Wednesday, August 17, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Wednesday Evening - August 17

The Odd Couple

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Brother, Can You Spare a Vote:
  • Yes, they continue to be boring.
  • Paulie continues to bake pies and even has gotten quite proficient at the task.
  • But he does 'em all reluctantly.
  • Now his latest, along with the sick aunt, is going for sympathy votes.
  • Um, dude, no way will Nicole give you a sympathy vote. Why ever would you even think she'd vote out Corey?
  • Victor and Michelle talked about Nicole and Corey being the next targets.
  • No surprises there.
  • Victor claims that he said things joking with them which Nicole has now turned around against him. He thinks they're portraying him in a bad light.
  • Michelle can't understand why people didn't like Jozea; she was sad to see him go.
  • @@
  • Every time they mentioned the concert/carnival thing and prizes won, BB shut them down.
  • Nicole cried. Evidently, recording the goodbye message to Corey got her all emotional ... even though they all know it will be Paulie leaving.
  • Well, maybe if he gets all those sympathy votes he's going for ...!
  • I never understand why, in just about every season, they leave food out all over. Every year they have ant issues. And, today, I saw a housefly landing on and crawling around on food. Paulie ignored the fly. If I see a fly in my apartment and the cat doesn't go for it, I immediately get it gone! And, I don't leave open food or perishables sitting around.
  • You can tell I'm bored when I talk about murdering houseflies.
  • I guess that's it for now.

Victor has an odd laugh. Really.

Surprised she's still here

A fly on the pie plate. Ew!

Talking friendship


Sharon N said...

Assuming Paulie will be evicted, and hopefully doesn't have the R/T ticket, I wonder how BB will play-off him being in Friday's special Carnival show.

Cheryl in NC said...

I just have a sickly feeling that Paulie has the RTT.....I hope I am

monty924 said...

Lmao watching Paul do impressions of the HGs with Baldwin the Eagle puppet. So funny... he really is a gem in this season.

Jackie Hardin from NC said...

I'm just setting here watching Paul do Baldwin. I guess they are bored like we are. I know I can turn the TV off, but I might miss something. So I'm here for another hour and 20 mins. Where are the ones there where are they from? I know that's along question.

chrob61 said...

I sure hope that Paulie doesn't have the RTT.

So disappointed in Nicole this season. I liked her cutesy innocence in her first season, but by now, it's like milk that has been left out of the fridge too long, she's gotten stale. Poor thing is for a rude awakening to find out she's not on the top of the America's Choice vote.

Which reminds me, who does everyone think will get the favorite HG this year?? If James doesn't win it all, I'll pick him. If he does win it all, I think maybe Natalie or Victor.

Becky said...

I have that same sick feeling that Paulie has the RTT. I hope my feeling is because of exhaustion from working on the floors.

BE SURE AND VOTE TODAY!!! I split my votes -- just in case.

jerry krieg said...

This blog is more interesting then the actual show. I wanted to see all of the crap Paulie was going thru more then the showed. oh well editing

Petals said...

Chrob61 - DITTO re Nicole! And I will be hoping for James to win AFP, too

Sharon N said...

Got my split Michelle/Victor voting done.
The plan is to check again late tonight to see if I can get in an early vote for Friday. :)