Monday, August 08, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds Overnight into Monday - August 8

Friendmance more than showmance

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Immature Idjits:
  • Paul has been wearing that inflatable duck around his waist all night.
  • It's not any sort of punishment meted out by BB for anything.
  • It's just his cry for attention, methinks.
  • No wonder he hasn't attracted any sort of showmance attention this season, right?
  • Since they slept away most of the day on Sunday, most have been up all night.
  • So, they'll probably sleep most of today away with the exception of the PoV meeting.
  • Paul kept pushing his Oust Zakiyah agenda on and off to whomever would listen. 
  • He knows Paulie would prefer Michelle go. 
  • Most of the house would prefer Michelle go due to her crying jags and unpredictability.
  • Both Paul and Paulie have been trying to convince James to do their will with his two vote cancellations power.
  • Hopefully, James will do what James wants with that power. I only wish people had held off and waited to give him the immunity package.
  • Oh, geez. Nicole got jealous because Natalie touched Corey.
  • We're in junior high school here, folks! 
  • While others are worried about a double eviction looming ahead, Know It All Paul doubts they'll do it until the One Way/Single Return Trip tickets end.
  • Tons and tons of small talk conversations overnight.
  • I don't really need Paul's advice on what to feed my cat, thankyouverymuch.
  • Paulie and Victor talked about backdooring James. Oh noes!
  • Of course, Paul and Paulie have also talked about backdooring Victor recently.
  • Talk, talk, talk.
  • Paulie wants Michelle out this week, Bridgette next. He thinks that Bridgette has Natalie thinking there's a guy alliance.
  • Nicole believes in Paulie.
  • Silly girl.
  • They need to backdoor him or just hand him the check early to get it over with.
  • She and Corey are on board with ousting Michelle this week instead of Zakiyah.
  • She doesn't quite go along with Paul so much anymore.
  • Will the Zakiyah/Michelle conundrum break apart Paul and Paulie?
  • Hmm.
  • We can only wish.
  • Victor is still hoping the nominations stay the same. He doesn't want to be in the position of having to put anyone else up.
  • It's unsure at this time whether Paulie will save Zakiyah with the veto or not. He wants her to stay and it appears he probably has the votes to do so if she remains on the block.
  • Michelle herself seems to be hinting for a Bridgette replacement.
  • We'll see what happens.

Wonders why women aren't attracted to him

Clinging to Paulie once again to keep safe

Listens a lot, makes many facial expressions

Lady Pottymouth of the Year Award

Note the time on this, they'll sleep all day


Petals said...

Know-It-All-Paul, perfect nickname! He does consider himself the
foremost authority on everything from skyscrapers to snake shit.

Chacha said...

Paul is very irritating.

So now James wants Z out.

he will have, his vote, Paul, Natalie, Bridgette(not so sure)

Nicole, Corey, Paulie vote out Michelle.

James has now said he is going to cancel out Nicole and Corey vote.

Paulie will be pissed!

I really hope this happens although this will put James into a bad spot and will
maybe go out second on Thursday night.

Sharon N said...

Paul has a lot of afflictions... know-it-all, loud mouth, rarely showers, fugly beard, short man syndrome (to the max), and the looky-at-me swim ring. It's all so 'natural'to him in the BB house that he has to be exactly the same out there in the real world. After seeing his family, it's obvious his attitude/behavior is spoon-fed by his doting mama.

Petals said...

Is this Thursday at Double-Evict?

Anonymous said...

The players this year seems t be from the bottom of the barrel

Sharon N said...

Petals, yes Julie announced DE this Thursday.

ceemurph said...

In moments of doubt about James, I like to remember how he played last season. You barely knew he was there until week 6 when he intentionally decided it was time for "big moves". He stopped his floater act, won back to back HOH and POV then advised Becky in her next HOH. You'll happily remember the two week James-created drama that resulted in the eviction of Clay and Shellie, purposefully split, one went home, the other to jury. We can all hope and pray that James is just laying low and knows very well when it's time to flip the house on Paulie. I'm still confident he can do it.

Petals said...

Me too CeeMurph! ^5 !

Petals said...

Thanks Sharon ;) I didn't pay attention. Yeeps - I hope James wins HOH on the DE! Make another big move & evict Paulie or Paul.

Sharon N said...

POV meeting held and VETO not used. James has agreed to use his votes to get out Z.
JMO, but I think Michelle is more of a threat to James, but there's a lot of time between now and Thursday and Michelle could screw it up for herself yet!

Michelle talking to Ducky-Paul says that if she stays and wins HOH, she will make a 'big move' but she wouldn't put Paul OTB. Granted, her winning isn't likely, but if by some freak accident she did, maybe her choices would be a combo of Paulie, Victor or James.

In the meantime, Natalie was talking to James and said she has figured out what's happening and who's with who. She's right, but James didn't verify.

ceemurph said...

The Clellie eviction was some of the best bb tv in years. I REMEMBER being on the edge of my seat and that so rarely happens with this show anymore. And James would've had Liztin out too if they hadn't started winning every single comp between the three of them. I really think he's going to start dominating the house. He's tired of sitting back.

Chacha said...

Oh how I hope James wins the HOH Thursday night. That would be great.
He can't keep floating along, not a real floater per say

Sharon N said...

Call me crazy, but IMO it's looking like Paul might be starting to turn away from Paulie.
In talking with Michelle, Paul finds out she would target Paulie, but decides not to share that part of their convo with Paulie. As much as I dislike Paul, that would be a good thing because he would be easier to beat in comps than Paulie.

David said...

I would have to say, now that Paulie did not use the Veto to save Z, he really has no choice but to get her out now. If he throws some kind of mist on her and she continues to believe him and hangs on him now, she gets the stupidest hamster of the week award. That is an amazing feat to accomplish with so many contenders in there.

monty924 said...

This is bound to drive a wedge between PP... at least I hope so, lol

Sharon N said...

There's been some mentioning James being put up on DE.
If that happens and he's evicted, I hope his #7 is the R/T ticket!
And if he's relegated to Jury, it will be his own fault for playing it safe too long. :(

Petals said...

So FINALLY - this is looking like a game and not a Breakfast Club slumber party. I watched early this morning as Paulie canoodled with Zak; he is not trying to pull-away from her at all. I can't get a bead on why; she doesn't hold any power in the game (and it's not like he's getting anything sexual from her- that he can't get from himself *ahem*), and seems to be more of an annoyance than anything else.
I wish Victor would get a clue! There is time for him to align with Michelle and/or James to really make some changes.

Thanks again, Ms J. {*scritcha-scritch* to Vincent}

Sharon N said...

Petals, I think Paulie is trying to make everything look ok to Z. In the event she gets evicted, he doesn't want her to be a negative for him in Jury. If that happens, he'll just claim "they SAID they were evicting Michelle" and if he had known it would flip, he would have taken her down. I can already hear it... with sad eyes (maybe even squeak out a crocodile tear), he'll say he's SO sorry he didn't protect her better. She's already proven she's dumb enough to believe him..

Jackie Hardin from NC said...

Sharon, you said it right. I was thinking the same thing. I hope she does go.

Sharon N said...

Jackie H,
Don't get me wrong, I fully believe Michelle will be evicted this week, not Z. Paulie is covering his tracks by playing nice with Z. He has become too worried about Michelle blowing up his game this week. He'll probably try to get Z out next... unless something happens to change his focus.

I'm hoping James wins HOH on the 2nd part of DE... and puts up Paul/Paulie.