Saturday, August 13, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Saturday - August 13

Nicole thinks it was all James's doing

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Erupting Egos:
  • Oh, the live feeds after nominations were some of the best ones ever!
  • You know I love kerfuffles and brouhahas!
  • While gathered in the kitchen, Paulie did his best to stare everybody down. It was like he didn't know who he wanted to kill first.
  • While I haven't been a huge Victor fan and the move to nominate Paulie and Corey was actually Paul not Victor ... I have to give the dude credit for standing his ground while Paulie just kept at him and at him.
  • Victor told Paulie that they all knew he had alliances more than the guys alliance -- he had an alliance with Corey and Nicole.
  • Paulie denied it.
  • In front of Corey and Nicole.
  • Victor told him that he was at least giving him a chance to save himself with the veto, a chance that he himself never had.
  • But Paulie was relentless.
  • James kept saying, "It's just a game."
  • Victor said that since Paulie didn't like any of his reasons for nominating him, "Okay, I have no strategy."
  • That didn't work either.
  • Meanwhile, during all of this, Corey sat sipping from his sippycup making odd facial expressions while keeping his eyes vacant.
  • A few times voices were raised a bit from both Victor and Paulie. And, each time Victor bristled, Paulie roughly accused him of wanting to get physical. 
  • Um. I saw BOTH of them bristle. I saw no real indication that fisticuffs were imminent from Victor.
  • But if Paulie's eyes could kill, it would have been a mass murder scene.
  • In a later talk with Corey and Nicole, Nicole decided this whole thing was James's doing and she needs to make amends with him.
  • Once Nicole talked to James, she realized that Paulie was the main target. She advised Corey to lay as low as possible and let Paulie make the target on himself even bigger.
  • Michelle admitted to Nicole that laughing when Paulie went on the block was rude and wrong, but she couldn't help it. Nicole, Natalie and Michelle all said they know they've laughed at inappropriate times.
  • Michelle said she would apologize to him (and later did).
  • That was another huge rambling rant from Paulie -- kicking him while he was down. Oh, like he didn't laugh or mock Michelle during one of her many crying jags!
  • Paulie ran around the house trying to blow up the games of others, mostly to no avail.
  • Y'see, ratting out James to Natalie and vice versa just isn't going to work. They've already talked and know the truths and lies and even areas where they've conflicted during the game.
  • Ha!
  • A few times, Paulie was fighting back either real or really good fake tears.
  • I don't think he's ever thought that he might not rule the roost.
  • He kept going on about loyalty even though it was pointed out that most of his moves had nothing to do with loyalty, but getting out targets that were his own, not for the good of others.
  • He was so pathetic that even Michelle started feeling sorry for him.
  • Gag me with a spoon.
  • Paulie asked Paul if he could sleep with him in his bed because he doesn't like sleeping alone. Hmm.
  • A lot will depend on the veto and if either Paulie or Corey hold the return trip ticket.
  • It's good this game got into gear!

Psycho Killer, qu'est-ce que c'est, fa-fa-fa

Holds his ground with Paulie's interrogation

What do I do? What do I do?

Paul and Victor happy dancing

Laughed during nominations

Happy to be a safety cone this week


Jimmy B. said...

Prediction: Paulie is evicted & he'll have the Roundtrip ticket.

Anonymous said...

Oh god Jimmie B, I don't want that prediction. I want him GONE!

Dolores in Hollywood

Petals said...

I'm so loving Victor now. Standing-up to Paulie...being reasonable, calm.

*sigh* I know he's an egomaniacal douche, but he's CUTE!

Petals said...

mmmm. I'm watching it again (the kerfuffle). Victor is cooking the whole time, and it's awesome.

Anonymous said...

To borrow a line from Jeff Paulie: "You got 'got'!".

Ed in Ohio said...

So.....Who's crying now?

Polly's got two chances left, Veto & RTT....Hopefully it's Slim & None!

Z you might be seeing your Jersey Boy sooner than you think!

Chacha said...

I pray neither Corey or Paulie have the RT.

Do we think today is zingbot? He was in the audience Thursday night.

Today I am dropping my baby off for his first semester of college.
We had to drive through the torrential rain here in Louisiana yesterday. It was long and tiring. Couldn't wait to get to hotel to read about the day from noon till seven. Got flowers on just in time for the Paulie/Victor kitchen discussion/
I will say everyone knows what Paulie is doing and I do t think that these hamsters buy what he is selling.

Anyway have a great day! Will check in after I get this dorm situated and then back on the road home.
My son did say, at least while I am gone you have BB to keep you company and now even online also!

Chacha said...

Damn auto correct---on the phone not outer

Feeds not flowers.
I don't think these hamster are buying what Paulie is selling.

tbc said...

My prediction exactly, Jimmy B. !!

I hope we're wrong on the RTT part!

Becky said...

Chacha, Louisiana has really been hit by the rain, even more so than usual (which is a lot. I think Lil was the one who suggested splitting the vote between Mich and Victor. That way if one goes, the other will hopefully get it. I don't know if they even bothered to count our second round of votes.

I will check in later this evening to read the feedback. We are putting new flooring into our bedrooms, the temperature has been very high 90's or over 100 and heat index has been WAY over 100, 118 yesterday.

Have a nice cool day everyone.

ITCHY said...

Will definitely vote for Victor to get the Americas Choice this week. If Paul wins HOH they can them up and go after Corey/Nicole or Paulie if he has Round Trip ticket.

Nana in the NW said...

What am I missing? All I've seen Michelle do is cry and have meltdowns. Yes, she "blew up" Paulie's game but many hgs were already on to him. She definitely isn't emotionally stable enough for this why is everyone giving her votes to stay in the game?

Sharon N said...

Nana, some of us believe Michelle's meltdowns weren't real. Her "crying" was loud-sobbing (acting), and the 'real' tears were rare. When the plan was created to put Polly/Corey OTB, she started showing more gumption. And now she's holding her own with Polly's arguments, without all that sobbing... which tells me she actually used crying/sobbing as a form of strategy. It apparently worked (to some extent) because the guys all thought she was 'nuts' and weak.

Has anyone else noticed Polly is wearing a headband most of the time now?
Maybe he doesn't really like his copycat-Paul haircut? LMAO

The kerfuffles continue this morning, but it was all previously planned to upset/weaken Polly for the VETO comp. Now that they are all spilling their guts on everything they know, there sure won't be any more 'secret' alliances! The only real alliances left are Corey/Nicole (which might end next week), Victor/Paul (secret, but not really), and Natalie/James.

Anonymous said...

Run run run away.

Ed in Ohio said...

Polly......."the chickens have come home to roost"

Sharon N said...

Polly is still begging everyone to believe he's only been about 'loyalty' to each of the guys. Trying to lay blame on everyone else, and seems to be convinced Michelle was the creator of this coup. How could James do this to him? He was loyal to ALL the guys... yada yada yada. @@

Polly's huge ego has taken a beating. He seems to be in shock that His Loyal Subjects aren't letting him play (and win) what he 'thinks' was Derrick/Cody's game. It's all he can think about... Derrick and Cody did this and that. WAKE UP dolt... you're not even close! lol

Ed in Ohio said...

Yes Sharon, Polly is 'a piece of work'! I don't see any similarity in his game compared to either Derrick's or Cody's.

Polly tried to play 'leader of the pack' and it caught up with him. No sympathy here!

We'll just have to wait 'til Thursday to see how it plays out.

Becky said...

I sure wish that if Michelle wins the veto she tells Paulie that "I am giving you the same chance you gave Z when you talked her into selecting you as her pick because you assured her that you would take her down if you won and then didn't!

Anonymous said...

Who will be the replacement nominee if Coey or Paulie win veto? Thanks.

Lili said...

If Paulie reminds me of anyone it's Boogie not Derrick. He is a sore loser, aggressive enough to be verging toward being a bully, feels totally entitled to not only win but that everyone in the game should at all times do his bidding so that he can win, and worst of all...preys on the affection of a woman in the house, creating essentially a creepy fake showmance, much to the damage of her game and feelings, wholly to serve his needs,,both game and otherwise, ick, gag, I need a shower now.

Meanwhile James is a bit of a stud. He is a friend and a gentleman to Natalie, can win a comp when he wants to, pretty astute about the game in general, rarely says anything horrible about anyone, and like he told's a game, I guarantee if anyone puts me OTB you won't see a tear from my eye. James has fun, makes friends, plays strategically, and brings a great pragmatic attitude to the table. Paulie is spoiled, entitled, and a giant tool bag with a bad haircut. Paul is also a tool bag but playing much smarter than Paulie.

I very much hope to see James in the F4, and I am curious to see how Victor would play if Paulie, Paul, and Corey exit before he does, as up to this point his main strategy seems to be win comps and do whatever Paul tells him to do.

Fingers crossed Paulie doesn't win POV or RT.

Sharon N said...

If that Polly/Corey win VETO, Michelle volunteered... because she knows they want Paulie (or Corey) out. We shall see.

ACP gave Nicole safety, but if that hadn't happened, she probably would have gone up.
Speaking of which..
Doubt BB would allow this to happen, but I wonder if Victor would be allowed to Nicole OTB anyway... with the understanding that she can't receive any eviction votes? LOL

monty924 said...

Nailed it Lili. Yes, Paulie is more Boogie than Derrick. He keeps saying Derrick, Derrick, Derrick like Derrick's in the house with him this season. It's pathetic that he can't even play the game in THIS season, not S16. Victor told him that in so many words. I'm so liking how Vic is holding his ground with Paulie. If the veto is used, Michelle or Nat will go up, but I'm pretty sure it will be Michelle. It doesn't really matter though because they have the votes to get either Polly or Corey out. That makes me :)))

Sharon N said...

Jeff highlights, so VETO must be starting now.

monty924 said...

Almost two hours... can't do POV watch tonight. I check in later to see who won. Fingers still crossed.

Miss Margaret said...

I was watching the rerun of Thursday's episode just before BBAD last night when I realized that Michelle's overly-dramatic crying reminds me of Rachel Reilly! Don't you think!?

Sharon N said...

Apt description Miss Margaret! Since Michelle says she has watched several BB years (at least from 10 on), that may very well be where she learned that tactic.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how to acces the comments on an iPhone? I have been a longtime time lurker of the blog and this is the first year I can't view the comments on my phone.

Sharon N said...

I'm thinking the internet on the iPhone should work pretty much the same as with the Android.
Open the internet and then type in search bar: 'Jackie's blog' or 'The TV Show must go on' and choose the link when it shows up with the selections.

When Jackie's page comes up, you will see there are several dates... click on the arrow to the Right of the date of the post you want to read. Then scroll down through Jackie's post, all the way to the bottom of the comments where you can click on "reply"

Hope this works! :)

Sharon N said...

WHOOT!!!! Victor won POV!!!!!

Sharon N said...

Now they're gonna have to start worrying about VICTOR winning it all. LOL
He's certainly on a win streak, and gave up $5k (to James) so he could keep POV.

tbc said...

I can't access more than 200 comments on my iPhone. I hit the "load more" but it doesn't do anything.
I hope that helps Anon @ 7:26

Jean in Tampa said...

Tbc, samething happened to me with my phone. I changed to "View web version". It's at the bottomoment here.

tbc said...

Thanks, Jean in Tampa. You made my day!!