Wednesday, August 10, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Wednesday - August 10

Paulie tries to influence James

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Mixed Messages:
  • They pulled another all nighter, at least most of them did.
  • Y'know, this gets very tiring for us who live east coast time and have to work real jobs, not give up all to be on a reality show!
  • Not that I would ever want to be in that hamster house anyway, mind you.
  • At least some of the evening was eventful strategy-wise.
  • Natalie keeps trying to convince James that they should save Michelle this week or Paulie will win the game.
  • He's reluctant as, by doing that, it would "piss off" the majority of the house and he's not quite ready to make that move for fear of his own game.
  • Unfortunately, he doesn't realize how much his name has been tossed around. He really needs to kick his game into gear.
  • Frank would be pleased with his little Cabbage Patch Kid.
  • Bridgette talked separately to Michelle and Natalie, telling them how Frank told her that Paulie is running the house and, if they don't get him out, he'll win.
  • Well, duh! 
  • Of course, the "Nicole is evil" strain came into the talk, too. 
  • But Paulie is more dangerous for the actual win.
  • Michelle is still planning to "blow up" Paulie's game if/when evicted Thursday.
  • She still thinks he was coached by Derrick and is playing Derrick's game.
  • While I have no doubts Derrick gave him some advice, the games of the two are nothing alike.
  • Michelle is still pushing her anti-Nicole agenda.
  • They need to concentrate on Paulie! Sheesh. Nicole isn't good at winning comps. Paulie seems to win whatever ones he wants to win.
  • He claims he doesn't want to win the next HoH.
  • We'll see whether he wants to or not.
  • It seems that Michelle's grudge against Nicole stems from Bronte getting voted out. That was a lifetime ago.
  • Michelle thinks Paulie is afraid of her.
  • Bwahahahaha!
  • Ahem.
  • Bridgette thinks that if they can convince Paulie that voting out Zakiyah is better for his game, the rest will follow suit.
  • Well, yeah. The hard part would be convincing him, though.
  • Bridgette decides that she'll flirt with Paulie to (1) give him another interest other than Zakiyah and (2) make Zakiyah act out in hopes she'll blow up her game with Paulie and get voted out.
  • Now, I don't like Bridgette. But she's finally actually playing the game and not sponging off of Frank. I like that.
  • Michelle really tried to influence James. She doesn't have the mist, for sure.
  • James pointed out that if it's a double eviction and they kept her the first one, he and she would be on the block. She claimed that, in that case, she would be the one voted out over him. Plus, she promised to save him with the veto if she wins it. I can't see the latter really happening.
  • Natalie told James about many demeaning/sexual comments Paulie has made to and about her.
  • Now, that hit a nerve with James. He knows that his showmance with Natalie is more of a friendmance than anything. And, while he always talks a big game with women, he's more of a gentleman and good friend with many women. Certainly a world of difference from Paulie!
  • Bridgette also approached James about targeting Paulie.
  • Is a movement afoot? Why, yes, I believe it is! And, it's led by the Cabbage Patch Kid. Who woulda thunk it?
  • James finally acquiesced and said, if they can get the majority of the house aboard, he'll go with it. He doesn't think it's the right time to rock the boat.
  • Meanwhile, we know that Paul and Victor have been rumbling a bit about Paulie even though Paul and Paulie have mentioned Victor's name more than a few times.
  • Would they jump the Paulie ship and get him out if they can?
  • I'm thinking it would definitely have to be a backdoor renom. Any chance he would have to play in comp would be dangerous.
  • Paul and Paulie talked. Paul says the couples are getting too strong. He proposed James out next. Um, Paul. You could break up Zakiyah/Paulie this week! (Even though they're just using each other.)
  • Paulie is still hell-bent on getting Michelle out this week.
  • James told Natalie he's sure he won't be put on the block.
  • WAKE UP, JAMES! Your name is getting tossed around way too much!
  • Zakiyah told Nicole that she overheard Paulie say that he wouldn't miss her (Zakiyah) if she goes.
  • Hmm.
  • I have no doubts he said it. I've heard very similar from him. But I think she's just trying to garner favor.
  • After investigating around, Bridgette reported back to James that it seems the flip to keep Michelle won't work with the numbers.
  • They both hope Michelle has the return ticket.
  • Then Paulie came along and told James that Bridgette will nominate him (James) and either Nicole or Zakiyah.
  • Of course, Bridgette had left before he said that.
  • Continuing his rounds, Paulie told Natalie that Michelle has had it out for her since she got the first care package.
  • Continuing to make his rounds, Paulie agreed to Zakiyah that he's still her "boo" and defended not using the veto because Michelle is a sure bet to go home.
  • Michelle is making rounds of her own, preaching anti-Nicole and keeping her (Michelle) in the game. She hit Paul up.
  • She told him she thinks she can get James and he could rule out two votes to keep Zakiyah. If he would get in on it, they might have the numbers.
  • He seemed receptive (he moreso wanted Zakiyah out from the beginning), but told her that it has to be certain that James will go along with it.
  • James confronted Paulie about the remarks he made to Natalie. Paulie actually admitted them, but claimed to be joking around. James (and Natalie) doesn't think it's funny.
  • Bridgette told Natalie that "they" (Paulie and Company) want to put her (Natalie) and James on the block.
  • Michelle tells Natalie that, if she stays, she wouldn't put her (Natalie) and James on the block.
  • Um. She'd have to win something in order to do that.
  • In the last talks of this report, James seems willing to go with the Keep Michelle Plan even though he predicts it the excrement will hit the fan.
  • I said excrement. He used another word. I try to keep this blog rather clean. I don't want that excrement all over the walls here!

Ohh, Bridgette and Natalie get the strategy bug

Meanwhile, Michelle pops her pimples

Shiny happy people

Paulie continues his rounds

Obviously driven insane, call the white coats!


Petals said...

Paul is still wearing that floatie? @@

chrob61 said...

Thanks again for your updates Jackie!!

I can't help but think however, regardless of all the back and forth that you are posting in your updates, that the house vote this week will chill back to that lame-o unanimous vote to oust Michelle.

Reading your updates makes me think that Bridgette/James could flip the house, but these hamsters seem to want to "conform" to the house vote!

I want Paulie out this week on the 2nd eviction!!!

And look out for Corey, he's playing under the radar and has Nicole to protect him- he could be a sleeper final 3 contestant.

Sharon N said...

It got interesting after 8:00am today. To all appearances, Paul is NOT happy that Paulie has been using him, and I'm thinking he finally has the picture that Paulie is not his BFF.

James finally knows that James/Natalie names were being tossed around for eviction. Although knows flipping things with his 2 votes might be trouble for him, I think he also realizes that he doesn't have much choice... OTB isn't appealing.

As it stands (right now), the only votes to evict Michelle will be Paulie/Nicole/Corey. Paul says he will get Victor on board, which should be easy since Paul & Victor always wanted Z out anyway. The plan is to try and lay the hinky vote on Nicole.

Natalie is much smarter than anyone believed, but she wanted to tell Z about everything Paulie has done (before the vote)... so she won't vote for him. Finally, someone not willing to NOT 'tell' before the vote!!! Paul is not likable, but I have to give him credit for saying 'no' to telling Z, saying she can find out in Jury.

The more I read about Corey, the less I would like him as a person (out of BB). Over the period of time Corey has been in the house, he's said a few things that tell me... he's a huge snob with no empathy. I'll just leave it at that.

chrob61 said...


One thing about Corey, he seems to have this vacant look in his eyes when I see him on camera- like a blank stare. Don't know if that means anything in particular, but he has laid pretty low as far as I have seen. I don't get the feeds, so I may be wrong. I think he may be leading poor Nicole on this summer, but who knows?

Vanessa Crick said...

Personally I'm not a very big fan of P&Z "thing", but that is besides the point. I would LOVE to see Z out and mostly watch Paulie's cute face hit the floor hahaha also most of us know that Z has not done one single thing or said one single word towards the game specially this week that they are suppose to fight, make deals, show how much she wants to stay in the house, show people (or at least me) that her "educated" self is more valuable than her fisical appearance, by working those noodles to play the game and maybe be a good example for the young viewers that brains gets you further than good looks �� and if you got'em both you can RULE the World!!!! Just made a funny.... But seriously, you can hahaha. I do wish she would show that she does deserves to stay, that she is playing the BB game and that she is more than a dumb HOT girl "in love".

Ps: Thumbs up for Michelle ����

Nicole Chenault said...

I sure hope the "get Z out" plan works - just for the fallout afterwards. I'm not particular towards any of the hamsters left (as far as winning this thing goes), but the game is much more exciting when big players get blindsided. Especially ones that 100% believe they have it in the bag and control everyone, whether they do or not.

I'm ready for some fireworks just to see what is left after the dust settles. :)

Sharon N said...


Yes, Corey looks spacey a lot of the time. I've wondered if Corey keeps that dumb-look to throw people off because he occasionally says things that sound like he knows what's going on. If Paul is to be believed... Corey has a successful business (internet thing) and he's financially well-set. If so, he must have something going for him besides that vacuous expression.

I don't believe for one minute that Nicole means anything to him... other than being his BB shield.

As a little aside that has nothing to do with BB...
Corey has said (over a period of time) that tell me he isn't the kind of person I would want to be around in 'real' life.

Chacha said...

Paul was pissed and is on board as of this morning.

With James cancelling his vote he could lie to Paulie and say he never flipped his vote.

He can also play both sides with this new plan.

I hope he doesn't run and tell Paulie or say much to Victor.

Both Victor and Paulie have word vomit.

I am not holding my breath on this as we all know today is Witching Wednesday when things get whacky.

monty924 said...

I watched about an hour and ten minutes of that convo on flashback and have to say if they go through with it, I'd love it. I'll be jumping up and down in the living room watching it live.

Nickelpeed said...

Thank you for the updates, Jackie. Michelle seems to be on the verge of a mental breakdown. I'd rather Michelle go, though. She's too darn dramatic.

Paulie is playing everyone. James needs to use his cancellation on him.

Corey is like a blank page. LOL

monty924 said...

I don't think she's losing it at all. I've always said her tears and breakdowns are strategic, it's an act. She's been a smooth operator the last two days helping to set this all in motion. I don't like her, but I'll give her credit along with Natalie and Bridgette. If this works, it will be one of the best flips ever.

Vanessa Crick said...

This is SO AWESOME!!!!!
The house is on fire!!!!
Love it.