Thursday, August 11, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Thursday - August 11

Are her eyes really opened?

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Disingenuous Dawgs:
  • Whoa. What a night!
  • While Paulie threatened "Jersey Girl" Natalie with showing the whole world what she, the "floater" is, we have all seen his true colors.
  • And, they ain't too pretty.
  • For him, most of the night was a I'm Great Pauliefest. 
  • You know he can haunt you for years with simple words.
  • He's just that powerful.
  • (I think Cody and Derrick are probably cringing and wonder what monster they've created with their game advice.)
  • He just can't understand why everybody seems to have turned against him.
  • Perhaps it's because he's an egotistical creep?
  • His main ally seems to be Yes Man Corey at this point. 
  • It turns out that Vacant Eyes Corey is angry that Natalie and James got the first two care packages.
  • Zakiyah ran to Paulie spilling the beans on everything Natalie told her, of course.
  • Paulie just might have steam coming from his ears.
  • Paulie sought out Victor, who claimed he knew nothing about what Natalie had said about him (Paulie).
  • If memory serves (it's been a bit of a whirlwind), he doesn't really know what she said, but he does know that the plan has switched back to voting out Zakiyah as was his initial desire all along with the nominations.
  • Paulie thinks he can just tell James to order Natalie to shut her mouth.
  • @@
  • First off, Paulie, James isn't that kind of guy. Second, James knows you're using Zakiyah and playing her for your own game.
  • James told Corey he's tired of being played and lied to ... it happened last season and he's not going to let it happen this season.
  • Corey had his vacant and confused look on. You never know what sinks in and what flies over top his head.
  • Paulie suspects Bridgette is only telling them she's against the girls while in reality she's working with them.
  • Y'think?
  • He thinks Bridgette told Zakiyah he dropped right after her in the comp, Um. Did he think that no one noticed?
  • Vacant Corey came to life enough to mention that Paulie always has Paul and Victor protecting him. I'd add ... and Corey.
  • Paulie, now trying everything to discredit Bridgette's game, told James that Bridgette said that she would target James.
  • Well, she did. But he's certainly not her target now. He's way far down on her list.
  • Meanwhile, Zakiyah reported back to Natalie that she told Paulie just to see his reaction.
  • Of course, she really didn't need to snuggle with him again.
  • What is wrong with that girl? Where is her pride?
  • Paulie also turned on Paul, telling James and Corey that Paul betrayed him.
  • It's a good thing James is closed-mouthed and doesn't say whatever comes to mind like others.
  • Paulie wants the final three to be himself, Corey and James.
  • Bwahaha! 
  • James, continuing the guise, told Paulie that maybe he should cancel Bridgette and Paul's vote.
  • Nicole told James he better not cancel one of their votes (meaning the votes to oust Michelle).
  • She thinks he needs to cancel Natalie's vote.
  • I'm not sure that would be in his best interest, Nicole.
  • Although he seems to be waffling a bit under pressure, James told Bridgette he would be voting for Michelle to stay. "It's James and the Underdogs."
  • Paul and Victor, though not privy to the Underdogs Inner Circle, are making plans for the end game sans their buddy Paulie.
  • Heh.
  • Zakiyah claims the game isn't good for her health.
  • It's not good for anyone's health.
  • Including mine.
  • Paulie is growing quietly manic. He tried to stare Bridgette down during one of the many confrontations of the evening. He couldn't shake her.
  • But Natalie is now a bit frightened of him because he's so angry.
  • Paulie's angry words to the women have gotten James even more irked at him. James is one who believes that chivalry isn't dead. And, he can cancel two votes.
  • The girls overhear Corey and Paulie laughing at their expense.
  • They don't find it funny. The resolve grows.
  • Paulie really lit into Natalie, belittling her and being a bully.
  • So not good a move, bro!
  • Paulie's only defender seems to be Corey. Nicole is claiming it's a very catty season. I'm disappointed with her this year.
  • Paul is upset that his name was brought up in the brouhaha.
  • Well, maybe he should have stayed in bed.
  • Paulie reassured Zakiyah that it will be Michelle going home by a unanimous vote.
  • I don't think that will be the case!
  • James told Natalie that he has her back ... and it should be Zakiyah going home if indeed he does.
  • Paul warned Natalie and Bridgette that Zakiyah is reporting anything they say to Paulie.
  • Paul and James talked. James told him things Paulie said like, "I'm over Paul."
  • They both commented on Paulie saying at different times he wanted both of them to go.
  • They also know that Corey is "devoted" (Paul's description) to Paulie, thus will be Nicole.
  • But they aren't.
  • It looks like it very well could be a house flip tonight with Zakiyah saying goodbye because they can't evict Paulie at the moment.
  • But he's on the short list.

And the walls came tumbling down?

I'm strong and I'm mad

We WILL uprise!

Not a leader, always a follower

A seriously thinking James


Petals said...

I love a good coup!

James is the Walrus, Coup Coup CaChooou!

Happy Thursday. Stella chillin' for later.

ceemurph said...

The real question is, of course, the DE. Will they get boondoggled and go with the old plan or will they realize a HUGE move can be made? This has the potential to be the best DE episode in years. Bring it on!

Anonymous said...

Z needs to go home, I am so sick of her, she is another embarrassment to women.

Becky said...

If Michelle makes it through the DE I hope she gets the co-HOH vote, even with her tears. I think she would have the you-know-whats to put Paulie up on the block. I do hope he goes home tonight.

Jodie Murrill said...

Jackie, you must be enjoying this small kerfuffle (brouhaha?) between camps!
Weird & disappointing that CoCo fell on Paulie's side. Guess they are content to canoodle their way in to the finals. *sigh*

Jodie Murrill said...

How do I get back my BLOGGER profile? Yeeks! :(

chrob61 said...

Thanks again for the updates!!

Usually I don't think that these brouhahas will matter in the voting, but who knows, it looks as if the goings on yesterday may translate into Z going home!

Rooting for Team Underdogs (James, Natalie, Bridgette, Michelle)

Petals said...

I think I did it.

Petals said...


Chauncey said...

Z needs to go just to save herself from herself. she has been made to look like an absolute fool by Paulie. But it would be really funny and entertaining if she has the return trip ticket AND Michelle wins HOH.

Chacha said...

Jodie Murill-

Nicole and Cody last night stated to each other that they will ride with Paulie because that is another target before them.

As far as DE goes, It usually seems someone we don't want usually wins. I just want anyone but N/C/Paulie to win.

Nicole will be upset about the eviction of Zakiyah. Corey can't seem to win crap. Paulie would be the only one to really win IMO

Petals said...

Thanks Cha!

Tonight will be fun to watch!

Ed in Ohio said...

OK I have had enough of 'Jersey Boy' Polly.

The guy's a jerk & has no respect for women. I am officially dis-owning him as my pool pick. I'm jumpin' ship. I don't want to be floatin' with this dude. He's got some growin' up to do.

And Corey? I don't know if it's his game strategy or not, but he is sure coming across as Polly's lap dog.

James my man, stand up for your girl Nat (albeit faux GF) and make the move tonight.

....................But if Polly should win the DE HOH or the Return Ticket is used, it will all be for naught.

Petals said...

Corey does seem to be just hangin' out, occasionally mentioning his celebrity app thingy.

Sharon N said...

Yeah, the celebrity app thingy seems to be Corey's bread&butter in the real world.
Corey apparently told Paul he makes a good living off of it.... if Corey is to be believed.
With his vacuous eyes, it's hard to believe he has that much going for him... outside of his looks.

David said...

I do hope anyone but N/C/Paulie wins the short HOH tonight and puts up Nichole/Cory with the plan to backdoor Paulie. Putting him up right away is too dangerous as that guarantee's he plays in the VETO. Only him winning the VETO would spoil the plan that way.

With our luck this season, Paulie would have the return pass. I wonder if the audience would groan if that happened and the house would know he is not liked then. Sorry, getting waaaaay ahead of myself in the dreaming there imagining Paulie evicted. lol

Lili said...

I find it astonishing that all this House uproar is taking place on a week where it's either Z or Michelle going. Neither of them are even slightly strong players, neither of them have strong alliances, neither of them are threats. Yet the whole house is going nuts like if one of them goes vs the other one goes it will make or break the game. Frankly they could both exit tonight and who would even notice?

If James or any of the women want to win this season they have to get Paulie out, and then Paul and Victor. All of the women need to stop making Nicole out to be the anti Christ while infinitely stronger players are in the house.

To me Paulie showed how awful he was when he needlessly was mean to Z awhile back. Perhaps now that he is doing the same to Natalie everyone's eyes will be opened.

Fingers crossed that tonight someone who isn't Paul, Paulie, Victor or Corey will win both HOHs. And P, P or V will get booted in the second eviction and the other two will go up on the block for next week.

Chacha said...

Ed in Ohio-

Paulie is my pick also. I was so happy the first week of the show. Now I am ashamed.
I do hope he goes tonight.

Was just listening to a live FB with his brother. He was trying to soften up the way paulie is playing Zakiyah.
He didn't do a very good job of it.

Ready for tonight

~~Silk said...

Wil Heuser has captured Cory:

Ed in Ohio said...

Yep Chacha, I'm with you. I liked Paulie in the beginning but I'm done with him now.

Petals said...

Monty called it - she disliked Paulie from day one!

Petals said...

Thanks Silk! I've been forgetting about Wil's Saga this season. Bwhahaha!

Sharon N said...

Thanks for Will's link Silk.
Will nails Corey...and the season!! LMAO
Whatever happened to having interesting HGs???

Jackie Hardin from NC said...

Please, please Paulie needs to go. Last night I've never the "F" word used so many times. This "boy" is sick. I think with "Z" and Paulie gone the game will be more fun.I can't wait till tonight. I hope Michele tells Paulie what she thinks.

monty924 said...

Hey guys... ready for the BIG show tonight. Yep, I only liked Polly for about the first week. He's been a d-bag to me ever since then.

Sharon N said...

Monty gets the Wilkey Button for being the first to call Paulie a d-bag!! LMAO

Petals said...

Victor smiles & says, "This is the calm before the storm."

I just love him!

Sharon N said...

In Polly's world..... Bridgette being a feminist is the equivalent to being a racist.

monty924 said...

Oh man, I went to bed too early this morning, lol. I've been watching Flashbacks and LMAO. Polly is such a piece of work. Love Meech's zinger she got in on him about her speech. She was 'going to blow his game but he already did it', bwahahaha

Sharon N said...

Sounds like the house-flip plan is still on. Polly does seem to be nervous off/on... he can't be so stupid to think it's all going his way tonight.

I just hope Polly, Cody or Nicole don't win HOH... or POV. I'm thinking the comps won't be really physical since it's a DE tonight and those things move too fast for large set-ups.

Anonymous said...

The show will air at 9:00 EST (NY/NJ area) on channel 810 (Comcast). Should be a doozie!

Dr_Celine said...

Finally some ACTION in the house! I hope James and gang are NOT TOO LATE with overthrowing the ego maniacs and the rude sexist boys.