Saturday, August 06, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Saturday Evening, Power of Veto - August 6

Enough Jeff, more than enough Jeff

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Blocked Live Feeds:
  • The live feeds have been blocked most of the time since the hamsters woke up.
  • They picked the veto players.
  • The live feeds were blocked for that.
  • But we found out anyway.
  • In addition to Victor, Michelle and Zakiyah -- it's Paulie, James and Nicole. Paul is hosting.
  • James will throw it. He doesn't want to be in that position.
  • Natalie, sure that she will hit the jury house rather than the win, told James that no matter who he's against at the end (if he makes it there), he has her vote.
  • Aw, ain't that sweet?
  • That's pretty much all that happened before the feeds got blocked with Jeff Highlights for the PoV comp.
  • Six and a half hours as I type this while waiting for the return.
  • Grr.
  • Seven hours.
At nearly eight hours after the feeds block, they're back on.
PAULIE is wearing the PoV necklace. What a shocker! It was the search through/mess up the house veto comp.

Gee, Paulie won a comp for a change


monty924 said...

Oops... we were having so much fun on the last one that we missed this one. :)))

Thanks, Jackie for giving us grown/mature (ahem) adults a place to play on a Saturday night. Hope you're feeling better and will see you tomorrow night.

Sharon N said...

We were having WAAAY too much fun on the other thread! lol

Unless someone gets serious about Paulie, he's going to win the whole thing... with very little competition. Anyone sitting next to him can say whatever, but everyone will know he's been King o' the Hill the entire summer. Unless they develop some smarts and it's not looking good for that to happen.

Sharon N said...

Poor Victor. All upset because the place is a mess. LOL
The BB house is NOT a place for anyone who has a hang-up over neat and tidy!

Sharon N said...

Oh-oh.... James just might be in trouble on the DE. :(

monty924 said...

David and Sharon, thanks for playing along with "when the POV started". It was hysterical and brought back a lot of funny memories. :))

I think that Paulie should be at the top of everyone's DE plans and if not they are all idiots.

Sharon N said...

Monty, I think we've already come to the "they're idiots" conclusion.... LOL
Nic and Corey stop cleaning 1st, and now it sounds like Corey may have slept thru some of the comp? geez

monty924 said...

True that, Sharon. When they are in there, they don't see who their biggest threats are. It should be obvious though with Paulie winning physical, mental and the crap shoot Hide and Go Veto. James needs to step it up. He's been on Michelle's radar for a long time and he's on the other's too. He needs to stop playing it safe or he will play himself right into the jury where he landed last season.

Sharon N said...

Paulie doesn't even need Dan's Mist. I've come to the realization they've all mentally regressed... and they're blinded by those teenage hormone rages.

David said...

Well, this blows my dream of how to get Paulie out. Someone had better wake up and take a shot at Paulie soon. It is sooo frustrating not being able to reach through the screen and smack some sense into them. lol If Paulie is smart, which is highly questionable, he will get Victor to put up Paul or Cory, maybe even James if he uses the Veto on "Z", and take out his competition.

Ugggggg BBAD is on and of course it is all every ones favorite HG's and nothing else so far, Paul and Paulie.

Everyone have a great night. =)

Karen said...

Does anyone think Paulie will use the veto to save Z???? And if he doesn't, will she finally get it that "he's not that in to her"?

monty924 said...
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Sharon N said...

Indication are that "Z" drew HG's Choice and picked Paulie.
With him winning VETO, she's feeling safe (stupid girls).
However, Paulie is saying he's not using the VETO and everyone can vote how they want.
But we all know that can and probably will change.

In the meantime, Paul is working pretty hard on getting HGs mad at James. He's telling Paulie & Victor that even Natalie is mad at James (for the mess).

If James goes, I don't know if I'll be able to stand watching the rest of these jerks for several more weeks. It used to be that we could find more than 1 to cheer for, but not this time. :(