Tuesday, August 09, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Tuesday Evening - August 9

I hope she's not ready to vomit again!

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Ill Repute:
  • Michelle, still bound to get Nicole out sooner rather than later, told James that Nicole and Paulie are running the house.
  • Well, she's half right there. Paulie is kind of doing it all by himself.
  • I can only think Michelle has decided to "blow people's games up" a bit early.
  • She told James that Paul doesn't need the money; he lives in a huge house with wealthy family.
  • She doesn't think Victor's nominations were strategic at all.
  • As she spilled beans, James was his usual noncommittal self, nodding a lot and saying he didn't know ... even when he darn well knows and we know he knows!
  • Paulie is still campaigning to make sure Michelle goes out this week, not Zakiyah.
  • Natalie would prefer Michelle stay over Zakiyah. She told Bridgette that James was throwing serious shade at her over it. Bridgette told her that James was just trying to protect her game.
  • Bridgette told Michelle and Natalie that it's Paulie who's running the house.
  • While Michelle is still pushing the Nicole/Paulie final two suspicions, Bridgette's trying to think of how to flip things.
  • Michelle went to Victor, telling him he shouldn't trust Paulie because Paulie was the one who directed his being backdoored.
  • Victor told her he had no vote in the eviction as HoH.
  • He didn't say he disagreed with her, just that he can't vote to keep her.
  • He told her he trusts Paulie, though.
  • Silly boy.
  • Yet, he might be lying. Paul and Victor have both talked about Paulie being too strong.
  • But, then again, Paul and Paulie have talked about cutting Victor loose.
  • It still looks like Michelle will go on Thursday night.
  • But there seem to be rifts growing all about the house and we're bound to see some sort of real action with the second HoH.
  • Unless it's Paulie.
  • But he did say he intends on throwing it.

I just don't know about that boy

Feats of strength, it must be Festivus!

While the others are being athletic ...


monty924 said...

Feats of strength, it must be Festivus! Love this one, Jackie :))

Stormy said...

BB will not air Thursday because of a game. Is there anywhere I could watch it on the air. I did last year but can not find the site. Thanks so much.

Jackie said...

Stormy - I just checked here. I didn't know of the game. Thankfully, even though my local NYC channel WCBS2 is airing the game, the sister station WLNY 10/55 is airing BB at the right time.

I'm not sure where you live or whether that news helps you. If memory serves, hamsterwatch.com used to, may still, post links to alternate viewing venues.

~~Silk said...

...and if there's nowhere you can watch it in real time, you can always watch the whole episode the next day on CBS.com.