Tuesday, August 02, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Tuesday Evening - August 2

When you smile, the whole world smiles with you

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Boring Bad-Mouthers:
  • The big thrill of the day was that the HoH camera out to play.
  • And fun was had by all.
  • Or most.
  • Or some.
  • Bridgette and the boys fussed as they cleaned the kitchen.
  • You realize they live with slobs ... and ants.
  • That seems to be the norm from season to season.
  • Paul thinks his "fans" will greet him with calls of "Friendship!"
  • Um. No. Maybe I'm just not a fan. I'm kind of sick of it. 
  • James told Nicole he was thinking of throwing a sympathy vote for Da'Vonne to stay.
  • He doesn't want her to go unanimously.
  • Nicole warned him that would be dangerous. And, they know she has at least two votes going her way -- Zakiyah and Michelle will vote for Bridgette to go.
  • James said Natalie will vote with him whatever he wants.
  • He later told Natalie that it's Da'Vonne going this week.
  • She feels sorry for her, but will vote with the majority.
  • I tell ya ... it's boring.
  • James also said that he intends to put Nicole up on the block (if he gets HoH) when Natalie complained that Nicole kept throwing her under the bus.
  • Now, he's told others differently.
  • Just earlier he told Nicole, etc. that he would nominate Bridgette and Victor, didn't matter who won PoV or if used, one would go home.
  • I've said it before -- Da'Vonne is no BB dummy. She knows the backdoor is coming.
  • She asked James to please tell her so that she could enjoy her last few days in the house.
  • He played dumb. "Well, gee. I don't know. I'll check and get back to you."
  • @@
  • That's all for now. I think I have to go watch some paint dry.

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It's not paranoia when they're out to get you


Jackie Hardin said...

What in the hello is going on? I can't understand what they are talking about. They are talking so low. My TV can go so loud. Why is "Z" crying? Please help so I can enjoy the rest of the show.

Sharon N said...

IMO, this is all part of him wanting to stop the relationship... such as it is. So he's accusing her of lying to him (she wasn't) and was talking down to her and was very accusing.

Paulie has been avoiding "Z" and not really talking to her. She had been talking to Nicole about the situation, and Nicole said she'd go get Paulie so they could talk. Before Paulie went to talk to 'Z' though, he was talking to Nicole and she pretty much thru 'Z' under the bus. Anyway, he avoided going to talk to 'Z' for as long as he could, so she had started to leave the Paris room and he ended up meeting her in the hall. So then he got all over her for not being in the room waiting for him. @@ So typical of someone wanting to break things off... he managed to make it all sound like her fault for lying to him.

Sharon N said...

Paulie has a mean streak and he's been a real A$$ for quite a while... and getting worse on a daily basis. It shows in his HG Rating on Jokers - sitting at #16. Bottom of the barrel (below Jozea). It doesn't help that Paul (another A$$) is his buddy.

Paulie's brother, Cody, was a much nicer person. His relationship with Christine was weird, but as I recall, he didn't outwardly treat people so awful.

Jackie Hardin said...

Thank you so much Sharon. I understand now what is going on. Is it me or do you feel like you are watching The Godfather and Paul is the Godfather. He is really taking this HOH seriously.

Sharon N said...

Paul would love to be the Godfather. Unfortunately, that position is already taken by his best bud, Paulie....who pretty much leads Paul around by the nose, but Paul is so full of himself that he doesn't recognize it.

Anonymous said...

So I really dislike Paul and Paulie.. They so full of themselves! I don't understand the "friendship" stuff. Can someone explain why Paul is always calling out "Frienship"? Thanks Karyn

Stormy said...

BBAD is a waste of time for me. They whisper so low you can not get but every other word and hard to understand it. Then if you guess what they were saying you do not now who they are talking about. Am I alone or does others have that problem? This is the most irritating people this year. Can not find anyone to pull for. Only like James and Natalie now.

Glenda said...

Turn the closed captioning on on your TV it helps...

Sharon N said...

Anon 6:26
The "friendship" thing actually started with Frank. He said it to Paul at a time that didn't sit well with Paul. So Paul started saying it back at Frank..as sarcasm. Now Paul thinks he's really smart and making 'friendship' more popular or memorable than Zack's "fruit loop dingus" quip. @@

Petals said...

Yeah, Paul is desperate to be remembered, so he's trying to make Friendship a "thing". But since he didn't invent the word, I can't imagine how he thinks that it will become part of the BB lexicon. @@

Chacha said...

P/P think they are untouchable. To a point they are correct.

The only people this week that will go after them is Z,M,D. Davonne will be gone Thursday. She may possibly come back with Roadkill but if she doesn't win HOH she will be nominated again.
M and Z haven't really shown much. M won the POV but she hasn't really done well and is on the outskirts of he entire house.

Last night I spit my drink out of my mouth when Z told Nicole she would just have to Rachel Reilly this game. I really don't see her winning anything with the exception of most played by Paulie.

Petals said...

whoa, wait a second... Z ?!?! Zakiyah wants to "Rachel Reilly this game"? Hehehe...girl, wake up! The closest you'll get to Rachel is the now infamous
BB under-the-cover mambo.

Chacha said...


Thats all I could think about as well. And she did that. At least Rachel was in the HOH bed... Not a bumper car in the HN room.

Petals said...

The bumper car, hilarious.

Ed in Ohio said...

B(H)umper Car!

Paulie is not like Beast Mode Caleb.....he's keepin' his eye on the prize$$$

Petals said...

The BB19 Fall edition:

Jackie Hardin said...

I tried the close caption and it goes by so fast. I'm 77yrs. Old .My eyes aren't as fast as they use to be. I know now it's not my hearing since other people are having the same problems. BB tell them to talk normal. I love to watch BBAD. I set here till 3am like a crazy person.

Sharon N said...

Jackie, you might think about getting Sony wireless earphones. The charging base plugs into the TV and the headset is wireless. The sound is incredible and I can hear a pin drop on the TV...and the sound can be turned up or down on the headset.

I mostly use the headset at nite so I won't disturb other house members. I got it thru Best Buy...runs about $99 but very much worth it. Rechargeable, so no battery replacement is required,

Sharon N said...
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monty924 said...

Bumper Car under the cover mambo, lmbo.

Jackie Hardin from NC said...

Thanks Sharon I think I might check into the ear phones. Seems like I use to have something like that a few years ago. Thanks again.