Wednesday, August 03, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Wednesday Evening - August 3

Spooning in bed

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Zany Zipheads:
  • My apologies for not posting a morning feeds report today. I'm a bit under the weather.
  • Da'Vonne has vowed, that if she stays, she will shake some things up.
  • Now, if she could knock down the Pauls, I'd say stay.
  • But I think she'd be more likely to go after Nicole and Corey.
  • Da'Vonne told Michelle that Paulie is playing Derrick's game. Michelle told her she should tell him that.
  • Um. No. Paulie is NOT playing Derrick's game. 
  • He should be that lucky.
  • Derrick never won comps, didn't push his macho around. Paulie tends to do both.
  • The Da'Vonne Backdoor Plan is getting figured out by Da'Vonne (who thought it possible all along), Zakiyah and Michelle.
  • Not that they can do much about it at this point.
  • Da'Vonne decides to go for the heartstrings. She told James it would hurt her feelings if he voted her out.
  • Are people signing up for BB worried about hurt feelings? Nope. They SHOULD be there for the money.
  • James told her he wants to win.
  • As should be why he's there.
  • Paulie and Zakiyah made up. Da'Vonne thinks he just did it for game.
  • Well, duh.
  • Da'Vonne is struggling for shreds of hope. She thinks Paul is shooting straight with her and is on her side, but Paulie is not.
  • Michelle disagrees. She thinks Paulie is ruling Paul.
  • James had a long talk with Natalie in the storage room. He told her that voting for Da'Vonne to go was best for his game. He said he knows that Natalie likes Da'Vonne, but it might be best for her, too. However, he made it clear that Paul doesn't want a tie. If it comes to a tie, Paul would vote out Da'Vonne and it's very possible the games of those who forced the tie might be in trouble.
  • Da'Vonne decided to talk to Nicole, like that will do a lot of good.
  • She said that people are talking about her.
  • Nicole said she's heard her name tossed around a lot.
  • A lot of the tossing has been done by Da'Vonne!
  • But, does she admit that?
  • Nope. It's always "other people."
  • Da'Vonne said Frank planted seeds about her.
  • For Nicole, she actually put on a good show -- telling Da'Vonne she's heard so many things, she doesn't know what to believe anymore.
  • She played dumb.
  • Nicole told Da'Vonne that everything is good for Thursday.
  • It is.
  • It just isn't for Da'vonne. It's good for Nicole.
  • Michelle's paranoia and self-esteem issues have her crying again. Y'know, every time someone whispers, it has to be about HER.
  • Supposedly she's a "superfan." She knew what she was getting into. If she's such a fragile snowflake, why did she get on the show?
  • Paulie consoled her.
  • The feeds have been blocked with Jeff highlights for a real long time now. At first I thought set-up for an HoH practice. But it's been too long for that. With those, they usually block while explaining the how-to, then the feeds see the practice.
  • Maybe it's the halfway party.
  • Woot woot.

I'm doomed.

I've got to do what's best for me.

We need to talk. Um. Okay.

That bunny hat has gotten around

Tears, tears, tears.


Cheryl in NC said...

Thanks for posting Jackie!!

Get some rest and feel better soon!


Jackie Hardin from NC said...

Girl don't worry about us, you get some needed rest. You do a lot and we really appreciate it. Nothing mush happening on BBAD. Two more hours. Wait "Z" just came in and got almost on top of Paulie. He's talking to Nicole. Those two make me sick. "Z" and Paulie.

Petals said...

Despite my avatar, I did miss the party last night. I, too, am sick. Summer cold/flu.
I curled-up with my bottle of NyQuil and hit the hay around 6:30 last night.

Thanks Ms J!

Happy Friday Eve, everyone! Hopefully, I will see you tonight!

Anonymous said...

Feel better, Jackie! Summer colds suck!!
Petals, you too!