Monday, August 22, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Monday - August 22

Holding onto safety ... for now.

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Dwindling Numbers:
  • No real action in the late night hours.
  • No kerfuffles.
  • No brouhahas.
  • Certainly no fisticuffs.
  • Mostly small talk went on, with a few revealing bits and pieces.
  • Y'know, Paul is so great ...
  • ... how great is he?
  • Why, he's so great that he doesn't think there's any problem if he texts and drives?
  • Attn: Police departments all over -- be on the lookout for this!
  • Victor seems to know he'll be the one going out the door.
  • James is worried that he might go up as a replacement nominee.
  • If he did, he'd have Nicole and Corey voting for him to stay. Victor would only have Paul.
  • If the scenario is Corey on the block, James and Nicole would vote to keep him. Paul would vote for Victor to stay.
  • If it's Nicole on the block, just substitute Corey and James for keeping her.
  • Whatever scenario plays out, only three people can vote.
  • And Victor goes home.
  • The main reason James is worried is because Michelle mentioned possibly putting up Nicole as the replacement with the line that she hasn't been on the block yet.
  • Of course, she's telling this to James ... who also hasn't been on the block.
  • Natalie advised James to please come to her for advice and not to have any one on one talks just before nominations. 
  • She thinks he only gets himself in trouble when he does that.
  • She's right. While James has been playing a quiet game, he's occasionally spoken up and exposed his cards at inopportune times.
  • Michelle seriously needs to stop calling herself a superfan.
  • She just doesn't qualify as such in my book (and the book of many who have seen every episode and watched the live feeds since the first season).
  • I think she perhaps has three or four seasons under her belt.
  • That's no superfan.
  • Paul told Victor not to say anything confidential to Michelle because she'll run and tell "them."
  • Hey, why would Victor care now? Paul will save himself, not Victor.
  • Not that I'd blame him for saving himself.
  • Victor talked about getting up at the veto meeting and saying, "Friendship."
  • Victor tried to tell Michelle that if she put up Nicole, he (Victor) would go home. But if she put up Corey, he (Victor) would stay.
  • I don't think so. Victor is too great of a target (no matter how much people like him) in the game. All scenarios lead to him going home.
  • I think Paul and Victor both know that and they're grasping at straws.
  • James put in a request for America - "Please send Corey the next care package, not Paul."
  • Who knows what the aired TV show fans will do?
  • They might think Paul is a hoot and want to reward him.
  • Yeah, he can be funny. He can be interesting at times. But he's also very annoying.
  • So, they can send a package to either a dullard or an annoying guy.
  • What a quandary!
  • Victor kept trying to get closer to Michelle. Um, dude ... she has no vote this week and Paul ain't you. She doesn't like Paul at all and he will save himself this week.
  • Victor went on about truth in the game and how he'd rather know than not know if he's the target.
  • James told Natalie that he'll tell Victor on Wednesday that he's voting him out.
  • Of course, we all know the real target was Paul this week.

Yes, I can laugh. I cry, too.

We wish it was Paul going away

You need to listen to MY advice, James!

Reminiscing about the early days of BB18


T-Town Chick said...

Okay this is silly but looking at the pictures of the bathroom and how clean it is! Wow! I don't think it's been that tidy since the first night. For some reason it's been driving me nuts this season. While watching the show ive been wanting to jump through the screen and vacuum each and every room.

Jackie said...

Victor will love your appreciation for a job well done. He cleaned it. Once during the night he even fussed that someone left a towel on the sink after he had worked so hard to clean and tidy up the place!

Petals said...

Thanks Jackie.
Even though Victor is aware that he is probably going, he
is a great sport about it. Not acting out, or pouting.

Hope Victor wins the next Battle-Back!

Chacha said...

I have a feeling it isn't a battle back. I think that when Victor is evicted he will appear with the other 4 evictees for an endurance comp with remaining houseguests.

I think this will all happen thursday night.

Fred aka TwoBlackAces said...

Just wondering what you all think of the Buy Backs? Personally, I hate them. Your in a game/show that is based on several factors which determine whether or not you stay or go. If your voted out, that should be it. Coming back to me violates the spirit of the game. Frankly, I think that this show needs a revamp of the leadership. Grodner and Meehan have to go. The casting the last few seasons have been the worst, and mind you that last year, it was well publicized that Les Moonves was not happy with last years cast. Recruits who don't even know the rules of the game ruin the game. The twists, although some were clever like this years America's care package and the Paris hidden room, I think had poor implementation, and have added nothing to the show. Surely, they could have made the prizes in the Paris room based on the order people figured out the phone code, and rewarded those who got in first. Instead, we wind up with alot of fluff and nothing to show for it other than now there is a jury buy back. Just think if Vic does get evicted again, and then comes back....that I think would be about as bad as it can get. Maybe I'm in the minority, but that is a backbreaker for the players who manages to make it without buybacks, Then with the ACP's, how wonderful that the order of the care packages leave the most powerful for the end rounds. Really? I think I am pretty much done with USA Big Brother unless something changes, and apparently nothing is in the short term, since I see that dynamic duo will be heading up BB Online. Rant over.

David said...

I don't know if it will be a crap shoot or an endurance comp for the jury buy-back but I know the only one who will be in it I would not mind coming back is Bridgette. Unless she won HOH she would probably be right back out the door though. That might be the case with any of the returnee's.

I am glad Victor will be there to offset any advantage Paulie would have in a physical comp and prevent him from getting back in. Of the (going to be) 5 jurors, Paulie is the one I absolutely do not want back. I don't think Da' has a chance unless it is a total crap shoot like Nichole won to get back in her season.

I saw when Michelle read her ACP package note that she also will not be able to compete for HOH this week. So it is time for James to step up and win HOH or he could find himself out if he is not careful.

I don't like this extremely late in the game buy-back. They should have just let it play out and forget a second double elimination. They are going to have a double elimination with what, only 5 or 6 people left in the house? The double will probably have to be next week.

Chacha said...


I agree that I would only want Bridgette back in the game. This is why I am hoping it is a crap shoot like Nicole won two years ago.

I agree the DE needs to happen fast.

I don't think anything they have done this season has been great. The Battle back was a good new twist.

As far as the care packages they are alright, nothing to write home about.

Tami said...

I also do not like people coming back matter if I like them or not. You get evicted you should be gone.

Sharon N said...

Paul wants ACP because he thinks it will be a HUGE advantage... like a HOH take-over. @@
I'm going to wait and see who wins HOH on Thursday before voting for ACP.

I "was" tempted to throw votes Paul's direction... just to see his face when he receives $5,000 ... that he will HAVE to give away (as a bribe). But I don't really want him to receive anything... even for bribe.

The ACP doesn't say if someone can accept the bribe... but back out at the last minute and be able to still keep the $$. Wish that was clearer.

Chacha said...

We will know which returning HG has reentered the house before they open up the ACP.

This is why I say its either a crap shoot or evictees will compete in an endurance comp on Thursday.

For the ACP Bribe, I am sure whoever receives it will have to tell the DR who and what they will say or do for the bribe.

THis is not a good ACP,its kind of like when Pandora box is good one week and bad the next

Judi Sweeney said...

I'm with James... Please give Corey the ACP and NOT Paul!!!! Paul has to go!

Sharon N said...

There are a few unclear issues about the next ACP that would affect my vote.

1) What if NOBODY accepts the $5,000 bribe?
2) Does that mean the ACP recipient gets to keep the money, or does it go away?
3) Can a HG accept the bribe, but at the last minute, back-out on the bribe 'assignment' (back-stab) and still keep the money? (Doubt it, but you never know with BB.)

Chacha said...


the winner of the ACP get the 5000 to bribe one houseguest. this can be for noms, pov, veto and or voting.

I can't see anyone taking the bribe if they know what the care package is. the person who takes the bribe doesn't get anything out of it.

Technically say James wins the HOH and Paul wins ACP Paul can bribe James to put up Corey. If James does then Paul would receive the 5000. Now this is my interpretation of this. not sure if it is BB interpretation.

Sharon N said...

hmmmm, a whole different way to think about that option Chacha.
I wish the description was more clear. If your's is the correct interpretation, there is no way in H3LL that I will give ANY votes to Paul. lol

Better to be safe than sorry, so Corey will most likely get my votes. Depending on who wins HOH of course. I think there are several people interpreting it the way I did.
Come on BB, clear it up!!!!!

Becky said...

Corey will get all my votes too.

Ed in Ohio said...

I am absolutely 100% against letting evicted houseguests back in the house for a 2nd chance, always have been. I know it's just a 'game' but it goes against the very spirit of competition. They lost, they're out!

Nothing against Victor, kudos to him for taking advantage of his 2nd chance. But if he's voted out again this week and then is lucky enough to come back yet a second time, to me that would be a total joke.

Or take someone like DaVonne. (nothing against her) but she was evicted weeks ago. If she's lucky enough to come back, is that fair to the remaining houseguests who outlasted her and may then be evicted before her.

I don't recall but I don't remember Survivor or TAR doing this (at least not in the same season).

Judi Sweeney said...

Maybe I have a different understanding of the "ACP Bribing"! I took it that the person who wins the "Bribing" ability can use it to bribe (give the $5,000) to another player in "exchange" for that recipients vote or action going the way the "ACP winner" wants it to go! That's how I took it! I may be wrong! I am voting for Corey no matter what just to make sure Paul doesn't get it or whoever walks back in that door who may buddy up with Paul also doesn't get it! Corey will not buddy up with Paul... Those are my concerns

Sharon N said...

Another NO on evicted HGs returning, for any reason.
Even if I liked the person, they are out and should NOT come back.

Re: Survivor or TAR.
Please correct me if this is wrong, but IMO, Survivor has had something similar. I can't remember if they did this last time, but there's been a few years where one person is evicted and sent to a secluded island. They are alone for the week and then have to win a comp with the next evictee to stay on the island (the loser leaves the game). Eventually, the last winner returns to the tribe and continues in the game.

TAR does have at least 1 or 2 times each season that the 'last' to the checkpoint might not be an elimination leg. The difference is that they haven't actually been eliminated, and they usually receive a penalty of some kind for the next leg of the race.

Judi Sweeney said...

Correct Sharon.... In all areas! I am also against returning!!!

monty924 said...

I'm on the fence with the returning players. Sometimes I really wanted a particular hamster back in so I didn't mind the twist. They've actually done a revive a hamster as far back as S3 when Amy came back in and made it all the way to final 4.

The reason I think it will be a crap shoot for the buy-back is because they've delayed the voting start until Thursday this week. I think they are doing that for the casual CBS show only viewer to be able to vote on ALL remaining hamsters in the house who haven't already won and they wouldn't know who is returning if it is an endurance comp with all the others... at least for the buy-back portion of the comp. Both Judd and Johnny Mac went late into those comps and after the show was over. Nicole got back in before the end of the show and Brendon did as well.

Petals said...

Well, because I really like Victor, I am glad that he'll have an opportunity to come back.

Jackie H. from NC said...

I to am against returning guess. Last night watching BBAD I wanted to get Michelle and tell her to stop eating Natalies food. I did hear James tell her something about her to stop logging out. You could tell it was getting next to James. She eats all the time. I like Victor and would hate to see him go. I don't like having a second HOH.

Jackie H. from NC said...

That's suppose to be "pigging out" not " logging out ". My Kindle spells what it wants to.

Petals said...

That makes more sense, Jackie H, Lol.
Michelle also locked the door, even Natalie couldnt get in.

Petals said...

Production really doesn't like Paul. They've never shown his "Beard Chats", not that I've seen.
Lol, meanwhile, I'm sure he thinks he's a BB sensation. @@

JonMD1267 said...

Lets hope Victor can make it back in this week.

monty924 said...

I do, Jon. I'd even take Bridgette or Day over Paulie... YUCK

Sharon N said...

I'm thinking, to the regular BB tv program watchers (no feeds or BBAD), Paul 'might' be considered entertaining. Actually, we all got a kick out of his SAM for a while. But the silly duck-ring and beard got old almost immediately... for all of us that are real followers.

monty924 said...

Remember Brendon and Lawon in S13? LOL

monty924 said...

I'll get a special power if you evict me... evict me, LOL

JonMD1267 said...

I watched youtube stuff on BB Sunday and they showed so many of the classic moments, Lawon being one of them "Vote me out, I'll come back stronger" LOL NOT, and Poor Marselis and the veto lol They showed Kaysar taking his hand off that damn buzzer as well I was like NNNNOOOO lol

Sharon N said...

Ha! Nicole wants a short engagement, 8 months to 1 year.
A few minutes later, Corey said he doesn't want to marry until he's 32 or 33 (he's 26 now).

DKNYNC said...

Nicole is pathetic. Zingbot was right. This is the second time she has thrown away her game for a showmance and Corey isn't even into her. She's clueless and a floater.

monty924 said...

Hated when Kaysar did that after so long, but he should have never trusted her. Sigh! I like watching the classic clips too. DKNYNC, she really is the definition of a floater this season and she's going to float right to the end or near it like the queen of floaters did twice. Erica S4 and Allstars.