Wednesday, August 31, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Wednesday - August 31

I'd rather be with the boys

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Manic Depression:
  • Once again, not a heck of a lot going on.
  • These feeds need to liven up!
  • Corey and Victor are the Have Nots this week. They went to bed.
  • Nicole went to bed in the HoH room.
  • That left the bizarre quartet of Paul, Michelle, Natalie and James up most of the night talking.
  • While I don't think Paul is personable at all, he's definitely playing a good game.
  • He has the other three convinced that he has no clue whether he's staying or going.
  • We know that, unless James goes to Nicole and convinces her to vote Paul out somehow, Paul is staying.
  • Nicole's dislike of Michelle will make that scenario very unlikely.
  • But it wouldn't hurt James to try!
  • While I, as a viewer of the feeds, have no problem with Michelle going -- she adds very little entertainment and is no real "superfan" of the show -- ousting her instead of Paul should be the wrong choice for anyone remaining in the house except Victor.
  • The combination of Victor and Paul is dangerous for all of the others.
  • There are none so blind as those who refuse to see.

Convinced all he has no clue he's staying

Snacking in bed

Smiling until her next meltdown


Chacha said...

Nicole wants to leave Paul in the house to keep P/V going after J/N.

If James or Natalie win HOH which unless its an Endurance I don't see happening, Paul and Victor will switch sides again.

I see why Nicole wants to do this but her end game is 3rd place at best. She will feel really dumb after this season is over. Not winning, not having Corey and seeing how infatuated she is with all the screen grabs, twitter comments and such.

tbc said...

I would like to see James wake up and make a move. If Natalie were evicted, he would. Instead he is protecting her while throwing his game aside. I just don't get it.

I understand Nicole has a clue that Corey is not "that into her". Again, just wish it were enough of a motivator to get serious about the game.

Getting Paul out would be a big move. Why are they so blind to it in the house?

Jackie, I hope you are feeling well after your fall the other day. Take care and no falling! You have a birthday around the corner...

Petals said...

It's time for Natalie to be gone - the sooner, the better.
She needed to be OUT of the house like last week if she wanted to be on an NFL cheer team. Maybe she knows that time has come & gone, and she's upset? Because she is a shell of the girl she was when this season began. Figuratively, that is, because she is right - her body HAS changed. But so has her attitude.
Michelle - for all her munching - seems to be the same shape or even thinner. (I mean, she was always calling herself 'fat', which is NOT the case.) I don't like that they call her "Big Meech", either...

Petals said...

from Jokers:

James "Natalie has been my Kryptonite - if not for her I woulda been having fun"


Sharon N said...

Sad, that James has allowed his fascination with Natalie to ruin his game.
It's similar to the situation with Nicole/Corey... without the heavy petting.

It IS James' own fault though. Natalie has certainly given him enough hints that she's not looking for a romantic relationship with him. He's noticed her on again/off again attitude, but he just can't seem to let it go. Hope springs eternal...

Petals said...

Yeah, Jackie - how ARE you today?

Jackie H. from NC said...

I can't think of anything to say. I do want to tell Jackie I hope she is recovering from her fall. Girl, you be careful.

David said...

Hope you a mending well Jackie.

Nichole said yesterday she was going to tell James today that she would be voting out Michelle. I would hope James would take the opportunity to talk some sense into her and ask her about the end game. Do you want to win or just be an also ran again. Taking Paul out would be the smarter move.

Now what I would do if I was James as soon as she said this is to blow up Paul's game. Tell her he has said he is working with us and plans on taking you and Cory out. Part of the plan involved him and Victor up her rear end all week and gathering information from them. Reporting back that information about what they are doing and how they are thinking.

This would have two effects. One being Nichole will question who Paul and Victor really want to align with after this week, which she has already questioned. And two, when Paul hears about this, which he will because no one is able to keep their mouth shut in there this year, he will blow up.

If James is cool while being yelled at by Paul, he could just say why are you yelling at me about this. I already told her what was going on and what your plan was. I felt she needed to know the truth so she can make an informed decision about what to do. Paul is playing Andy's game. She can make up her own mind about it. This would drive Paul insane. (Because it not the truth and he doesn't know who Andy is) He seems on the verge of it at times already.

But this will never happen and is only a dream for a little action and deviousness on the part of the hamsters. Michelle will probably be evicted because James is thinking with his wrong head and has been totally neutered in the game. If he or Natalie doesn't win HOH this week they should just go ahead and write the check to Victor.

monty924 said...

I like the way you think, David but agree that it probably won't work.

Petals said...

David, that's a beautiful plan. But James is in Never Never (gonna happen) Land

monty924 said...

Nicole's HOH blog reveals that even after her cry fest the other night, she's still ALL in on working with Corey and anyone who threatens that is a target. If P and V are a threat, they will target them. They already think that James/Natalie are a threat, so Nicorey is in a bad place too. She can't play the HOH and one of the two sides will win it if Corey doesn't. I'm not placing any betting money on Corey winning the HOH.

Petals said...

When Corey goes home, I can see Nicole leaving the game. She is ridiculous. I cannot BELIEVE that we are left with these 3 pitiful excuses for women.