Saturday, August 27, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Saturday Evening, Power of Veto - August 27

Lost in thought? BWAHAHAHA!

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Goodness and Light:
  • Goodness and Light? Hmm. I must have the wrong address.
  • Corey is still stuck on what he'll do with his care package bribe.
  • BB woke 'em all up to make them pick veto players.
  • Nicole drew Victor. Paul got Houseguest's Choice and went for Corey. Michelle drew James. Natalie will host.
  • And, there is no one else for the audience!
  • Victor seems to have turned the social game for both Paul and himself.
  • He's really worked his way into Corey's head and possibly made Nicole forget that James is her friend.
  • They're all worried about a double eviction this week.
  • We know better.
  • The feeds were blocked for the PoV comp.
  • But, of course, they all talked afterwards.
  • When the feeds came back on, some were still in Christmas costumes.
  • It was a stay or fold comp.
  • And, the winner was Nicole!
  • Apparently, there were reindeer there.
  • Real ones.
  • Nicole wants to keep the nominations the same and her nemesis Michelle will go home as she (Nicole) is the tiebreaker.
  • Paul is trying to make her consider other options.
  • She doesn't seem like she'll cave in.
  • She says he's definitely the pawn and will stay.
  • Nicole says that she and Corey will team up with them (Paul/Victor) after Michelle leaves.
  • I know Paul and Victor are using them.
  • You know Paul and Victor are using them.
  • And, when they get the boot and Paul and Victor are the final two, maybe they'll realize they were using them.

Oh, James ... get your act together!


He's not likeable, but he is playing the game.

First PoV win for Nicole, either season.

Is her fate sealed? I think so.


Sharon N said...

My opinion of Corey:
BB probably had high hopes because he fits their par for the course billing of the young, good-looking, and apparently educated guy. How did he manage to hide the fact that he is nothing but an empty shell... a "place holder" (so to speak). It's readily apparent to the most casual observer that Corey has no personality, and no depth whatsoever.

In fact, Corey personifies Paul's (cough-cough) apt description of "don't care." Not about the other players, and most certainly not about the game. In fact, I'm convinced he'd just as soon it was over-and-done so he can get back to doing whatever it is he does. Oh, he'll probably take time out for the vacation Nicole is so willing to provide... just before he dumps her butt.

~~Silk said...

Johnny Mac visited some BB18 casting calls, in Scranton, New York, and Philadelphia. In NY and Philly, the line of hopefuls extended out the door and down the block. Scranton was kind of sad, only about 100 people showed up. He indicated he'd like to come back next year and take it all. Video:

Miss Margaret said...

I don't get the live feeds. Has James been able to (or even realized he needs to) spend time chatting up Nicole and Corey to ensure that their alliance from last week is still on? Does he seem to see how Paul and Victor are manipulating what little mind and will Corey has?

Sharon N said...

Miss Margaret,
James has mentioned that he'd like to talk to Nicole privately in HOH, but Paul and Victor have firmly planted themselves in the HOH room... and anywhere else Nic/Corey happen to be. P/V are doing a good job making sure James can't talk to them at all.

monty924 said...

James can't get in a convo with Nicole because they are doing the tried and true tag team monopoly of the HOH. It works people, but she will eventually get time with him. Paul took over Nat's HOH room and he's now taking over Nicole's.

Sharon N, I wanted to like Corey after the first night when he said, as a newbie, that he wanted to work with Nicole because I wanted the vets to have some back up numbers. So, he was super cool with me. He lost me with the lighting the goat on fire story and I haven't liked him since. I did throw him 15 of my 20 votes because I didn't want Paul to win the ACP and it was delicious to watch him not get it, lol.

Sharon N said...

Yeah Monty,
Besides all the points I feel about Corey, there were a couple of horrendous stories he decided to share with the public. Whether those stories are true or not, just the fact that he finds those kinds of activities amusing past-times shows that under the blank-stare pretty face, there's an uglier side to him than simply being a boring dolt.

monica said...

I'm pretty sure James knows by now he made a big mistake trusting Nicole aka floater of the year.
I don't think he will get AFP. Did someone forget to tell him this is not a repeat of his previous season?

Judi Sweeney said...

I hope Nicole stays with not using the POV! I also hope James gets time alone with Nicole to talk!!! The thought that the first thing Corey thinks about doing once he finds out he is a have not.... Is going to the DR to ask if he can use the $5,000.00 to bribe someone to do his "have not" time makes me sick! Is this guy for real? He would waste what we gave him on a have not... Really?! A waste of BB space!!

Miss Margaret said...

It's 10 minutes into BBAD, and Paul has literally not stopped talking since it came on. And he was probably speaking long before they started airing!!!! And there's no end in sight.

Nickelpeed said...

I'm glad Nicole won, but dang it, Nicole, vote out PAUL!! Michelle is a piece of cake. I know she doesn't like you and you do not like her, but she is not the threat!!!!

Miss Margaret said...

Gad... 45 minutes of saying the same things over and over and over. Where is everybody else!!??? I just noticed someone else in one of the other bumper cars a little while ago. How could they stand listening to that drivel!!!

Oh look, it's James and Natalie. At last. James, my boy, get OUT of that bed and go work it with Nicole and Corey.!!!

David said...

That lasted almost an hour and a half with Paul just rambling on and on. So he goes to talk to the "boys" and just starts repeating it all over again. SHUT UP Paul. lol

monty924 said...
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monty924 said...

This is where Nicole is missing the picture. Michelle would be a perfect person to take all the way to the end because nobody would vote for her (maybe Da'Vonne but I don't think she would either). This is the time that you have ONE opportunity to get a huge threat out of the house. She could put Vic up there and everyone would vote him out. I don't mind Nic wanting Michelle out as much as I can't stand the way she has just totally flipped her thought process because of Paul. She has to know that Paul and Vic are the two threats as far as comps go if they go through with this final four plan. She may get dragged to the final three with Vic and Paul, but I doubt it. Oh well, it is what it is. :))

Stormy said...

Nicole is not playing the game with her head or she would want to have Michelle beside her in the end. Her head is so into Corey she is on a LONG date this summer. Poor James had a lapse also when he gave her the win. May have cost him and NATALIE the game. tried to watch BBAD and if anyone could watch that without the fast forward in hand my hat is off to you. First hour Paul going on and on and on. Second hour Paul tell Vic and Corey what he said in the first hour. Wow BB just does not get we do not enjoy seeing and hearing Paul and all the wisdom he had acquired in his 22 years.; LOL

chrob61 said...

Nicole! Just leave the noms the same and vote out Meech with the tiebreaking vote. Next week my poolboy Paul and Victor will go on a reign of terror!!

Petals said...

OK - I just checked-out Paul's apparel site: He sells a shirt that says Friendship and another than says PISSED

Geesh - his entire summer has been one long commercial. @@ I despise him and his
rambling voice. He never shuts up! He's the Vanessa of this season.

Cheryl in NC said...

Lol petals...does he sell one that says boned too....i am so sick of hearing that word.

Petals said...

Not yet - but I'm sure he'll be adding that to his product line.
All it is is a funnyfaced skeleton face in different scenarios.
A bunch of T shirts & hats.
And you know? Good on Paul, for actually having a 'job', etc. But
shame on CBS for making this season a 3-mth commercial for Paul's
apparel, and Corey's app. Bor-ING!

I'd be happy with a James/Victor F2.

Stormy said...

I am a James fan but now I am at a point to be ANYBODY but Paul fan

Judi Sweeney said...

I know what you mean Cheryl.... I am tired of hearing that word too!

Seriously Petals... Obviously every time he says the word friendship it is strictly a commercial! You would think BB or CBS would shut that type of advertising down!