Tuesday, August 23, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Tuesday Evening - August 23

A thrill a minute in the house today

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Napping Ne'er-do-wells:
  • Again today, a whole lot of napping went on.
  • The HoH camera came to play. Such fun!
  • Yawn.
  • Paul is still holding to his No Friendship With Michelle agenda.
  • What little mingling he did today, he badmouthed the girl.
  • Michelle is still on her Avoid Paul gig.
  • Victor is trying to hold hope that either he isn't evicted or he comes back in a "jury buyback."
  • James thinks the twists with people returning are over.
  • We know that one's wrong!
  • Corey is getting anxious. Very odd -- he looks the same anxious as he does relaxed.
  • Paul went on a rant about Michelle in which he said he's ready to leave, sick of cameras on him 24/7 and he just wants to tell her off.
  • Hmm. Maybe he can unsave himself and use the veto to save Corey?
  • Just a thought.
  • When asked if he was going to campaign, Corey told Paul that he's just going to let James do whatever he's going to do and not bug him.
  • Remember -- there are only three votes this week -- Paul, Nicole and James.
  • WE know that James has already confirmed with Nicole and Corey that he will vote Victor out.
  • But no one is telling Paul that.
  • James said he will tell Victor before the live show.
  • But I think Victor already senses it, as does Paul.
  • Victor is acting well, mingling, have fun conversations with others (including Michelle).
  • His "social game" (hahahaha!) Paul is pouting, ending Friendship and almost to the point of pulling a Paulie without tears.
  • Victor and Corey both took turns with the Swiffer, cleaning up.
  • That's about all I have for you tonight.
  • I never said this would be legendary.
  • Did I?

HoH camera ... and fun was had by all

Baldwin for HoH!

Queen of intense facial reactions


Judi Sweeney said...

I love your comments Jackie...

I was thinking Pauls actions were giving Paulie's action a run for their money! You can tell P&P have been pretty spoiled and very use to getting their way! BB isn't a game that people usually get their way! LOL...

Sharon N said...

^^ WORD! ^^

monty924 said...

The feeds are so boring now. Blech. Answer to a question from the last thread. I'm not sure if James said anything to Michelle or not about finding his hoodie in her bag in the HN room but he did tell Paul he found it and he also had a talk with Paul about being confused about Natalie. I think he was planting seeds to see if Paul would run to Natalie and/or Michelle and spill his guts. jmo

Sharon N said...

YAY, switched back to DirecTV today, so now I can watch boring people too! HA!
All the posts about Michelle eating, I turn on BBAD for the first time and what do I see?
Michelle... eating.

James telling Paul anything sounds like fishing to me too.

David said...

Hope you got Direct to pay for your switch Sharon. =) I have had Dish forever.I got Dish back when you had to buy the equipment and install it yourself. They have upgraded my equipment since a few times but since I originally bought it I don't have to pay any fee's for DVR or equipment.

They have already been locked in the house since this afternoon. Makes me think an endurance and battle back like the wall thing coming. Hard to say though. May just be setting up two different comps.

Sharon N said...

YES!! As it turned out, it only cost me $100 to cancel that miserable CenturyLink Prime. Then DirecTv gave me a $200 Visa to "return to the family"... along with a few promo offers!! Ka-Ching! LOL