Tuesday, August 23, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Tuesday - August 23

Looking Christine-like. Ew.

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Failed Friendship:
  • I don't have a heck of a lot to report for you today.
  • So, you get more screen caps!
  • Michelle spoke how much she admires Amanda Zuckerman. She also likes Christine. I never cared too much for either. If those are her choices of fantastic BB players, I can't think of her as any sort of superfan.
  • Paul continues to alienate any friendship he had with Michelle, Natalie and James.
  • Well, he can be annoying! He needs to stop thinking he's all that. Because he's not!
  • More information into Michelle's self esteem issues -- she says she almost had a breakdown over weight and food addiction issues. I do see her eating a lot. But I also don't see that she has any sort of serious weight issues. 
  • Oh. And BB Superfan Michelle said she stopped watching BB17 on the 1st of August last year. Pshaw! That is NOT a superfan! Superfans stay through at least the backyard interviews!
  • Paul is mad at all the girls for various reasons.
  • That's okay. They want to avoid him anyway.
  • He just can't stand Michelle!
  • The feeling is mutual.
  • I say -- issue them boxing gloves! We need fisticuffs!
  • Michelle says she'll do another "famous call-out" on Paul on Thursday if he doesn't win HoH.
  • Paul thinks they'll all gang up on him if Victor goes this week.
  • Y'think?
  • Bwahaha!

James at the pool, but not in the pool

You don't prank well, Corey


Not kissyface

He knows he's probably going

Can't mix up those HoH robes!

James is surrounded!


Petals said...

Yeah, the women this year are very weird with the "weight" issues. I mean, Natalie hasn't not SHUT UP about being fat, can't fit in to her clothes, gonna audition for Biggest Loser, shops at the circus tent store for clothes, etc...There is nothing more annoying to someone who actually IS overweight than to hear a petite, little thing complaining about their weight.
And Michelle - same thing, to a degree. Michelle has a cute little figure. She's no Marilyn Monroe, but she's sure not "fat".

And on the other end of the spectrum, we have Paul - who thinks his picture is in the encyclopedia next to "Perfect Male Specimen". He fancies himself an Adonis-intellectual. LOL Whatever - keep sniffing that beard, fancyman - it must have hallucinogenic qualities.

Judi Sweeney said...

Well said Petals!!!!

Sharon N said...

Petals' quips always make my day!! LMAO
I would make a mint if I could bottle your humor and sell it.

Yup, as one of those meet the description of 'not so slender anymore', I have to agree. It's particularly annoying to see itty bitty twits complain about their "fat."

ooops, a spit-take reading your description of Paul. :D

Jean said...

Petals, I love your last line. Lol

JonMD1267 said...

Geez thanks Jackie I don't know what made me more sick hearing "superfan" Michelle thinking Christine was awesome, channeling her in that pic or the Nicole - Corey lip lock. Not cool Jackie not cool lol

Petals said...

Jon, to be fair - the CoCo "liplock" isn't even that. They rarely barely kiss. It's weird. Making-out has either REALLY changed since I was in my 20s, or they are doing it wrong, LOL.

monty924 said...

Lol, Fancyman. Love it!! The whole thing with Michelle liking or admiring Christine just sunk my opinion of her. She probably only feels that way because she can't stand Nicole. ugh

JonMD1267 said...

I know I mean what the duece who would think Christine is someone to emulate that's played the game. What a "superfan" not lol

Petals said...

So I want Victor to come live with me...he can bring his Swiffer, too! ♥

Sharon N said...

We'll have to ship him around the country Petals... lots of us would like to "use" him. LMAO

Petals said...

oh man! James' missing hoodie was in Michelle's bag?!?! That's sketch - she was probably gonna sell it on eBay.

Sharon N said...

When James found it, did he say anything to Michelle... or just quietly take it back?
I don't think there's anyone who really wants to keep her around. They've all basically seen her as an annoying number.

David said...

Good evening everyone. =) Microsoft is killing me tonight. Some kind of big update downloading and thanks to not being able to stop them anymore, can't do much.

Good thing BBAD is about to start.

I bet Michelle doesn't try to steal anything from any of the girls. She hates them all soooo much you know. But just one at a time. Christine? Not even going to go there.