting sketchy.
  • Lots of small talk went on. Michelle thinks they're all so smart because they all have college degrees. That doesn't say much for the state of college education these days, does it?
  • Paul continues the guise of asking for replacement nominees. Michelle said that she would go up if she had to.
  • She's thinking Bridgette is still the target.
  • Paul obviously wants Da'Vonne to volunteer to go up, thus getting less "blood on his hands" when she goes out the door. After all, she volunteered and he didn't have a vote! Good luck with that, Beard Boy.
  • Da'Vonne?
  • Where is Da'Vonne?
  • She wasn't around much at all with anyone in the late night hours.
  • She probably thinks not being around people is the only way to control her mouth.
  • It should be interesting after the PoV meeting today ...

What? No HoH robe? Put out a BOLO!

Bridgette and Michelle talk

Looking different with her hair up

Crammed into a car

Smiling at sex talk


Nick said...

In an ideal world, the girls would not only recognize that the guys are working together, but also actually attempt to do something about it! Z, Michelle, Natalie and Nicole would all vote together to keep Day (after obviously having a discussion with her about what the plan is and not to screw them over because they all have to be unified going forward). Then they would also reel in James, who shouldn't have any issue going against Paul/Paulie. Nicole could talk with Corey and explain the plan and why this would be best for them. Bridgette would get evicted on Thursday (most of the girls either don't like her or suspect/see she is starting to work with the guys). Then it would be everyone vs Paul/Paulie/Victor. Alas, we all know this will not happen. Nobody can trust Day at this point (sadly), Z and Nicole are too busy planning their weddings to make game moves, and James is playing the dreaded floater role a bit too much to go for something like this. Sigh.

Sharon N said...

^^^ WORD ^^^

Chacha said...

This will not happen as the muscle really is P/P/V.
James isn't going to sacrifice his game for Davonne. He wont even sacrifice it for Natalie.

The girls do realize that the guys are working together but wont do anything about it.

Nicole this year is starting to play Christine(s16) game and play for the boys.

This group is horrible.

I have decided that I really only like seasons where it is all new people. As much as I hated the racist crap of 15 they were all new and played the game.
Season 16 was all new people and I hated the BOB but they were all new.
Season 17 made me go crazy with Vanessa but it still was better than this season than this.
I can keep going backwards. I don't think I have truly loved the game of BB since 8 and then 10. I hated the winter season of 9.

Chacha said...

Last night Michelle was talking what a true superfan is.

My opinion is that a true superfan is someone who has watched at least five seasons on BB.
Not only watched the edited television version but also the feeds and reads up on BB with many different websites, apps, twitter and bloggers.

What do yall consider a true superfan.

I have watched the feeds since season 7, when they were on superpass. My husband had ordered them and didn't tell me for about two weeks. I was so pissed that he knew info I didn't.

I have read Jackies for years probably as far back as season 8 when I found it. I only found this site while looking for info during a hurricane and missed episodes.

Jokers since season 13 I think.

Nick said...

I would probably say Season 12 (Rachel's first season) was the last really good season of Big Brother for me. Season 14 was also pretty good, and I would probably even say really good if Dan had won.

I used to be so against watching the feeds or reading updates...I wanted to go into the CBS episodes not knowing who won POV or if there was a backdoor plan in the works. I've only watched the feeds for the past few seasons (and actually only started watching them after I watched feeds for a season of Big Brother Canada because they are free) but I've seen every season of Big Brother (most of them multiple times!). You really just can't expect to fully grasp what is going on inside the house and how the houseguests are playing/interacting unless you watch the feeds or at least read blogs like Jackie's and follow updates on Joker's. And even though you know what's going to happen, the CBS episodes aren't ruined, especially since the comps aren't shown on the feeds.

I will say it is no easy feat being an East Coast feedster with a full time job and attempting to keep up. Sometimes I am arriving to work and the hamsters still haven't gone to sleep yet! So I do feel like I miss a lot of important conversations, which is why I appreciate this blog so much. I always begin my work day by getting Jackie's overnight update :)

Sharon N said...

Instead of bringing in a bunch of bathing beauties and muscle-bound hunks... none of which have much else going for them... I wish BB would bring in people with REAL personalities and functioning brain cells.

So many interesting people have passed through those doors and entertained us... until recently. Now we are lucky if there's 1, maybe 2 HGs worth watching (without activating our gag reflex).

In the past, we found ourselves laughing the summer away... thoroughly enjoying the antics of people like Brittney. And amazed at the skills of people like Dr. Will, Janelle, Evil Dick, Ruthless Dan, and many more.
Jordan wasn't a comp beast, nor a 'genius,' but she was nice and fun to watch.
Even though Rachel wasn't a favorite of many, at least she had a well-oiled brain, and she was great at physical comps.
Many disliked Vanessa (including me) for her game style, but she did excel at manipulation.
Derrick's game style might not have been for everyone, but he was good at manipulating a mass of nitwits (yes Cody, I'm thinking of you too).

Either make the show 'ALL Vets' - or 'ALL fans of BB' - or 'ALL recruits.'
My personal choice would be: ALL recruits. Do NOT give them videos of past seasons. Let them learn for themselves, like they had to on Season 1 (when nobody knew nuttin').

Petals said...

Stop stroking that beard, Paul! Or get a room, ick!

Anonymous said...

Dan should be on every season. I enjoyed every one he was in.

Chacha said...

Nick and Sharon-I agree with y'all on a lot of what you said.

I don't think I was a super fan before I started getting spoilers.
I have to say all recruits would be great.
It makes me wonder how many submissions actually come through.
I know that when they did a casting call in Mew Orleans this year there were a lot of people there.

Petals said...

I've watched since the first season; been blogging about it with Ms Jackie since I can remember, many many years.
Big Brother was a show my mother & I watched together; it will always have a special place in my heart because of my mom. Even in seasons like this, when the cast is dull as dishwater.

I am rooting for James this season.

Sharon N said...

Good for you Petals... James for me too.
Went back on his word, but let's face it.. the game is mostly about who can connive and lie the best. James' upside is that he is basically a nice guy, and he doesn't normally get involved in much of the verbal back-stabbing.

monty924 said...

Michelle is NOT a superfan. She'd never heard of BB before S15. She also thinks that nobody has ever done the nasty in there then said well maybe early on before the had the feeds. wth @@

I agree with you Chacha, a superfan is someone who has seen many seasons, follows the feeds and/or the blogs and can tell you things from as early as S2 or S3. I didn't start watching regularly until S5. I watched here and there during S2, 3, and 4. I didn't get the feeds until towards the end of S6 and have had them every year since S7. It is a completely different experience when you have the feeds.

My favorite seasons are S6, S7, S8, and S10. S8 and S10 are a close tie for my most favorite.

Jackie said...

My favorite season was BB2. I've watched since the premiere of the series, created the AOL message boards for it, monitored them, monitored the chat rooms, had the live feeds from BB1 until now, was paid to write recaps and live feeds reports and have been personally blogging them since BB5 (although I lost a few seasons when AOL closed down its blogging platform).

Nah. Not a superfan.

monty924 said...
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monty924 said...

Jackie, you are the ultimate superfan and I actually found you back in S5 on AOL. I've been hooked on your writing ever since then. I remember when you got ticked off with AOL for messing up your visitors' counter/tally and when you moved to Blogger I followed right over. I don't think I ever commented on the BB message boards at AOL, but I found your page through AOL. 'It's been a great ride and appreciate every single post. :))

Chacha said...


I have watched since season 2 with my grandmother.
She passed away in 2008. Every summer my husband and I talk
about what she would say now.
SHe would never let me give her spoilers.

Thank you for all you do!!!