Monday, August 29, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Monday - August 29

"Hayden didn't want to have children ..."

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Misappropriate Mice:
  • Oh gosh, I really feel horrible giving you these same-old same-old reports as of late.
  • But it is same-old -- Paul and Victor continue to mingle with Corey and Nicole while James, Natalie and Michelle often stay totally away from them.
  • Well, except at the table in the kitchen.
  • But no private scheming talks can really take place there.
  • The walls have ears, y'know.
  • Nicole told Corey the long version of why she and Hayden split. He didn't want to get married and have kids. He isn't a close family kind of person. He didn't want to settle down. He had no career goals.
  • It's a wonder Corey doesn't scream and run away.
  • But he'd have to be more animated than he is to do that.
  • He just kept smiling and nodding.
  • Michelle told of a link between red food dye and ADD (something which seems to be prevalent in the last several hamster seasons). Hmm. It seems to me that my generation ate more red food dye than these kids. We didn't have to live on drugs to calm us. I still think the drug manufacturers and other businesses perpetuate these things to a great degree.
  • But that's a different topic.
  • Paul told Natalie he doesn't think any showmance from this season will survive outside of the house.
  • I personally think he's right in view of marriage, etc. I do think Natalie and James will always be dear friends. But I think he's thinking of settling down and she's thinking of dating. (Kind of like the Hayden/Nicole situation.)
  • Natalie defended her relationship with James.
  • Natalie and James commented (to each other) about how much Victor is sucking up to Corey (and thus, Nicole).
  • But they didn't do anything about it.
  • Michelle thinks the game needs a power shift.
  • Well, it had one.
  • But Nicole and Corey think it's more beneficial to lose to Paul and Victor than to have some ground in the finals against some more equally matched to their own game skills.
  • Victor made deep-fried squid. It was almost painful to watch Corey try to eat it.
  • The squid wasn't a hit with anyone.
  • They're all thinking they're coming up on a double eviction this week.
  • Silly hamsters.
  • Paul is suspicious about why James, Natalie or Michelle haven't tried to campaign and whatever they could be talking about.
  • He doesn't know if they're scheming or whether they've just fallen for the idea (wrong one) that he's the target this week.
  • He thinks things will change after the PoV meeting.
  • James did voice a worry that Paul might be saved and he'll be put on the block.
  • He should have worried much earlier and kept in Nicole and Corey's ear.
  • Not that he's going to go on the block, mind you. 
  • Nicole seriously wants to evict Michelle this week.
  • But James and Natalie need to be in Nicole and Corey's heads as much as Paul and Victor or they'll definitely be the next two targets.
  • Of course, if James doesn't give up HoH and wins it, the tides could turn.  

Yikes! Is that bowl big enough?

Natalie is much prettier than this!

These three keep segregating themselves

Looks like he cares, but never cared


Sharon N said...

We might not like Paul, but at least he has the 'right stuff' to play the game.
Victor the Pretty Boy follows Paul's lead and does well... with instruction.
Nicole/Corey remain 'clueless' while Paul allows them HOH control.... with instruction.
James/Natalie/Michelle are "the new clueless-3" -- soon to become "the smarter 2" -- but their new-found wisdom acquired may be too late.

Could this get any more boring?

Chacha said...

Sharon N-

I haven't watched feeds all weekend. I have only read updates from Jackie. Even staying away from Jokers for the most part.
I was on twitter yesterday and read up on the drone in the yard.

I really just can't with the remaining HG.

Watching last nights show, I just don't see how Nicole would rather have Paul/Victor who will never take her to the final three than James/Natalie. Did she not learn anything from her season with Derrick?
She deserves to go out fourth. No Jury house, just the roundtable and straight to the hotel.
Victor and Paul have both stated they will take Natalie to the f3 because she is so easy to beat.

I am ready to see what the whole online version is about and then jump to next summer.

chrob61 said...

Nicole and Corey are completely clueless- that music playing on the show last night while they were discussing what to do with the "bribe", the producers know just what they have with these two nimwits.

And shame on James, for giving up the HOH to Nicole.

My poolboy Paul, though irritating, is indeed playing the game. I hope the plan is for Nicole not to use that veto and oust Meech. That oughta wake up James and Natalie.

Sharon N said...

I hear ya... now that I can watch BBAD again, I can't do it. It's just too tedious, and so is Jokers. Really, it's just hours and hours of repeated conversations. These HGs have zero imagination, and all the girls can talk about is their horrible (little) fat bodies. @@

Anything that happens gets blown all out of proportion. Like Natalie and her kitchen fire (making jello). O.M.G.... SHE ALMOST KILLED THEM ALL!!! Yeah, right. The fire didn't actually happen, but "it could have" so she couldn't stop freaking, crying, and apologizing for hours after.

That was the activity... 2 nights ago.
Anyone else have some big news to share?

As much as we complained about Rachel, she had imaginations and would get activities going.
Remember her using nail polish on teabag tags... to make playing cards?

Judi Sweeney said...

Gfthanks Jackie...

James is smart! He should realize what segregating himself with Natalie and WITH Michelle would look like to Nicole... Especially while watching Victor and Paul constantly bending Nicorey's ears!!! After watching last nights show, I am even now questioning can Nicole really trust that James will stick by Nicorey over Michelle (with Paul gone) with those two girls in his ear!! James needs Nicorey in order to out number Paul and Victor.

Natalie and Michelle have both let it be known to EVERYONE that they don't like Nicole... So all Nicole sees and hears is that 1 out of the 3 she can trust... Nicole knows how emotionally tied James is to Natalie... She knows how close Natalie is to Michelle!

There is so much paranoia and to be honest, if I were Nicole (with everything she is seeing and hearing from the constant jibbering by the 3 guys)... I would be questioning James loyalty too! I don't like it, but I can now see how she may be doubting James!

He knows how scared Nicole is of Michelle... His girl Natalie has openly always been close to Michelle. I wish James would ask to talk with Nicole by himself... And then lock the door so it is just the two of them talking... Just James and Nicole having a one on one'

Judi Sweeney said...

It didn't help matters that James blurted out in front of everyone (and Natalie confirmed) that Natalie wanted Victor to stay and wanted Corey sent home! They fought over it! Natalie BEGGED him! Dah.... Of course Nicole is going to doubt James and Natalie as a TEAM going forward... This time it went James way, but what about the next time especially if Michelle (who hates Nicole) remains in the house! That was more stupid than throwing Nicole the HOH! If for no other reason, James needs to talk with Nicole by himself!

Petals said...

I think James is a little freaked-out. The game has come out of his grasp and he seems powerless to grab it again. He acts like a deer-in-headlights much of the time.

Petals said...

And do ANY of them realize what a golden opportunity they have this week? To take-out Paul?
James must see it - if he can get CoCo to wake-up and smell what the Crock is cookin'...?
What great TV, what a great blindside?!?

Judi Sweeney said...

You're right Petals! WAKE UP JAMSEY!!! Move your lips... Start talking to Nicole!

Judi Sweeney said...

Time to dance James!!!!

Sharon N said...

The problem is that James thinks he can 'trust' Nicole's loyalty, plus he made that wall-agreement. He thinks (or hopes) she is sticking to evicting Paul, just like what was planned before. James actually sees Paul/Victor spending a lot of time with Nicole & Corey, but he hasn't grasped the concept that those 2 could actually flip her loyalty.

Nicole is the personification of the dingbat blonde (sorry for that folks), so you'd think he'd spend some time shoring up their agreement... but no. Nicole did not use the POV today, so that will probably convince him even more that she's sticking with the 'evict Paul' plan.

In the meantime, Michelle has been assuming she will be evicted... because of their mutual dislike. Yet James hasn't questioned Nicole at all, even though we see his face in Jackie's pictures (since the HOH comp) and he has that worried 'look of the damned.' Maybe James is starting to get a clue because he's starting to pace now.

Sharon N said...

Ya know, I've noticed one thing that has NOT been happening the last couple of years.
HG's are planting themselves with the new HOH to ensure nobody else can talk to them.

All the HG's used to request PRIVATE talks with the new HOH. They'd shut the door to talk and if anyone tried to intrude on the convo, they'd simply ask for a few more minutes.... and the intruder would have to leave. NOBODY is doing that anymore!

What the heck?

Petals said...

Gene Wilder died. :(

Sharon N said...

:( Young Frankenstein was one of my favorites of his movies.

Judi Sweeney said...


James has never questioned Nicole because up until now there never has been a reason to. I just rewatched last nights show and it wasn't until James blurted out to Paul (arguing) that he went against Natalie's wishes to keep Victor, that doubts were put in Nicole's head. She THEN was in the DR questioning James and Natalie's loyalty. Because James had been telling Nicole all along that Natalie was on board with wanting Victor gone and Corey staying... Now she worries about what else may he be lying about. Up until this point there was never a reason for either of the to doubt the other. The fact that James, Natalie and Michelle isolate themselves doesn't help... I'm not a dingbat, but the closeness between Natalie and Michelle even makes me worry for James too!

This is another reason why I hate Showmances! You stop playing what is best for you and start making moves with two people in mind!!!

I just really want James and Nicole to sit down and talk... Reassure each other again and work together!

Judi Sweeney said...

Oh how sad... It was one of my favorite movies too!!!

Judi Sweeney said...

You're right SHARON, they use to be able to have alone time with HOH... It was respected

Petals said...

well, you also have to namby-pamby HoHs this week. @@

Petals said...

Looks like James has a plan...

Sharon N said...

You are absolutely right about showmances... 99% of the time, they mess up people's games by not keeping their 'minds straight', plus couples normally getting targeted from the get-go. This is a weird year.

I believe Natalie's only loyalty to Nicole/Corey was having the 2 bodies aligned with her/James. Then James went and botched it by saying Natalie wanted Corey voted out. Of course it's understandable that Nicole doesn't trust her anymore.

Nicole is unrealistic and too easily swayed, and Corey doesn't have the brain of a turnip. James literally handed her this HOH on a silver platter. AND he kept Corey over Victor. James would have stayed loyal to her until there was no choice.

As he says "it's a game," and I'm sure he knows that he's made a whole series of possible game-ending mistakes. But if the vote goes as expected this week, it's kind of sad to know he's the kind of guy who will be both hurt and disillusioned by someone he considers a friend.

monty924 said...

So sad about Gene Wilder. Blazing Saddles and Young Frankenstein are two of my favorite movies. Godspeed Willy Wonka :(((

Judi Sweeney said...

The thing about Showmances is that it is hard to separate and see a couple as individual players... If you don't trust one, it's hard to trust the other... They go hand in hand!

Right after James/Natalie and Nicole/Corey teamed up I remember Nicole mentioning her concerns about trusting James because of his promise/deal he made with Shelly and then broke during his previous time with BB. Her memory of that, his girl wanting Corey out and his "it's only a game" attitude is probably what keeps that line of doubt in Nicole's head. And that is why James needs to step up and talk with her.

Nicole and Corey do not deserve to win this gam obviously! But I feel the only chance James has to win is to convince Nicole and Corey to trust him.... And, that isn't going to happen as long as Natalie and Michelle are a team against Nicole/Corey. They need to actively talk AGAINST Paul and Victor! I would love to see Paul get blindsided and out of here.

chrob61 said...

I seem to remember it used to be to visit the HOH room you needed to be buzzed in by the HOH, or something like that?? Now I see the HGs just walking in unannounced. Maybe that's TPTBs way to make the game more interesting, to break up private discussions.

As it stands now, I would think James has woken up to reality that it's do or die time for him.

tbc said...

Abby Normal
The Horse Whinnies after they mention Frau Bleucher (Cloris Leachman)
Igor's (love the name) hump moves from his left or right (Marty Feldman)
"Put the book back"

There are so many more wonderful quotes from Young Frankenstein, but I thought I'd get the ball rolling...

Judi Sweeney said...

Your right Chrob they did have to buzz to get in!

monty924 said...

chrob61, the HOH's in the past kept the door locked and so people had to ring the bell to get in. Not all of them, but a good portion of them. They haven't been locking the HOH door this season for whatever reason. I think Meech was the first one to do it, LOL

Sharon N said...

tbc, !

The address: 22 Twain
Can't forget: Frankenstein 'getting it on' in the cave, the bell tolls and he gets up to leave. She says, "isn't that just like a man, 1 or 2 quick ones and off with the boys."

tbc said...

As she sings, "sweet mysteries of life at last I find you" ... so hysterical

monty924 said...

You know it's boring when BB hasn't even updated the feeds highlights since Friday. @@