Tuesday, August 16, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Tuesday - August 16

Block bros

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Pies and Spies:
  • Well, that was a boring late night.
  • Most went to sleep early, with a small snack crowd of James, Natalie, Paul and Paulie enjoying chips and pie in the wee hours.
  • It seems like Paulie has finished making his rounds of begging.
  • For now.
  • Victor will be really well-rested for the upcoming HoH comp (in which he can't compete) if he keeps sleeping so much in the solitude of the HoH room.
  • Nicole thinks that she and Corey have been unfairly targeted -- they've never done any of the manipulating and have won practically nothing.
  • Paulie can't understand why James went for the $5,000 instead of the veto because five grand is nothing!
  • Um, maybe it's a large sum to James. He doesn't earn a fortune, has a daughter to think about, pays for the roof over his head ...
  • ... and maybe, just maybe Paulie ... he did not want to win the veto! Why would he want to put himself in that situation knowing whatever he did with it, somebody would be mad at him?
  • Paulie also railed James (to Nicole and Corey) about knowing about the blindside in the double eviction and not telling them.
  • So, I guess everything is back to being James's fault in Paulie's twisted way of thinking.
  • Nothing is his fault.
  • He didn't win too many comps, putting a target on his back.
  • He didn't use a showmance as a mockery.
  • He didn't use his friends to put people on the block who threatened his game, not theirs.
  • Paulie once again extolled how great he can be at any comp they throw his way -- mental and physical.
  • After all, Victor's win this time was a crapshoot comp.
  • Paulie's latest mood of the moment is that he realizes he's going home, so he needs to "coach" Nicole and Corey.
  • Hey, if he can't influence the rest of them to do his bidding, maybe he can have success with the two.
  • Nicole told Michelle that she met Paulie once before the season. Apparently he made no real impression on her at the time. We got fish.
  • Michelle told Nicole that Paulie asked her to open her ticket envelope. She refused. They know that the last ticket will play on Thursday. I would guess it's probably safe for anyone not on the block to open theirs ... but not advisable and they're probably not supposed to open them before then. If she has the return trip ticket, Paulie would never leave her alone!
  • It sounds like the backyard concert/whatever had prizes and Paulie won some "cool crap" during it.
  • Maybe that's why he's not moping as much.
  • Michelle and Nicole discovered they only live about an hour apart.
  • Paulie doesn't like Jewish kids from North Jersey.
  • Y'see, you have to understand New Jersey is a bit odd. It's not a huge state, but it is the most densely populated one. Most of that population is in Central and North Jersey. South Jersey is like another world. Paulie is from Monmouth County, kind of shore/southish away from the main population. He's from the land of the shore and thoroughbred horse farms. North and Central Jersey are more metropolitan and more diverse. Yet Paulie's New Jersey is his world rather than the majority of the state.
  • Oh, well.
  • We're one day closer to eviction!

Paulie giving advice

Every pie gets better!

Patty cake, patty cake, baker's man ...


~~Silk said...

Re the cruise mentions in the previous post-- I had never been interested in cruises, and am not interested in another, but I did take one cruise that was wonderful. It was something like 10 days, visiting all of the Hawaiian islands. We'd travel between islands at night, then spend a day or two or three in port, with all kinds of tours and activities available. I went alone, shortly after my late husband died, sort of a tribute/memorial trip. He loved Hawaii.

I highly recommend that particular cruise. Open dining, any time, none of those silly "dressing for dinner" games, and no opportunity for boredom. Unless you have your own yacht, that's the only way to see all the islands.

Becky said...

The overnight posting was great, Jackie. Thank you for such amusing reporting. It amazes me at what a dense mind Paulie has. Does he think no one noticed the way he worked Zak, getting her to pick him with his promises of safety and then turning his back when she thought she could count on him.

Now him approaching Paulie, James, Natalie and who know who else to give him their support and he will have their back all the way, even "throwing himself on a grenade if necessary.

And him even giving details of the sex with Zak is disgusting. I guess Daddy never told him a gentleman does not "kiss and tell". Oh, maybe Daddy did. I haven't read that Paulie has told anyone about the kisses he and Zak shared.

Judi Sweeney said...

Thanks Jackie!

Becky said...


Chacha said...

Paulie is just disgusting.

After the P/N/C talk last night Paulie stated that N/C should go after Paul and Victor.

Paulie tried to blow up Pauls game to N/C. They aren't really listening to him.

Paulie still has no idea that it was Natalie who actually got the house to flip. Bridgette helped but it was Natalie who initiated all of this.

I am voting for Victor for ACP this week as he can't play in the HOH.

chrob61 said...

Chacha- I can understand wanting to vote for Victor, but I think Michelle deserves it more, she is terrible at comps. Not that I like her, but the choices left are shrinking as to who gets our votes. I gave her my 20 votes today.

With the HG's that will be left, it seems a good bet that either Corey or Nicole could be next HOH and if they take Paulie's advice and target Victor I can see your point.

Tomorrow I'll throw 20 votes Victor's way.

Chacha said...


I get that about Michelle. Tomorrow I will throw my 20 to her..
I think though that she could be good at question comps. I think she really hasn't tried to win a comp. I also believe some of her crying is strategy. Last thursday though I do think she was totally shocked that she stayed through the 2nd eviction.

The way it always happens in my mind is that who I DO NOT want to win HOH always seems to win.
When Victor won Thursday I didn't really care who won.

For Paulie to keep saying the HOH Thursday was a crap shoot I completely disagree. That is a mental comp(IMO). He just spits crap out and hope others latch on and as we saw Corey totally took the bait.

Chacha said...

Poor Natalie, She got sick from taking so much advil. I do hope she is better by Thursday.

Backyard is locked down at noon today. I would say that it will be endurance Thursday.

If it is the wall I would say James does have the advantage. Corey is to tall for that, Paul is to heavy, Michelle will get sick(lol), Natalie has the bad neck, Nicole will be so nervous she will slip.

If its the slip and slide I would say that Paul may be able to pull that out. Nicole will fall, Natalie will go so slow as to not hurt herself,Michelle will get sick. Corey, being an athlete may be able to keep up the stamina but I would feel he would fall alot. James would just put all his might into it. Its mind over matter for him,

chrob61 said...


Obviously you get the feeds- did they block out the Zingbot's??

chrob61 said...

Oh and another thing that irks me, how many times on the special double eviction episodes does something lame like Corey winning happen?

I can't remember ever seeing a double eviction show and having the people I want out.....OUT!

Done with my little rant, I'll get off my pedestal.

Ed in Ohio said...

Chacha, Nice 'handicapping' description above ^ on the houseguests if endurance.

Our pool boy Polly sure didn't do it for us this season. Don't know why he has to put his amorous adventures on blast!

OT: Feel bad about all the flooding in Baton Rouge. All the best to those affected.

Chacha said...


Yes Zingbot was not shown.
I can't wait to actually hear them.
Corey and Nicole were about a showmance
Pauls was about talking to much
Vics was something in spanish
I can't think of james and natalie.
I think Michelle was something about getting sick maybe?

Chacha said...

Ed in Ohio-

Yes the flooding is horrible.
I live 90 miles to the east of baton rouge.
It is very bad and now the waters are moving a little east. It wont get to me thank goodness.
The rivers cresting and then the backwater are causing problems that have never happened before.
A few towns are pretty much wiped out.

I had to drive through the rain on Friday bringing my son to his freshman year of college.
I made it through Baton Rouge just before they closed a lane on each side of intersate. By 2:30 friday the service roads along the interstate were flooded.
I drove through a storm heading to north louisiana that I couldn't even see the edge of my truck. I was caravaning with my father so I had a ride back and we were doing 25 on the interstate. The accidents were horrible on the road. Just glad I made it safe.

The drive home was horrible. A 4 1/2 hour drive turned into 9 hours and taking back roads. We had to go 100 miles out of the way to get back home.

I am a true Louisiana Girl and would never live anywhere else. Living through Katrina losing everything and rebuilding my life has taught me many things.
I feel so bad for my neighbors to the west and north of me. I have quite a few friends who have now lost everything.

the only thing I can do is donate any way I can.

Ed in Ohio said...

Wow Chacha! Words can't explain. Mother Natures' force is unforgiving. It must be expanding because I saw earlier 8 more parishes were added to the relief effort. Hope & prayers for all the victims.

On a brighter note; Congrats to you & your freshman!!

Sharon N said...

How awful for Louisiana to be going through all of this again. It's taken so many years just to rebuild after Katrina. The shock and FEAR while waiting to see or hear from family and friends, just to know they are ok is... awful.

We lived close to the devastating San Bernardino Mountain fires in So. California (1980's and again in 2003). Although we were evacuated in both, we came out of it with no damage, but we had plenty of friends who lost everything.

Petals said...

Here in the Midwest, we get mainly tornadoes. Thankfully, none too devastating (except for Joplin a few years back).

Chacha said...

Ed in Ohio and Sharon-

yes all we can do is pray and donate money and time.

Shelley from BB13 lives in the Baton Rouge area. Her house was fine as of yesterday but couldn't get out of her area as its flooded all around.

Fires must be scary, I can't even imagine.

Unknown said...


Good thing you got home safely and your son off to school!! Sending all Louisianans (?) my best wishes as they ride out this storm!

Sharon N said...

Chacha, how is your son doing? Hope his college isn't in the middle of that nightmare!

A lot of states have their own particular issues.
Midwest = Tornados
Eastern and Southern coasts = Hurricanes
West Coast = Fires and Earthquakes

Fires are bad, but at least they can be fought.
Not much you can do about that kind of flooding.. except wait for the water to recede.

The New York/Manhattan area is loaded with earthquake faults.
It's not out of the realm of thinking a 'big one' could happen. :(

chrob61 said...

Unknown is me, I just tried to create a blogger profile


Petals said...

Welcome unknown!

The Midwest also has another natural disaster: Walmarters. LOL

Sharon N said...

^^ Petals speaks truth! LMAO

Chacha said...


He is doing alright up at school. He is in Natchitoches La. They have had rain storms but no flooding. He moved up last weekend for Marching band this week. The majority of the school moves in Saturday. The school has already sent info out to all students that if they can't get to school it will be alright and also any people moving in on saturday that has lost any and all essentials the university will be helping to replace items so they can start the semester on a good note.

I have always said that I would take hurricanes over earthquakes, fires and tornados.

Living in hurricane country we know from June-Nov, but actually the middle of September to be on high alert.
I always have essentials on the ready. I have evacuated only once since Katrina. My husband laughed at me because I took everything that I owned with me when we left. at this time it was three years later and I really didn't have much.

Sharon N said...

Hamsters have the smaller table... and they are on indoor lockdown now.

Becky said...

Chacha, I am with you in the taking a hurricane over the earthquakes, fires and tornadoes. At least we get a little warning. I sweat every year until the season is over. We never left until Celia, which was over 40 years ago. After Celia I told my husband that if he wanted to take a chance on dying, our kids and I wouldn't be here. We have left since, going to Boerne. Our children come down to help us board up our house. Until Momma went into a nursing home I would have to pack up both houses. I learned one lesson after I left and upon returning home found several things that I would have hated to lose, among them a 100 year old picture I inherited from my grandfather hanging on the wall. Now I have a room by room evacuation list of must haves. My clothes are down the list. I have other things that I wouldn't want to lose. My Beagle Buddies are wonderful, taking in consideration that I refuse to travel out of state from July 1, to the end of the season. It takes a full day to travel to the reunions from our town. That is by air.

That said, I have been following Louisiana on the news. Our town took in a lot of refugees after Katrina. I feel for all the people who have suffered this horrible flooding again. One good thing that came from Katrina. The Interstate is one way out to safer areas if the storm forecast appears to be a bad one. Another thing, a lot of people did not leave Louisiana, but stayed in their homes because they did not want to leave their beloved pets behind if they had to use buses to leave. Now our city will accept family pets on evacuation buses.

My prayers are with all of you with the flooding and weather problems.

Sharon N said...

We've learned a lot from the fire evacuations... mostly that preparation is everything.
Now our most important papers are kept in carry containers, all the time, ready to go.
From the time a fire starts getting close, we also pack our suitcases and start getting other important/treasured items ready to load as well. If the 'event' is bad enough, we go ahead and load and wait to see if it's necessary to leave. Putting stuff away is a LOT easier than trying to get it together at the last minute.

Judi Sweeney said...

Wow... Didn't realize we lived that close to each other SHARON! Looks like another fire has started up near the mountains! I hope they are able to get it out soon! So terrible!

Judi Sweeney said...

Chacha and Becky, I sure hope the rains and flooding stops... Praying

Sharon N said...

BB has apparently been trying to keep the HGs awake and keep calling them to DR, but nothing is working. Seems a little early for the boredom (or apathy) to be quite this bad.

I don't know where you live, but I did hear today that there's another fire in the San Bernardino/Devore area. We moved from Calif to Colorado... for the blue sky and fresh air.

More rain in CO today. Typical monsoon patterns here.
When the storm moves out... I sure hope it veers away from Louisiana!!

Judi Sweeney said...

Sharon... Colorado is beautiful! Great move!