Sunday, August 07, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds Overnight into Sunday - August 7

I have a hard decision to make

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of a Big Mess:
  • As you know from my last update, Paulie won the PoV.
  • Now he's fussing about what to do, what to do.
  • But apparently this dude can't ever just sit back and let someone else win for a change.
  • Well, except for the HoH when he dropped right after Zakiyah came down.
  • And, don't think she hasn't questioned him about that one!
  • "Do you want me out? Did you just want to make sure I didn't win?"
  • It was the hidden veto, tear apart the house comp. 
  • I think BB gives this comp just so the house will actually get cleaned up at some point. 
  • Victor, the clean freak, had the same thought about BB using it to get them to clean.
  • Although, to give them credit, the rooms don't seem AS messy as with some previous seasons hamsters. I've seen it so bad that they practically had paths through the clutter to the beds.
  • Paul's hosting outfit had him as a "lifeguard." He later wrapped the red lifeguard shirt on his head.
  • I don't think I want him guarding my life, thankyouverymuch.
  • There's a lot of James/Victor animosity going on. Paul and Paulie are soon going to have to pick a side.
  • It sounds like Victor will probably put James on the block if Paulie takes Zakiyah down.
  • You KNOW that if Paulie takes anyone down, it would be Zakiyah rather than Michelle!
  • Michelle knows that, too.
  • Zakiyah is thinking her man Paulie will save her.
  • Paul says that if Zakiyah stays on the block, she will be voted out and Paulie won't have to worry about her at all.
  • Thus, Paulie's quandary.
  • Hey, he put himself in this boat. Apparently he didn't find any of the vetos the others hid, but he hid his so well that no one found it at all or it was the last one found.
  • James made his pretty obvious, knowing he didn't want to win.
  • Maybe he should have tried, then not used the veto. At least he'd be safe from a renom.
  • Supposedly, according to Paul, the reason Victor is mad at James is because James made such a huge mess in the kitchen during the comp.
  • Victor should be thankful Zach isn't in the house!
  • During the comp, Victor was so mad at the mess James made and the fact that James's bag wasn't touched, that he ripped open James's bag and dumped all his stuff all over.
  • Victor and James had a sit down. Victor told James he's happy that Paulie won the veto, so the noms will remain the same. James told him that Paulie is thinking of using the veto to save Zakiyah because he "can control" her, but can't "control" Michelle.
  • As a woman, I can't help but wonder if Paulie will eventually look for a wife he can "control" and raise children he can "control."
  • @@
  • They didn't do a great job of cleaning up after the comp. Remind me to never hire them to clean my apartment.
  • Paulie told both Paul and Nicole that he isn't planning on using the veto.
  • But, in a long conversation with Bridgette, he was going back and forth over why he should or shouldn't use it. He ended up with the idea of not using it, but ...!
  • They're all still in fear of a double eviction ... which we know for sure is coming this week. They just know one is due.
  • Paul, Victor and Paulie have decided the use of the veto will be a "board" decision.
  • Yeah, that's the little Executive Board alliance.
  • Paulie himself wants Michelle to go, then Bridgette gone before Zakiyah. At least, that's what he told Nicole and Corey.
  • But is it the truth?
  • He also told Nicole she's the only girl he wants to keep around.
  • Hmm. Maybe because she can't win a comp for the life of her and she might be a bigger target than he is as the numbers dwindle?
  • If these hamsters were smart, they'd realize PAULIE should be the Number One target if they have any thoughts of winning this game.
  • I think the only one who realizes that is James. And, he's playing the game so carefully this season, waiting for time to make his big moves, that he might be out before he can get the moves made.
  • Zakiyah picked Paulie as Houseguest's Choice and fully expects him to save her.
  • Michelle had her pity party. They crushed her dreams by putting her on the block. She's all alone in the game. She'll never meet ZingBot and on and on.
  • Of course, if she meets ZingBot, you know she'd cry about her zings.
  • Michelle once again is comparing Paulie's game to Derrick's. How big of a superfan is she? Their games are nothing alike. Derrick let others win and played a manipulation game. Paulie seems to want to win everything he can and try to bully.
  • Oh, perhaps not physically bully, but you know what I mean. "I have all the power all the time. You'll do what I say or I'll want you out next."
  • Michelle is hoping that Paulie uses the veto and Victor backdoors James.
  • I hope he doesn't. James is the only one I find the least bit palatable this season.
  • James told "us" that he made the big mess in the kitchen for us and to have fun. He forgot that Victor, the clean freak, is back.
  • As it stands now, it looks like Paulie might not use the PoV and, if that's the case, Zakiyah should be voted out.
  • But it ain't over until the fat lady sings.
  • (No, Michelle is NOT fat despite all her self-esteem issues over her weight!)

On the block AND allergic to the dip

She just can't win for losing

I want that pool and hot tub combo!

Cleaning up the mess

Lifeguard? No way!


Petals said...

Thanks Ms J !
I missed all the fun last night :(
Paulie is clearly NOT taking a page from Derrick's book. He is
trying to win everything, and that should put a target on him.
Don't know if it will...
I sure hope James lays low; Jackie is right - he's the only one
worth rooting for.

Been watching Olympic tennis, YAY!
Oh, Bjorn Borg is doing fabulous as ever. He owns an clothing line,
and still plays occasionally. He is always in the Royal Box at
Wimby and he looks amazing - a golden god. *sigh*s
(Vitas Girulaitas, another blonde-long-haired tennis player did turn into
a party-boy & hit the NY clubs, cocaine, etc. He died of carbon monoxide
poisoning in the 90s. He was often mistaken for Bjorn, because of their
similar appearances)

Sharon N said...

Another one here on the James bandwagon! If/when he gets evicted, I don't know if I'll be able to continue watching... the rest are all so yuk.

Petals, thanks for the update on Borg. I thought I saw him on some special program a few years ago...saying he fell on hard times. So glad to know that's not true as he remains my all-time favorite. Sad thing about Vitas...though he was never one that I chose to follow very much.

Petals said...

Yeah, Bjorn showing-up at a match is like a ray of sunshine. He only comes when Roger plays a major, or when someone is close to setting a record. The seas part for him. He wears a jacket & tie, in any weather, just because he can. It's pretty cool.
If you enjoyed McEnroe-Borg , try to catch "Fire and Ice", an HBO documentary about their rivalry. Even non-tennis fans will enjoy it.

This BB season is SOOOO BORING, I actually watched 5 minutes of Bridgette playing pool. By herself! :(

Petals said...

OKay, how cute is Victor, always being clean?

monty924 said...

I agree, it is boring. I rarely watch the feeds except on the big days like Friday, Saturday and Monday and then don't hardly touch them until Thursday unless there's something to watch on Flashback. Fire and Ice is a great documentary. I think you can even find it on youtube.

Jackie Hardin from NC said...

Someone needs to tell Paul he is sleeping downstairs now. He just can't let the HOH go. I'm hoping Paulie doesn't use the veto. HOT TO TROT GIRL needs to go home. Hoping James goes all the way.

Petals said...

Paul is like the raccoon that you feed at the campsite...then he climbs in to your car before you leave for home.

LMAO at Monty's avatar! BWHAHAHAA

monty924 said...

LMAO at yours to. We have dueling avatars :)))

Making chili for the pool party tonight. It's not too awful hot out and low humidity so I said what the heck!!

monty924 said...


Petals said...

Hmm...guess I'll bring some cheese & crackers!

Petals said...

YUM!!! Chili dinner YAY!

monty924 said...

Yes, cheese, green onions and sour cream. Yummy!!!