Sunday, August 14, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Sunday - August 14

ZingBot for President cap from the comp

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Pouting Paulie:
  • I last left you with the fact that Victor won the Golden Power of Veto. Now, I'll go into more details.
  • It's now not only Nicole in a costume (Safety Cone) from the HoH comp, but Corey and Paul have their own stuff going on from the veto.
  • Corey has an Uncle Sam type patriotic version of the unitard.
  • Paul has a secret agent suit and appointed rounds he must make.
  • The Veto Comp? Why, it was ... the annual ZingBot appearance!
  • We all know that Michelle kept saying she wanted to experience it. Well, she got her chance. She's not crying, so it couldn't have been horrible. It had something to do with her crying and vomiting. Hmm.
  • ZingBot apparently told Paul to shut up. We live feeders appreciate that, thankyouverymuch.
  • Interesting ... Natalie and Corey both are on medication for ADD. It seems like more than a few hamsters each season lately are in that boat. That never used to be a "thing." It makes me wonder if pharmaceutical companies have something to do with all these cases of ADD diagnosed in recent years. (But that's another topic.)
  • The hamsters all seem sure it will be Paulie being evicted, even Paulie.
  • Corey tossed the idea to Nicole that they should team up with James. 
  • Sorry, too late to do that now, Texas Boy!
  • Nicole knows that wouldn't work at this point. She realizes that their connection with Paulie has both of their games doomed at this time. Unless they both pull out solid wins for the rest of the season, they're outnumbered and targeted.
  • It's a sad and somewhat somber Paulie. Instead of saying it's James behind it all like he did over the past few days, it's Natalie.
  • She's an evil, bad, mean person, y'know!
  • Aww, Paulie doesn't want any harsh goodbye messages.
  • He's sensitive, right?
  • Unfortunately, he probably won't get mean goodbyes because no one ever wants to deliberately alienate a jury member.
  • ZingBot must have portrayed Corey and Nicole as the showmance of the season. The Corey zing had something to do with Hayden (Nicole's failed shromance). 
  • Corey denied the showmance; Nicole ain't too happy with that!
  • Nicole won a trip to anywhere in the USA during the veto comp. Neither she nor Corey are really sure if Hawaii is part of the USA. @@
  • Nicole said she could always cash the trip in for $5,000 as Zach did with his Germany trip a few seasons ago.
  • Victor's zing was in Spanish, apparently calling him something similar to a d-bag.
  • Paulie, the little Miss FussBudget that he is, is fussing that he doesn't want to go to jury. If he doesn't have the round trip ticket, he just wants out.
  • Others are worrying that he'll self-evict.
  • An ego is a terrible thing to lose, eh?
  • Paulie thinks that he, Corey and Nicole have been ganged up on by the house.
  • Obviously, it was different when he was leading the ganging up!
  • He thinks that James, Paul and Victor are good people (outside the house) while Natalie and Michelle are bad people.
  • Hmm ... sexist much? After all, it's his "good people" who are actually responsible for putting him in the position he's in!
  • Then Paulie said he lied on his application for the show and a psychologist told him not to go on because he has "clinical claustrophobia."
  • Grabbing at straws there, Paulie Boy. That was never a problem when you ran the house and it is now, huh?
  • He continued to mope, whine, fuss throughout the evening and into the night.
  • Oh my gosh. I think this must be what we get these days when children are mollycoddled and everything they do is viewed through rose-colored glasses.
  • Perhaps I should be thankful that life has knocked me on the butt more than a few times, starting much before Paulie's age. Paulie must have always won everything and had everything he ever wanted or he'd be reacting just a tad better with the latest.
  • As James says, "It's a GAME."
  • Victor handed off the $5,000 prize money in the comp to James for the veto. Good. I think James can use the money more. I don't think he earns a heck of a lot and he does have to support his daughter. Plus, it gives Victor the responsibility of keeping his nominations the same without putting anyone else in the position.
  • It seems like the latest final four group is Paul, Victor, Natalie and James. I wouldn't mind that one.
  • (As long as James wins it all!) Heehee!
  • Paulie must have a punishment of making pies on demand from the comp. He says he won't do and will take the penalty votes. After all, he's been ganged up on and his fate is sealed.
  • Meanwhile, Paul is getting into his secret agent punishment gig. He has to make rounds of the house when the red alert goes off, clearing each area. He's trying to rock it.
  • He has his suit, but is allowed to swim with a tie and bathing suit. He also must wear the sunglasses all the time.
  • Paulie's pie punishment also has him doing some kind of anthem.
  • Michelle offered Paulie a sympathy vote. You can guess how that worked out!
  • Michelle keeps acting like she wants Paulie to stay and pep-talking him. I certainly hope that's just game play strategy of some kind.
  • He's grabbing onto the dream, though.
  • She feels sorry for him.
  • I don't. Do you?
  • The veto meeting won't be until tomorrow. I doubt Victor will save either of them, with Paulie being slated to go away. Victor knows that, in physical comps, Paulie is his biggest competition. 

Your friends don't dance, they're no friends of mine

(I keep expecting Nicole to break into The Safety Dance!)

On the block, too bad, so sad.

Meet Baldwin, the eagle

Corey has his stars and stripes

Paul is a Man in Black secret agent


Stormy said...

If Paulie does not abide by his punishment they should just show him the door from the DR. He is just a big baby acting up because he is not in control. He sees himself as a hero and others see him as zero but that is just to much for him to accept. I do not every remember in all the years someone acting like he does . I think he thought he was going to start on day l and breeze through to the win. After all he is Cory's brother and Derrick's student.

Petals said...

BBAD was hard to watch, Paulie trying to so hard to make small talk. But there is a lower level of stress in the house.

Mr. Petals - VICTOR - makes me smile. His laugh is great. Of course, he's made the target on his own back HUGE.

ceemurph said...

Shouldn't production have done this co-HOH sooner? I feel like there aren't enough HGs since the two HOH and the two moms won't get a vote. There's only three votes left. Seems like a lame idea at this point. Thoughts?

ceemurph said...

Noms not moms. Duh.

Petals said...

Am I the only one who hasn't heard of these knives? I own Wusthof and Paula Deen knives; no one ever tried to sell me a door-to-door knife. Am I missing out?

Regarding the ADD meds - yes, of course they are over-prescribed. People that need them aren't on them and vice-versa. Me? I'm drug-free right now (dammit!) so I barely sleep, barely eat, cannot concentrate. I'll be better next week when my dealer is back in town, LOL.

These costumes are so... Party City. Cheap, silly. I don't blame them for not taking the "trip"; the accommodations are probably bottom-of-the-line, like everything else in the house.

Petals said...

One Guy, One Jar is getting tons of views now... Thanks Paul!

ILoveAGoodTrainWreck said...

Petals said - - " Am I the only one who hasn't heard of these knives? I own Wusthof and Paula Deen knives; no one ever tried to sell me a door-to-door knife. Am I missing out? "

What knives would those be? Not all of us watch the live feeds and/or BBAD.

Miss Margaret said...

I missed part of the conversation last night, but it sounded like they were talking about Cutco knives. They aren't bad knives, but the company uses the home demo sales model. They hire college-age kids as sales reps primarily, and apparently it's quite a scheme. My son was telling me about some of his friends who fell for it. I think you have to lay out a lot of money up front to purchase your samples. Catch promises that you can make big bucks, but that doesn't often happen.

Sharon N said...

I don't know the name of the knife set, but our minister's son hit up everyone in the congregation...selling them to help pay for his college education. For what they cost, it shouldn't have taken him very long to reach his goal. lol

Pouting Paulie. Interesting that he would be claustophobic 'locked in' at the Jury House, but just fine if he gets the r/t ticket and returns to be locked in the BB house. Who knew? claustrophobia is house-specific! LMAO

Miss Margaret said...

Darn auto-correct. Cutco promises... not Catch

Miss Margaret said...

Anyone who is truly claustrophobic wouldn't have squeezed into a little bed between the wall and hulking Corey...

Jean in Tampa said...

Claustrophobic? A few times Polly crawled through the "tunnel" to get to the Paris Room. He's a weiner, I mean whiner, not a winner. hehe

Sharon N said...

Paul and Natalie have a lot in common. He's a lot 'deeper'than one would think.
After reading the convo they were having last night, it gave me a new perspective on both of them, especially his life outside the house. Yeah, his family owns a big home that screams $$$$$, but he says his dad worked hard for everything they have, and worked to bring the family to America. Paul also says he grew up after a lightbulb moment when he was 21, and supports himself with his own endeavors. If all he says is to be believed, he's had some very interesting life experiences.

I totally believe when he says he's having fun. Also interesting...he said he's never had a convo with Corey. I can't remember the exact words, but it added up to...Corey is an 'empty' shell. Couldn't have said it better!!

David said...

LOL, I said a few threads back Paulie would want to self evict if he didn't win the VETO. Having been knocked on my butt, starting when I was on my own at 15, I can tell his type after just a few minutes of conversation. I did manage to work at a lumber yard and make myself graduate from High school, but going to college was out of the question as I had to work just to survive.

Maybe I should try out for that show Alone. LOL I have been alone for most of my life and that seems to be most of the contestants downfall, the isolation.

Maybe this will help Paulie grow a little finally not being handed what he thinks he is entitled to, if he doesn't walk off the stage straight home if he doesn't have the RTT.

Sorry, but I just can't feel anything but delight in the plight of poor Paulie and how the whole world has turned on him, denying him his perceived Just Desserts.

Sharon N said...

It's too bad, but I doubt this will be a learning experience for Paulie. All indications show he's been spoiled all his life and feels entitled. Which means he will receive the appropriate amount of sympathy when he goes back to being coddled by those who created this monster. I just hope Michelle isn't really feeling that sorry for Paulie, so she doesn't jack the vote with misplaced sympathy. Crazy people!!

I wasn't able to go to college either, but didn't have the same kind of rough start as you indicate. My family was at the lower end of middle income, but sis and I were so lucky. Mom & Dad saved so we were able to have inexpensive family vacations... visiting family (out of state) and going to National Parks, back when those were still free, or at least low cost. Sis and I always knew there wouldn't be $$ for college, but we were fortunate because that was a time when it was easier to find jobs that didn't require college... and most of the larger businesses still offered retirements (almost unheard of now).

MikesGirl said...

Does anyone know why Big Brother is on this coming Friday night? I was flipping through the guide when I saw. If this has been previously discussed, I apologize as I didn't see it. ~kim

Sharon N said...

We've all been trying to figure it out also. Nothing was said about "why" the extra Friday show. The Wed and Thurs shows are still scheduled, so Friday isn't a replacement.

David said...

Yes Sharon, finding a company to who would be willing to hire a 15-16 year old today is unheard of unless it is volunteer work. I managed to work from yard help all the way up to asst. manager but the lumber yard was locally owned and I worked directly under the owner so could go no further. After 6 years I went to a national chain starting as salesman but making more money and worked my way up to asst. manager there.

Had to leave that job because of legal troubles (caused by alcohol) that prevented me from being able to do necessary functions the job required.

Moved to NM and started working the other side of construction, the actual work. I knew all about it but didn't have any hands on experience. Was working for a local company owned by Gary Johnson, yes the current candidate for POTUS, doing local work when he managed to get the contract to build the expansion of the Intel plant.

Started in the Mechanical department as a helper and worked my way up to pipe fitter and welder getting my Mechanical license (plumbing) along the way. Smashed my back breaking 2 vertebrae at work and took a healthy settlement from that so I am for the most part retired now. 3 surgeries later and I am fine, even built the house I am living in now by myself. =))

Sorry about running on about my life story. Back to BB and laughing at Paul taking his new "job" way too seriously.

Judi Sweeney said...

One word... VANESSA!

How soon we forget how much self pity, crying, bullying and drama she was... Throughout the season! If I remember correctly, there weren't many of us who liked Vanessa! I remember all the comments we were making about her!

On a good note, Paulie is going and I hope Paul is following soon! I think he will not listen to Zingbot and his endless know it all ways and also playing multiple sides will catch up! Come on James....

David said...

LOL Judi. =)

I didn't mind Vanessa's game play, I just wished she would stop crying so much. It did grate on you.

Forgot to mention in my last post that all I do now is mostly consulting work. Going over blueprints, looking for errors and better ways to utilize the piping/ducting designs that these designers today seem to have no clue how they actually work. At least I can do it mostly from home. Getting called out to a job to fix and re-design problems are rare.

Cheryl in NC said...

Don't be sorry about sharing part of your life story.That's one thing I love about hanging out here,the people are friends and fill comfortable sharing their lives. Sorry to hear about the accident but sounds like you are doing ok now. Very cool that you were able to build your own house...that is impressive even for someone who has not suffered an injury like you recovered from.

Now back to the Paulie gets the boot and does not have the return ticket..soooo ready for him to be gone!

Petals said...

Cutco knives - I think I heard that name. Thank you.

MikesGirl said...

Thanks Sharon. I did notice that all the regular nights are still on-just an extra show. I hope it doesn't have anything to do with the return ticket. If Paulie gets voted out and has the return ticket I just might be sick :( ~kim

Sharon N said...

It was interesting to learn your story. :)
You are well-spoken, quick-witted, and post some really funny/realistic insights on the HGs that I always enjoy.

New Mexico is a beautiful state and was on the short list for our retirement (mom/sis/bro-in-law and myself). Although my time there was short, I did love living in Albuquerque (Sept 1995 - Dec 1998). It was mom's favorite state, so she came to visit several times...and thrilled with the Balloon Fiesta. I didn't mind living alone at all.. mostly doing what I wanted when I wanted, but took early retirement and moved back to CA. Living in Colorado Springs now.

Back to BB...and Paulie crying again.
Corey confused by Paulie took the VETO from him in the comp. LOL
HELLO, maybe because he wanted it to stay? @@

David said...

LOL, why would Cory be confused by that? Unless he had bought into the Paulie save me with the veto line and we will all be safe BS that Paulie was shoveling to him. If he really believed that, he has a lot less going on upstairs than I initially thought.

Sharon N said...

You nailed it David, and the convo Natalie had with Paul says he agrees with you!
20 story building and his elevator is stuck on the 1st floor. LOL

David said...

OMG, He was really willing to do a Marcellas with the VETO. LMAO I am sure Nichole would have talked him out of it but just the thought that someone could be talked into doing that again makes me smile with how he would look doing it.

Sharon N said...

Despite everything Victor has said to Polly, he's still saying to Corey, "If WE can win HOH."
Makes me feel like I fell down a rabbit hole...

Nickelpeed said...

Great display of quotes. Love the Friends don't dance, they're no friend of mine!! lol

Nickelpeed said...

I can also handle Paul, Victor, James, and Natalie as the final 4. My pool person is Nicole, but the other 4 would be okay with me. I wonder who has the round trip pass.....

Petals said...

Oh - Penny - Nikelpeed - had a birthday this weekend!
I'll be bringing cake & ice cream this evening.

Petals said...

Happy belated birthday, Penny girl!

Sharon N said...

I'm hoping the R/T is Lucky Numeber 7... since James has #7.
It won't get used, but that's ok. Just as long as it isn't Paulie!

Petals said...

David - marry me!♥♥♥

Sharon N said...

Don't forget... in 40 minutes we can start voting.
I'm putting my votes on Victor... hoping James will stop throwing comps and win HOH.

David said...

I am going to cancel your votes out Sharon and vote for Michelle. =))

Got to remember to do it early. This voting window is only open for 4 hours then it goes on to next days voting.

Becky said...

A stupid football game in on here. I hope it is over in a hurry. I know they will still have 60 minutes. If this wasn't going to be such a great night I would be off to bed. We are putting in new flooring and have worked our tushes off this week. We were going to take the day off after church, but came home and started working again. It is just the second quarter. I think I am going to skip out, read the Sunday paper and then go to bed. I have another full day tomorrow.

Since I did all the whining, let me share some good news....WE HAD 1/2 INCH OF RAIN TODAY. I don't think we have had any rain since June. Chacha, I know you wish you could send part of your rain here and I do too.

If I am not asleep I will come join you for the fun. If not, nighty-night.

Sharon N said...

It's too bad Paul was so loud/obnoxious for so long.. he's having a blast and rockin' his punishment!!!

Ok David, you kinda/sorta convinced me (I'm so weak). LOL
Enough that I'll split he votes between Victor/Michelle.

Jackie Hardin from NC said...

I know what's wrong with Paulie. He "ain't getten nun" so now the headaches have begun. Poor Paulie. Just please go away. When he came into the house he met his match. He is a spoiled brat and gets what he wants, but not this time. I really hope he has a one way ticket.

Judi Sweeney said...

I found your information very interesting David! No need to be sorry!