Monday, August 01, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Monday Evening, PoV Re-nom - August 1

Sad cowgirl

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Daytrippin':
  • Zakiyah asked Nicole why Da'Vonne kept asking why she (Z) couldn't go on the block (as a pawn, supposedly) instead of her (Da'Vonne).
  • Well, duh, Da'Vonne ... they want to backdoor you, silly girl!
  • Paul went and told Da'Vonne that she would go up in place of Paulie when Paulie pulled himself down with the veto.
  • I thought they weren't supposed to tell people these things. Haven't they looked it up in the rule book or been spoken to about doing the very same thing in past seasons?
  • Or, have I lost my mind?
  • (That's always a possibility.)
  • Michelle isn't happy that Paul is putting Da'Vonne on the block.
  • Hey, she should be happy that it's not her!
  • But, neither Michelle nor Da'Vonne are all that dumb at the game. I think they can both sniff out a backdoor here.
  • Part of the reason that Michelle is ticked off about it is because, when she did what they wanted and didn't use the veto last week, they promised her it would be Bridgette going out this week.
  • Da'Vonne wanted to know why it couldn't be Natalie instead of her. Or Nicole.
  • Because they want to backdoor YOU, Da'Vonne.
  • So, there was no real suspense over the PoV meeting.
  • Paulie took himself down.
  • Da'Vonne is now on the block with Bridgette.
  • Paul kept up trying to convince Da'Vonne that Bridgette is still the target.
  • Yeah, right.
  • Because Paul went and told her beforehand, Da'Vonne didn't go off the wall crazy.
  • As for the Backdoor Da'Vonne Plan -- the people involved are Paul (no vote), Paulie, Corey, Nicole, Bridgette (no vote), James (will go with the crowd).
  • Not privy to the plan -- Da'Vonne (no vote), Zakiyah and Michelle.
  • I think things will heat up a bit before Thursday ...

Macho Macho Man

Keep the mandana on, Jersey Boy

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Jackie Hardin said...

It's not the same without Frank. He did keep the show interesting. It seems like the ones that are left they all bonded good together. It's going to be hard to be going against each other.

David said...

Remember, you can vote for the care package winner every day.

Since I want Da'Vonne out myself I have been throwing all my votes to everyone else. I was kind of hoping that Bridgette does not win this week but it would insure that Da' goes. I think she needs one of the better ones coming up. Someone needs to shake this game up but I don't see anyone in there that will do it. Right now it looks like all the girls are targets and none of the guys. The girls are even being so catty to each other they don't really see it.

Please, someone take Paul out next week. If it is a double eviction, even better.

Anonymous said...

Who will clean the kitchen when they vote out Da??

Anonymouse said...

Where's Vic in all of this?