Sunday, August 21, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Sunday - August 21

The target is safe, or will be safe

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Faux Friendship:
  • Now, the target this week was Paul.
  • But, since Paul won the veto, the focus is shifting to Victor.
  • At least, if James can do anything about it.
  • It's not that he doesn't like Victor. It's that he's actually thinking.
  • Y'see, they must start thinking end game. Victor is almost impossible to get out.
  • You evict him; he comes back.
  • Not only does he come back, but he comes back stronger than any returned hamster in the past -- winning HoH comps, getting in good graces with folks, winning Vetos ...
  • He could possibly win comps until the final two.
  • If he got that far, in a fair world, he'd deserve the win as the Comeback Kid who wouldn't give up.
  • Since Paul was Michelle's (co-HoH) nomination, they're leaving it to her to make the renom.
  • Natalie and James have decided that whoever the renom, they will vote Victor out.
  • The only renom possibilities are Nicole or Corey.
  • Michelle seems to have this feeling that other women are threats to her in the game ... so, she'll probably want to put up Nicole.
  • James and Natalie told Nicole and Corey that they want to target Victor this week.
  • If they don't blow it by acting like they feel too safe and are too happy, the plan should go down.
  • Personally, I'd kind of like to see Victor go. He could then battle for the jury return against Paulie. I'd rather Victor win that than the thought of Paulie ever coming back into the house!
  • In other news, they all went to bed to early. The veto comp was watery and exhausting, whatever it was!
  • Victor got up and roamed the night alone.
  • He first exercised in the once again open backyard. Then he visited the hot tub. Then he showered and walked around the house.
  • Finally, the sole hamster returned to bed.
  • And, all are asleep as I post this.

It will be her decision, Paul was her nom

All alone exercising

All alone in the hot tub


tbc said...

I was thinking the same thing, Jackie. I would rather Victor be voted out so he can "battle" back in against Paulie. That way we won't be subjected to Paulie...ever again. Victor could set a record in BB history to boot!

Jean said...

Good morning Jackie. You wrote that the only renom possibilities are Nicole ando Corey. Why not James? Paul and Victor might be able to talk Michelle in putting up James. Nicole might still be mad at James and vote him out.

Jackie said...

Jean - With Natalie being the original HoH, Michelle feels she's a bit of an add-on. No way would she make the move to nominate James. She really wants Nicole out. If she had her own way, she'd be surrounded by guys in the finals. At least, that's how she's coming across to me. James is guy. So, there's more reason for her to not use him as a renom.

Jean said...

Thank you, Jackie. Have a wonderful day.

Petals said...

If the Battle-Back is "fair", like a skee-ball comp or something like that (where size and athleticism is not an advantage) then Vic may not have a chance to come back. Some dead weight like Z or Da may come back, yikes!
Paul is nauseating. It's difficult to watch the feeds when he is on.


Sharon N said...

Michelle locked the HOH room and was sleeping. Nobody could get in, including HOH Natalie. @@
Did she 'forget' she's Co-HOH and another person has legitimate right to that room as well?

Personally, I think it's all part of her desire to be in control... and just another sign of her jealousy/disrespect towards the other women.

Judy said...

Jackie, thanks for your wonderful blog! You make BB so much more fun! I always read but I rarely comment. However, I had to speak up after watching BBAD last night. There were many different pies on the table (Paulie's work, I assume). Paul tasted all of them by STICKING HIS FINGER IN EACH ONE. Even worse, it was the same finger! I was yelling at the TV - I scared my cat. :-)

I know there are bigger things going on - but food hygiene is important, and that was just gross.

I'm rooting for James. He is such a good guy, through and through. My husband noticed that when they were showing the clip where Michele jumped out at him, he instantly assumed a martial arts position. Guess that time in the Army and working at a correctional institution pays off.

Judy (in the Philly suburbs)

Becky said...

Judy, I am pulling for James for the win. I would be rooting for him even if he wasn't my pool pick.

Petals said...

I agree with you, Judy - James is a sweetheart! I'd LOVE for him to win the big prize.

Sharon N said...

Ditto on James being a good guy and wanting him to win.
A big plus that James can play the game, but never disrespects the women.

Other players/BB fans often underestimate him, but James fits that old saying of, "the inscrutable Asian." He is quiet but always watching/assessing. It may take a few weeks, but he almost always realizes what is happening in every alliance, even when he's not "in the know." Thankfully, Natalie listens and believes in his analyses.

Sharon N said...

I'm debating over who to vote for the next ACP.
Although I don't want Paul to get any ACP, it would actually tempting to do it... and to watch him celebrate America loving him so much that they give him ACP. Only to discover it's only to give $5k to someone else. LMAO

Miss Margaret said...

Judy, I grew up in the Philly suburbs, too! (Broomall to be specific.)

I, too, was TOTALLY grossed out by Paul sticking his finger in the pies. I was already wondering why the heck those pies weren't covered in plastic wrap and put in the fridge, and then he came along and contaminated each and every one. (Talk about double-dipping!)

I love James. He's a nice man and a good player. I can see why he has trouble with the ladies though. I noticed it one night on BBAD a few weeks ago when Natalie wasn't feeling well and was upset about something or other. She just wanted to have some alone time. She kept telling James she wasn't mad at him but just needed to sort stuff out, get some sleep, and she'd be better in the morning. He kept pushing and telling her that if they were friends she HAD TO let him resolved the situation. ... He makes the mistake that a lot of guys make. He's a fixer; he needs to fix every problem. He doesn't understand that sometimes women just need to share the way they feel--just talk a bit and be heard.

monty924 said...

Two years ago on this day, Nicole won the comp to get back into the house. I really don't have that kind of BB memory... it popped up on my Facebook memories from this day, lol. In honor of it, I'll bring the boom boom shrimp that I brought then to the pool tonight. :)))

Sharon N said...

Would it be appropriate if I bring Chips and "dip" for Corey? LMAO

monty924 said...

LOL, of course Sharon. Perfect! :))

Jackie H. from NC said...

Is it still possible that Paulie could come back or am I reading things wrong? I'm slow and at my age I have a reason. Jackie thank you so much for all you do for all of us. I like to know what is happening. I do want James to win. Michelle needs to go. I did like her, but not that much anymore. If there was a cash prize for the ones that stayed in the bed together I would vote for Nicole and Corey. Do they live far from each other? Where does the rest of the people live?

Sharon N said...

Jackie H,
Yes, there is going to be a comp where 1 of the Jury can come back. However, it will probably be one of those crap-shoot comps that anyone in Jury can win.

As it stands right now, Michelle will probably put up Corey or Nicole as the replacement for POV winner, Paul. If that happens, James has the vote (that will count for eviction) and his plan is to vote out Victor. The smart thing for Michelle to do would be put up James, but she has always had her sights set on Nicole.

The HGs and Jury members aren't aware of this comp yet.
If Victor is evicted, it will be Paulie, Victor, Day and "Z" playing to return.

monty924 said...

And Bridgette