Tuesday, August 02, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Tuesday - August 2

The thrill is gone.

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Loquacious Louts:
  • The ruse goes on.
  • The Backdoor Da'Vonne plan is in full swing.
  • Michelle, Zakiyah, Natalie and Da'Vonne probably realize deep down inside that that's the plan.
  • But, with their rose-colored glasses and the lies people keep telling them, they think there might actually be an Evict Bridgette Plan still running.
  • Oops.
  • They're wrong.
  • Paulie has assured Bridgette they have the votes to keep her.
  • The Rose-Colored Glasses Bunch do think Bridgette isn't acting nervous enough.
  • Da'Vonne also wonders whatever happened to the plan to get rid of Victor as soon as possible since he had already been voted out.
  • Don't worry, Day. That will be coming. 
  • Once they get rid of all the women in the house, that is.
  • Victor, for as close as he once was with Paul, has lost flavor with his old bud. Paul has adopted Paulie in his place.
  • Victor and Paulie whined and fussed about how sloppy the girls are in the bathroom and kitchen.
  • Michelle says Paul stole her plan to wear the HoH robe all the time when HoH. She says he's a copycat.
  • Well, Michelle ... first you do have to win HoH. You realize that, right?
  • Mostly amicable small talk into the wee hours.
  • Corey and Nicole are cuddling, snuggling and whatever together.
  • James must be asleep, as is Victor.
  • Da'Vonne, Michelle, Natalie and Zakiyah are in the bathroom basically not talking game.
  • Paul and Paulie are playing pool, not talking game.
  • And, I'm out ... for now.

Yeah, Bridgette will be going this week!

We're so pretty

You think they're going to pick us off?

Oh my gosh ... where's his robe?

They said the plan is still on. Hmm.



Anonymous said...

So we're just going to ignore the fact that Zakiyah and Paulie had "relations" in the have not room, prior to things being awkward and cold between them now

Anonymous said...

This season is boring, but I still watch. Your updates are so much more entertaining. Thank you.

Zoe in California

Anonymous said...

I did not know that!

Anonymous said...

I have trouble watching the show at all with Paul constantly yelling in the DR. I have to mute him and there is so much of him in there now that he's HOH. Ack!

Petals said...

They had relations? That's news to me. When?

Sharon N said...

Petals, from what I read, indications were that they were 'messing around' in the bumper car last night... lots of arm movement.
Dingo has it listed under Sex Events: Paulie and Zakiyah, 8/1 6:19am.

Anonymous said...

yada yada

Petals said...

oh, that recently? Yeeps.

BB19 confirmed for Fall 2016. Looks like no rest for Ms J. :(

Petals said...


Chacha said...

I read about Paulie/Zakiya yesterday. She is trying to get Paulie to do what she wants.
Z was also naming their babies yesterday as well.

CBS has not announced anything about BB 19. They have made no comment which usually means its true. It will be shorter by a month or so.

Sharon N said...

With all the new Fall shows coming on, not to mention favorite shows on the upper channels (History, HBO, etc.), BB will find out their "Summer" show won't be any more of a winner in the winter than it was the last time.

re: Paulie and Z. She has been whining and pushing him about their relationship to such a degree that he's totally turned off. You can see the body language in the picture Jackie posted today. Yeah, he wants her out now, but he'll "grab a little" while he can and then drop her like a hot potato as soon as the show is over.

Stupid girls...

Sharon N said...

So, by reading the link Petals posted, it reads like BB-19 will only be through feeds (not TV?). Bad enough having a Fall version, but not even on TV?

Which begs the question...
What will all these wanna-be 'stars' do without all that FAME they get from TV exposure? LMAO
Living in limbo land...

Sharon N said...

Don't forget to VOTE:

Chacha said...

The fall show will be interesting.

I love BB but now sure how I can commit three episodes a week to it. Maybe it will be two shows.

Have to wonder if it will air on POP television maybe delayed a day or two?

David said...

So that would indicate that CBS's online subscription business is not doing as well as they would like it to if they are going to do a online only version of BB. Something to keep subscribers from dropping it at the end of BB.

Hey, I got an idea. Lets quickly throw together another season of BB that starts the same week that this one ends. Make it a low budget rip-off and only stream it, no TV. (sarcasm)

If I watch it at all, it will be probably leaked episodes. CBS's video player blows. I can't pause it and let it load like you can Utube. Watching it on CBS website is an exercise in frustration. Watching 5 seconds at a time then the buffering icon just is not my cup of tea.

Petals said...

Hey - say this out loud, "Irish Wristwatch".

It's nearly impossible.


(you're welcome!)

Sharon N said...

Petals > Random LMAO

Petals said...

yes Sharon...but more entertaining than this crop of hamsters, bwhahahaa

Becky said...

Chacha said...I read about Paulie/Zakiya yesterday. She is trying to get Paulie to do what she wants. Z was also naming their babies yesterday as well.

You can tell that Z has not been married. REWARD comes AFTER the man does what you want! And for gosh sake, coming up with baby names before you have been on an "actual" date, which cuddling in bed is NOT a date, would be a RUN FOR THE HILLS HOLDING ANY PARTS OF YOUR BODY YOU WANT TO KEEP would be a large possibility.

Jackie Hardin said...

If Paulie has any sense he will leave Miss "Z" along. All he needs right now is a baby on the way. There is a name for girls like Miss "Z", Paulie needs to get with Michelle. I think maybe Natalie has a crush on Victor. She is always around when he is. James is really love sick.

Sharon N said...

Silly hamsters always mess themselves up!! The best option would be if NONE of them would get into a showmance. Just pick people to align with... and stick to the plan.

'Z' is all kinds of trouble for any guy she gets involved with... but Paulie finally submitted to her "in some way" My guess was to shut her up for a while. But he's so sick of her that he wants someone to put her up and out. He doesn't want to do the job of getting her out because she'd be vindictive in Jury.

As for Michelle, she has her own set of insecurities running amok. She "wanted" Frank (for a showmance), and then got angry and vindictive when he picked Bridgette to be his house buddy (not a romance). Michelle has admitted she was jealous and vindictive. Guys should avoid her like the plague.

Natalie might still have some interest in Victor, but they had broken off whatever they had going before the 1st show... and he's still mad about the DR message she left him when he was evicted. On occasion, James seems to realize Natalie is only sticking with him for protection... but he chooses to keep his blinders on.