Monday, August 08, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Monday Evening, PoV Meeting - August 8

He's trying too hard to be a "character."

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Fumbling Fools:
  • There wasn't much action at all until a fairly early PoV meeting.
  • While the live feeds are blocked for that, the results are always talked about soon after they return.
  • Welp, Paulie didn't save anyone with the veto!
  • Zakiyah and Michelle remain on the block.
  • Michelle furthered her "boys alliance" theory to Zakiyah as a reason the veto wasn't used.
  • But then Paul goes and lies right to her face saying that he didn't think the girls would go on the block this week.
  • And ... she believes him.
  • She tells Paul that, if she stays and wins HoH and it's a double eviction this week, she won't put him on the block.
  • And, she'd be willing to be put up as a pawn if needed.
  • @@
  • Dang. She claims to be a "superfan."
  • They obviously don't build superfans like they used to!
  • Michelle also told Paul she wouldn't put Victor or Bridgette up either.
  • Hmm. I know she wants Nicole out. I guess that's one she put on the block.
  • The other? She's claiming a big move. 
  • Paulie?
  • Hmm. It does seem like she meant him.
  • Well, she's not likely to win anyway.
  • When Paul told Paulie of the conversation, he made no mention that Michelle might be thinking of nominating him (Paulie).
  • Paulie wants to target James in the second eviction if it's a double.
  • They don't know for sure it is. But we know.
  • Paulie says it has to be an all guy finale because "the girls will vote for whatever girl is there."
  • @@
  • Zakiyah reported to Nicole that Michelle is claiming she'll make big moves and hinting she'd target Paulie if she stays.
  • I don't know. To me, that would be more reason to keep her and evict Zakiyah!
  • But, then again, Michelle doesn't do well in comps.
  • Michelle once again told Natalie not to trust Nicole. I don't know why she has such a bug in her bonnet about Nicole.
  • Paulie still seems to want Michelle out this week even though, by not using the veto to save her, Zakiyah just might not be his number one fan anymore.
  • Victor pointed out to Paul that Paulie is working steadier with the other duos in the house and they're alone. (He wants Michelle to stay.)
  • Paul nodded.
  • As it stands right now, it looks like Michelle will go out the door.
  • There is a bit of confusion and talk about what James will do with his care package power of cancelling two votes.
  • I think he'll do whatever the majority wants with them.
  • But I really hope he goes for the HOH in the second one. He will need it. His name is getting tossed around too much.

Up early and all alone. Sniffle.

Now that I didn't use the veto ...

Her save thoughts flopped

How did I get myself into this mess?


Sharon N said...

Michelle's insecurities are flexible. She has to cycle her 'hate' around to whoever she deems is mean, nasty or a challenge to her for whatever insane reason. Watch... if Michelle doesn't get evicted on Thursday, and then Nicole somehow gets evicted next, she will be "forced" to cycle her sights again... right back on another girl. It's just the way she is.

Jackie Hardin from NC said...

I want James to win. I really want him to wash his clothes. He's had the same out fit on all week (7). I would love to see Paulie out the door. James needs to save the two votes in case him or Natalie is put up. Little hot to trot is sure she will be saved as she just might Will be.

Sharon N said...

Jackie H,

Unfortunately, all the "Gifts" that are awarded each week MUST to be used at the next eviction. So, James won't be able to 'save' the 2 votes for a more useful time.

As of right now, it looks like James will use his 2 votes to ensure Michelle is evicted.
Michelle was pretty dumb by rattling cages, so James feels 'safe' using his votes to save Z.

Paul and Victor wanted to keep Michelle, but she made the mistake of saying some things that caused Paulie to change his mind. So Paulie started making concerted efforts to change their minds and get Michelle out first. IF it's Z staying, Paulie will just continue using her for information, and as his plaything.

Jackie Hardin from NC said...

Thanks Sharon. The only time I watch BB is on Thursday. I watch BBAD every night and read Jackiestvblog at least twice a day. I really appreciate your information.

monty924 said...

Yeah, that's the bad thing. James has to use his care package on the first vote during the DE. I swear he was cursed with this one. I still think that conventional wisdom will win out and they will vote Zakiyah out and if they don't they are stupid. She's in Paulie's pocket no matter how nasty he's been to her. Michelle on the other hand isn't tied to any single houseguest and just might take a shot at Paulie, Paul or Victor. Of course, I'm hoping she would take a shot at Paulie... she also could take a shot at Nicole and Corey, and that's okay too. At least for me.

Judi Sweeney said...

Did anyone besides myself catch what Natalie whispered to Bridget when Paulie exposed his buns to the girls? She whispered "My future husband"! That saddened me because I really didn't think she was leading James on. I like James and I hate to see him possibly being used... Especially since she brings up his daughter and doing things with her... I know it's a game... But....

Sharon N said...

Now that James and Natalie have been recipients, they can't get a package again, so I'm curious... who you have decided to vote for receiving the next Care Package? I don't want Paul/Paulie to receive anything to boost their egos further, and I don't really want anyone who will be 'too influenced' by Paul/Paulie.

If Victor would get his head out of his rear, he would be a good recipient. The girls are useless. Natalie has things figured out pretty well, but she can't receive again. She would be good for HOH though... if she could just win. There seems to be some hope for Corey lately... go figure.

There does seem to be some cracks in the P/P alliance as Paul doesn't always pass on ALL of the information he receives to Paulie now. Smart, but the thought of Paul winning it all is gag-worthy.

Judi Sweeney said...

I would like her take a shot at Paulie or Paul too Monty!

Tami said...

Paulie does need to go. I hate watching him run everything. And James needs to do whatever it takes to win

Fred aka TwoBlackAces said...

Sorry all, I can't stomach this cast any longer. Until Allison Grodner and her minion Rich Meehan are fired, this game will continue to suck. The continued use of recruits who don't even know the rules of the game is beyond inexcusable. Now, the online BB19 will also be produced by them, so I'm cancelling my CBS all access. Not even going to bother. Sorry about the rant, I really love this game, when it's played by players. I started watching Uk version with Frankie Grande, desperation has it's consequences I suppose.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Better when everyone voted for themselves and nominees were not allowed to know if they were going up or who was voting for them.