Saturday, August 27, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Saturday - August 27

Definitely expendable to me

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of James, What Have You Done?:
  • The quick lowdown -- James GAVE Nicole the HoH win, Corey won the care package allowing him to bribe someone with $5,000, Nicole put Michelle and Paul on the block.
  • So, you think that Paul ... the one who has been arguing with Nicole for weeks ... is the target?
  • Nope.
  • Paul and Victor have wormed their way into Corey's head as his new "ride or dies."
  • Thus, Corey stopped being a vacant stare of man and convinced Nicole that James, Natalie and Michelle are not in their best interest for their end games.
  • Now, mind you, I don't care if Michelle goes. She's very expendable to me. I don't think she brings much to the live feeds (and thus my entertainment) other than a faux superfan who cries a lot.
  • But, if someone is IN the game, they shouldn't want to be going with either Paul or Victor to the end game as both have played the game extremely well and stand a chance of winning.
  • ... even though Paul can be so obnoxious.
  • The nominations were set up between Victor/Paul and Nicole/Corey before they happened.
  • Paul is NOT the target -- he's the pawn.
  • If the nominations remain the same after veto, the voting will most likely be a tie unless James or Natalie flip against Michelle.
  • If there is a tie between Michelle and Paul, Nicole will vote out Michelle.
  • The problems come in with the veto.
  • If Michelle wins it and takes herself down, it's quite likely that James will go on the block.
  • If there's a tie vote there, will Nicole stick with James whom she is friends outside of the house? Or will she make the move against Paul, thus alienating her This Season's Showmance with Corey and her new buddy Victor?
  • If Paul wins the veto and saves himself (or someone saves him), James will go up against Michelle and quite likely could be voted out no matter how much Nicole would prefer Michelle to go.
  • I personally fear for James. He just might have ended his game by being the nice guy, trusting Nicole and giving her the HoH win.
  • Where does the $5,000 bribe come in?
  • Oh, Corey will bribe Victor to vote out Michelle. Or, he'll bribe Nicole. D'oh!
  • Maybe not. But they're already making vacation plans. Cancun.
  • James and Natalie think the target is Paul this week.
  • Paul has been distancing himself a bit from Victor, as well as Corey/Nicole.
  • This is all for show, you know.
  • Victor is Corey and Nicole's new third wheel.
  • If things continue on this course, it will be a Paul and Victor final two.
  • And, if that's the case, they'd deserve the win.
  • I can believe Corey being taken in. He's not all that bright in the ways of BB. (Perhaps not is some other ways, as well.)
  • But James and Nicole, as veteran players, should be working together. Any other cast of hamsters and the veterans would have all been out by now.
  • I think both have tossed their chance of winning into the gutter.
  • Of course, if the move is made to vote out Paul this week, that would be a game changer for them.

Victor is their new best friend

Doesn't realize the danger he's in

Ready to bribe "someone"

Needs to step up her game


JonMD1267 said...

Another awesome recap !!!! Go team Victor. It was funny last night Nicole was acting like she was a ninja and could have stayed on the wall and James was the one caving lol. Let's see if James throws the veto comp as well lol. This batch of vets turned on each other way to quick and Nicole and James totally should not have come back they kind of have tarnished their previous times in the house by their actions this go round.

Anonymous said...

I really hope that Paul and Victor end up final two, with Victor winning. In my opinion they are the only two that deserve the win, as they have been playing better than anyone else. I would have loved to see James win, but you can't win the game by giving up and giving in to everybody. How awesome would it be to see Victor win it all, after being voted out twice?

Chacha said...

I think James last night realized he may end up being the one out the door this week if he doesn't win the veto.

My hope is that Natalie wins the veto...Yes ha ha ha I know and then pulls Meech down.

If either James or Vic go up I can't see Nicole voting out James at all.

I don't see Meech or Natalie voting James out either.

Nicole knows that if she is a tie breaker and takes out James "america will be mad at her"(in her whiney voice)

Petals said...

Thank you, Jackie!
I think that Paul COULD go home this week; a few pawns-of-the-past have gone home when they were sure of safety. We can all still see looks on their faces...
Is there anything worse than a "winner" over-celebrating? Nicole is acting she had it in the bag, when it was James who CHOSE to stepped down. Sure he was shivering, but he could've shivered for HOURS up there. She needs a slice of Humble Pie served to her.
Maybe Corey can feed it to her when he dumps her after this season? But until then...
Let the Wonder(bread)Twins go to Cancun [hey Corey, spell "Cancun"] so they can have the same boring, pseudo-sex that they've been doing in the house. *yawn*
I'm still really proud of Victor and his game-play. He's funny, sociable, confident, and is playing a great game!
Victor or James for the win! ♥

Cheryl in NC said...

I have been team James from the beginning but after giving the hoh away this week,he derves to go home if it happens. As much as I dislike Paul and while I like Victor.he has been voted out twice, I have no problem with them being final 2. I mean in the beginning with their alliance with Josea ,that should have been both of their downfalls.Well it was Vics ,but once he won his way back in he should have been right back out the door.If he had been he would not have been around for the 2nd comeback.If they are final 2 ,which at this point if they get James out this week,they most likely will be.I am hoping Victor for the win!
I agree James is screwed if he does not win veto. Even if Nat wins it,she might could be bribed to use it...which I would be sooo disappointed in her if she did. Guess we will wait and see.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see Michelle walk out the door this week. She should have been voted out weeks ago.

Sharon N said...

Veto picks: Nicole pulled Victor, Paul HG choice - Corey, Michelle got James.
Natalie is hosting.

Ed in Ohio said...

Veto Picks;

4 (N-V-P-C) vs. 1 & 1/2 (J-M). Looks like James is all alone.

Looks like Paul & Victor will cruise to the end. ~yawn~

Cheryl in NC said...

So Paul choosing Cory should be a big wake call for James to show him he is in big trouble if he doesnt win this veto!Nobody to blame but himself for being in this predicament though.

Judi Sweeney said...

Thank you Jackie!

I hope James opens his eyes with Paul picking Corey and he starts talking to Nicole!!! Get her to open her eyes about Paul and Victor... Keep it Paul and Michelle and say bye, bye to either of them... Smiling... But mainly PAUL....

Jackie H. from NC said...

How are James and Nicole friends outside the house? I didn't know this. Corey is so dumb. I'm surprised Nicole chose him as a bed buddy.

Sharon N said...

Corey @@
Trying to figure out how he can use the ACP so it will benefit him for getting Off Slop or, better yet, bribe Nicole so they can take a vacation in Cancun.

Really? I don't think this is what BB had in mind.
When BB is over, I fully expect he'll dump Nicole. Well, after their $5k vacation is over (if BB allows it to be used that way). He's such a dolt.

Sharon N said...

Jackie H.,
Most former BB hamsters become friends and associate with each other outside the game... even if they weren't on the same season. You could call it a brotherhood/sisterhood, of sorts.
From what I've read, James is friends with Nicole as well as her parents, which indicates he has visited them.

Petals said...

Yeah, Jackie H - like Sharon said: HGs from former seasons have to spend so much time together doing press & such, they become pals.

Yes, Sharon, I agree - Corey is a dolt. He didn't want this "showmance", but Nicole seems sooo enamored with him that he can't quite deny her. She seems so blown away that "the most handsome man in BB history {her words, NOT mine}" is paying attention to her. Believe me, Nicole - he is with you by default!

*smh* This is a frustrating season.

Miss Margaret said...

Nicole and Corey seemed to be so firm on their alliance with Natalie and James last Thursday. James' long late-night whisper session with them gave me the impression that they were all very leery of the Paul-Victor shenanigans. Corey seems to have short-term memory problems when it comes to playing the game...

I too am SO disappointed in James giving in to Nicole's whining. He'll be lucky to survive this week.

I caught just a bit of BBAD last night. Natalie, James, and Michelle were all asleep. I assumed that Nicole was in the DR. The three guys were up in the HOH bonding. The talk was so disgusting that I could only handle a half an hour. They are so crude and so full of themselves. Are men really like this when there are no women around!!?? I had to turn it off when Paul started talking about how they were all going to go to Prague (!) to party and, boy, what a time he was going to show them. "Have I told you my Prague stories?" asks Paul. "Yeah, you told me once." wearily replies Victor off screen. "Did I tell you ALL of them?" pushes Paul. "Where's the remote?" thinks I...

Anonymous said...

PLEASE wake up James & Nicole. Paul is gross! Get him out of there and never let him return to any BB event. He is totally disgusting. WAKE UP JAMES!

Petals said...

^5 Anon!

Jean said...

Miss Margaret, I watched BBAD last night. Once Paul started talking about Prague, BBAD switched to another room. I figured the director didn't want to hear Paul go on and on and on with his story.

Petals said...

Jean - Thank you! Exactly. I agree that producers are NOT Paul fans. LOL

David said...

Jean, actually I think BB was trying to save what little reputation Paul has left. He is going to be involved with future BB events, charities, etc. and if he is on the same level as Aaron is he is no good to them. This is my opinion of course.

Petals said...

Just feeding a little bit today - Paul is EATEN UP with jealousy of Victor. Deep down, you know he hates him. In real life, they'd never run in the same circles, but in the house together? Paul is "close" to Vic, but only to study him. Like a psychopath: 'how can I be more like HIM'?
hehehehehe. Sorry, Paul - on your best day, you'll never be Victor.

Anonymous said...

From day one I thought Paul was disgusting but he really proved it when he called meech the C word and said 'didn't care'. He is obnoxious, arrogant and annoying as hell. Hope he is gone this week. Was never a fan of vics' he is too full of himself, but he has proven he deserves to be there and I hope he is in the F2..he earned the win IMO. still don't like him though. Happy as can be that BB finally started to show us the true natalie not the sweet innocent little thing they first tried to have us believe. What she said to Z about paulie was only done to be vindictive and hurt her, she didn't do it cause she's a girls girl and thought Z deserved to know as she claimed. Paulie even gave nat a sincere apology for all the things he said to her, she says she accepts his apology and then ran to james calling paulie a liar amongst other names. She whines that it breaks her heart to hear ppl talking about others and it would make her cry if people talked about her that way but seems its okay when she is the one talking hateful stuff about others. HYPOCRITE!! I laughed when paul said that nat/james back stabbed him and can't keep their word when they put him on the block..funny though cause didn't paul do that exact same thing when he had vic put paulie on the block? Michelle is useless hasn't done anything at all...James (to me) was a huge disappointment this season. I just hope that nicole isn't stupid enough to get michelle out this week and keep both vic/paul..if she does, then she deserves to go out next week. Its amazing to me how dense corey is..I don't think he has a clue how to play this game, all he has done is laid in bed the whole time..shocked he made it this far. Lets hope meech comes off the block and nicole puts up vic, so that it ensures paul goes home. Tired of hearing paul rattle off about how great he thinks he is.

Nickelpeed said...

This is an ideal nomination. I don't care which one goes home. I'm hoping neither win the VETO. The others can fight over who they want out. Victor and Paul should realize by now, that America never voted for them to get a package because they were not really well liked. I can't wait to see who gets VETO; and I can't wait to find out who Corey bribes. Doesn't it have to be only to the ones who have votes? It can't go to Nicole or the ones on the block, right?

On a sadder note, we helped our sweet 16 yo Beagle, Sarah to the Rainbow Bridge on Friday. Such a hard thing to do. She was not eating or drinking. We didn't want to see her starve to death, so decided it was best to help her to the Bridge. She went very fast. The Vet had a hard time finding a vein, but once she did, Sarah was gone fast. My heart hurts so badly. I feel so guilty. I feel like I killed her. I know I didn't, but it just hurts. She was very sick. In her last stages of Congested Heart Failure. I just couldn't watch her dwindle away to nothing. I am so going to miss her supper dances. Never realized why Snoopy danced for his food, until we got Sarah. I loved her dances. Sweet dreams little one. You are going to be missed so much. <3

Jean said...

Nickelpeed, I'm so sorry for your loss.

Jackie H. from NC said...

I waited as long as I could to see who got POV and they haven't done it yet. I don't know if I can take it. If Paul gets it my nerves will be shot. We'll see.

Ed in Ohio said...

Penny, So sorry for your loss. I know how you must feel.

I had a similar situation quite a few years ago with our Cocker Spaniel 'Princess'. She seemed to have the same condition as you describe with your 'Sarah' but before we could make that final decision she died in my arms, looking right at me.

Ed in Ohio said...

Nicole won veto.

monty924 said...

Penny, I'm so sorry for your family's loss. HUGS and prayers for comfort your way!!

Nickelpeed said...

Thank you Jean, Ed, and Monty.

Ed, I had that happen to our Pom/Chi, Mischa, last month. He also had congested heart failure. After awhile, the medicines just do not help. He had a really bad night. He finally fell asleep and I went to bed. Got up for church the next morning. He was sitting with my husband and breathing really bad. I picked him up and sat down with him in my arms. He looked up at me, sighed and passed.

I know it was hard for you. I bawled my eyes out. I had two other dogs die at the vet's, years ago. I promised my other dogs that they would never die a lone.

I haven't had 2 dogs since 2005. It's strange. I caught myself calling to Sarah to go outside last night. Then I realized she wasn't with us any more. We spoil our dogs. I am so going to miss Sarah's supper dance and her pretending she didn't hear us by turning her head the other way. LOL. With Mischa, I'm missing his "arguing". I'd actually talk to him and he'd answer back. Seriously. He was so funny.

Pets are family.

Judi Sweeney said...

Penny, I am so very sorry to hear of your loss. Our fur babies are such a Blessing... Hugs...