Tuesday, August 30, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Tuesday - August 30

Up all night with ... Paul

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Lackadaisical Loons:
  • Well, Nicole has come to the realization that she and Corey just might not be the true love match she's been seeking.
  • So, she cried a lot.
  • Corey told Victor that he doubts he'll pursue the relationship outside of the house.
  • Are you surprised? I'm not.
  • In the James/Natalie lovefest there were also a few bumps in the road.
  • With them, it ended up pretty much as I've said all season -- he's looking to settle down, she not so much. But, the difference between them and Nicole/Corey is that I can see them remaining dear friends for years to come.
  • Natalie told him there are times she needs to be alone and that really has nothing to do with him.
  • I can identify with those feelings!
  • He told her that, if she gets angry at him, just to let him know.
  • They ended up just about where they were before the discussion -- friends and confidants.
  • Oh, and Nicole fell into Corey's arms once again. @@
  • She's just setting herself up for heartbreak. While it's sad, she should have known not to have another showmance and not to expose herself to this once again.
  • When is she going to realize that she doesn't NEED a man that bad? Wait until the right one comes along who cares as much about her as she does about him.
  • Yeah, like I'm one to give love advice. I'm not. But it bugs me to see women who could stand on their own two feet in life so desperately seeking husbands. When they stop looking, a guy will come along for them.
  • And, it's most likely not going to happen on a reality television show!
  • In other couples news, we have the Odd Couple of the overnight hours -- Paul and Michelle.
  • No, no kissyface or anything like that.
  • They just stayed up and talked (amicably) most of the night when the others were in bed.
  • Most of it was boring small talk, with Paul's grandiose ideals thrown in for good measure.
  • I wish guys wouldn't address women they're talking to as "dude."
  • A dude is male.
  • Do they not teach that in school these days?
  • If Paul ever called ME "dude" to my face, I'd just stop and say, "Excuse me? What did you call me? Do I look like a dude?"
  • Sheesh.
  • Maybe I'm just a bit grouchy. I fell last night and I'm full of aches and pains today. 
  • I'll just take it out on Paul! That's the ticket!
  • Back to them -- Nicole thinks Corey is just grumpy because he's on slop.
  • Yeah, probably so.
  • But he's just not that into you! Open your eyes!
  • Corey did try to console Nicole's just about out of control sobbing.
  • She cried because she can't cuddle with him at night (he's a Have-Not) to relieve the stress.
  • Give me a break! 
  • She thinks Michelle will taint the jury against her.
  • While Michelle, James and Natalie get that Victor is always in HoH kissing butt with Nicole and Corey, they continue to do nothing about it. They could approach Nicole and Corey themselves, y'know.
  • James and Company still think Paul is the target.
  • Michelle isn't as certain as the other two. She's ready to go.
  • Paul continued to say he's worried about staying or not in his long late night talk with Michelle.
  • And on it goes.

Up all night with ... Michelle

Relationship later? Maybe.

Relationship later? Nope.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates. Sorry about your fall. Its funny but I have always been called "dude" by my male friends and co-workers. I've even had female friends call other females dude. It does not bother me, but its a term I never use. My boyfriend doesn't call anyone dude either.

Have a good day.

Zoe in California

IAgirlsmom said...

Sorry to hear about your fall Jackie! Thanks for the updates, I keep coming each morning hoping that Nicole has been swayed to vote out Paul, but sounds like no one is working on said swaying. *sigh* I don't understand why Nicorey would think they have a better chance against Paul/Victor in the end. Sill disappointed in James giving her the HOH - I wonder maybe if he was really about to go down and thought he'd juts get a quick deal in. Maybe he could't have lasted - that's about all I can come up with.
Hope your fall didn't injure anything serious and that you feel better soon.

~~Silk said...

Another BB couple that lasted: Daniele and Dominic, Big Brother 13, married in 2013.

Chacha said...

Hope you heal up quickly Jackie.

I haven't really commented because I am so over this season.

J/N/M are idiots for not talking with Nicole.

I can't believe production hasn't stepped in somewhat to change Nicoles mind.

Jean said...

Good morning. I hope you feel better soon Jackie.

Becky said...

Jackie, dropping in briefly after reading your two latest posts. I am so sorry that you fell. Please heal up quickly. Tell Vincent that Auntie Becky said to snuggle up to you and not bug you for catnip. Prayers going up for a speedy recovery.

As to the game, James and Natalie are idiots! I am very disappointed in him.

Judi Sweeney said...

Thanks Jackie... Ouch please take care of yourself!

I also dislike hearing girls being called dude... Dude has always been a guy! The urge to correct and grab a slang dictionary becomes overwhelming! It's like scratching a chalkboard.

I keep hoping James and Nicole come to some type of light bulb moment and start talking in private... Team up and use Natalie and Corey!!! Ugh!!!! Frustrating...,

chrob61 said...

Thanks Jackie for the updates and hope you feel better soon!

Nana in the NW said...

This is really a boring season even with all the new twists. I'll be glad when it is over! James has said several times he is waiting until Wed. to talk to Nicole so I really hope that happens. Although I think Nicole is smart in getting Michelle out because Nicole is her #1 target. She is also right in that now she is no one's target. I am glad I just read Joker's Update and didn't spend money on the live feeds!
Jackie I hope you go to the doctor to make sure their isn't any serious damage to your knee or concussion hitting your head.

Sharon N said...

Thank you for the updates Jackie.
I'm so sorry to hear about your fall. I hope the resulting aches, pains and bruises are all that happened and not something more serious. It's not going to be easy getting to your commuter train! :(

Michele Fortune said...

Ms. Jackie! Great post today! I will share with you a line we say to the Pastor in the Baptist Church when he/she is on a role...."YOU BETTA PREACH" When will women learn in this game!

Judi Sweeney said...

Amen Michele!!!

Petals said...

Hope you don't have to get out & walk around, Ms J. Tell Vincent to take care of you!

Sharon N said...

Nicole, get a clue!!!! She is so absorbed with Corey and nobody wants to hear it.

Nicole says she's fascinated by Corey's back.
Victor tells Nicole she's fascinated by anything Corey.
Victor tells Nicole he doesn't care if Corey is a good cuddler.... he's not going to cuddle with Corey.
Victor: Nicole says "Coreeeyyy" every 10 minutes.
Nicole: do I really say it that much? @@ duh

Anonymous said...

When is Nicole going to realize that she doesn't NEED a man that bad?

Probably when she's about Jackie's age.

Sharon N said...

Some women never realize and spend their entire lives as clingers.
Even their closest friends can't make them 'see.'

Petals said...

I can't believe Nicole is that enamored of Corey. He's not THAT fantastic. (IMO, Vic is far better-looking and for sure has a better personality)

But Nic has turned completely superficial, too! I mean, it's always, "you could be a model", "you're the cutest BB contestant - EVER", etc etc...
Nicole? He has the personality of a pillow case!

Grr! To think I used to be a Nicole fan?!

monty924 said...

If you missed Victor's Nature Watch on the feeds, go back and flashback. He was hilarious and spot on. Complete with the safari hat and binoculars.

Jackie, I hope you're taking it easy and nothing more serious than the bumps and bruises. Take care of yourself.

Anonymous said...

Jackie..I hope you feel better and heal quickly.
If Corey wants to end it with Nicole sooner vs later, he should vote out Paul with James and Natalie. By leaving Michele in the house, I think Nicole would really get the message he's just not that into her.

monty924 said...

Around 3:13 cams 1 & 2

Sharon N said...

Monty, I was just going to mention Victor's Nature Watch. I don't have the feeds, but I was reading as he was doing his "watch" detail. Too funny!!

Victor would get my vote for "Best Season 18 HG" this summer. He's easy on the eyes, nice smile, not overly aggressive, clean, and tries to not sleep 20 hours/day!

Petals said...

Just watched Victor's Nature Watch! ♥ my Victor!

How did he NOT make it on to the show last year?

Sharon N said...

hmmmm.... methinks James might be getting a little tired of Natalie's constant whining about her weight, and griping over just about anything James does or says. Most men would have snapped a long time ago. LOL

Petals said...

I wanted to watch my boyfriend play pool, but Paul was cursing EVERY shot: "EFF your 6, EFF your shot, EFF this game, EFF this stick..." It just never ends!
And even I mute the sound, there is that ugly, fuzzy face! Blech!

Petals said...

Ack! James needs to go shoot pool with the other guys. Leave Miss Pouty-Pants alone by the pool, go be sociable!

Sharon N said...

Yeah, when James/Natalie are off by themselves talking, the others are always thinking they are scheming. In fact, that's usually when he's just trying to placate her over some fool thing.

James is a lot smarter than Nicole, but this is the one thing they have in common.
Neither can get their heads out of their butts long enough to get back in the game... all because they are both soooo concerned over their 'whatever-never.'

I was hoping James would get sick of Natalie's 'fat' and 'arm-pit hair' whining and snapping at him. But no. He's back to placating her again. She's never happy until he's almost begging for forgiveness over every little non-issue.

Can you guess? I'm really sick of Natalie. She's become a real PITA the last few days. Victor even snapped at her over when she started in again about The Big Fire That Almost Killed Everyone episode @@

monty924 said...

Yes, Vic is the only breath of fresh air in there these days. I missed the two early Nature Watch episodes because I only turned on the feeds when he was doing Paul at the kitchen door.

First one: James and Natalie 3:04 Cam 1&2
Second one: Big Meech 3:09 cam 1&2

Funny stuff.

monty924 said...

*and Corey was in the 3:04 one too.