Tuesday, August 16, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Tuesday Evening - August 16

Enjoying the pool before lockdown.

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Both Bored and Boring:
  • It was so boring in the BB18 house today!
  • How boring was it?
  • I actually watched Victor clipping his fingernails, mesmerized by his preciseness and wishing he had shown the camera a close-up of the finished product.
  • Well, maybe I'm embellishing a bit.
  • But I did watch him clip his fingernails for a couple of minutes.
  • It was either that or James napping.
  • They snacked.
  • They napped.
  • Victor and Paulie talked about how much more fun it could be if they all stayed awake more.
  • Paul did his secret agent rounds in between naps.
  • Paulie baked his pies on order.
  • Lots of small talk.
  • Natalie is worried that she won't be able to do the HoH comp on Thursday because her neck hurts more today than it did yesterday.
  • I still don't quite know how she hurt her neck in the shower.
  • Paulie and Victor worked out.
  • The others did not work out.
  • They need their rest, y'see.
  • They're not allowed to talk about the concert the other day. 
  • James started to try to make a pie with Paulie's supplies and BB yelled at him to stop it. 
  • So he went to nap some more.
  • Paulie made a pie dressed only in his apron.
  • The sight almost gave Michelle a heart attack. She quickly retreated.
  • Paulie's begging has calmed way down.
  • But he did take the time to tell James he could stay if he had his and Natalie's votes.
  • Ha.
  • He'll have their votes, alright.
  • Votes to LEAVE, that is!
  • Victor did a puppet show using Baldwin, Corey's patriot-tard stuffed hand puppet eagle.
  • I don't think my heart can take more of this excitement tonight.
  • In the morning, I'll bring you a new breathtaking live feeds report!

Day napping. The struggle is real.

The smaller table has arrived

What if he has the round trip ticket?


Judi Sweeney said...

Somehow you were able to make their day a tad-bit exciting... Well, at least interesting Jackie! LOL.... Thank you!

Jackie Hardin from NC said...

Paulie can't have the round trip ticket. He just can't. If he does he can't win HOH. Lord have mercy this is driving me to drink and I don't drink. Why is the show on Friday night and what time?

monty924 said...
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monty924 said...

Jackie Hardin, it's on at 8:00 pm on Friday night. If you have a DVR box, set BB on series record and you'll never miss an episode. It's saved me a time or two when I didn't make it home in time to watch or I've been out of town.

Jackie Hardin from NC said...

Thanks Monty for answering my question. I just read the post. Paulie is gone. I wonder if he will go to the jury house? He said he wasn't going. We'll see.