Sunday, August 28, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds Overnight into Sunday - August 28

No worries this week

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Giving Your Game Away:
  • When I last left you, Nicole (HoH) won the Power of Veto. Her nominees are Paul and Michelle. She's not really inclined to change them. She has promised Paul that when the tie vote comes in, she will break it and vote out Michelle.
  • She has an agenda against Michelle as Michelle and her have been oil and water since the start with Michelle often saying she wants Nicole out.
  • I do think she's pretty set on getting out Michelle.
  • But there is an opportunity for her to flip when it comes to Thursday night.
  • Paul and Victor have worked so hard on Nicole and Corey that they have them convinced that working with them is best for their interests in the game.
  • Well, it might be good for Paul and Victor as the numbers votes will keep them in if one goes on the block (not both).
  • Nicole said something to the effect of wanting to go to the end with the best of the best.
  • Now, the problem with doing that is that the BEST is BETTER than YOU. Thus, by doing that, unless you're best buddies in the world or something, you're most likely giving your own game away for them to win because ... they're BETTER than YOU.
  • Between Victor/Paul and Nicole/Corey at the final four, I can see either Victor or Paul or both making it to the final two. They're too good at comps. They're sneaky. They're playing the game, not having a showmance lovey dovey fest!
  • Paul's plan, according to one of his way too long talks with Nicole/Corey, is that he will act defeated and sad and make amends with Michelle. (All better for a jury vote from her if he succeeds and makes it to that point.)
  • The plan has Victor distancing himself a bit from Paul for show.
  • Paul did have his WAY TOO LONG making amends talk with Michelle. He apologized. He sucked up to her. She acted okay throughout. (I was just disgusted.)
  • Michelle later talked to Natalie who made it clear that Paul's sorry not sorry and just full of it for his own personal gain.
  • James and Natalie need to get some time with Nicole. James is too sure that Paul is the target for me to be comfortable with things!
  • But, most of the time, either Victor or Paul (or both) or her Corey fascination is tying up her time.
  • While Paul had droned on to Michelle, I was aware that Corey and Nicole were having an extended talk. I checked that on flashback.
  • Oh my gosh. I think they deserve each other. Nicole must have talked a half-hour about chubby cheeks.
  • She did make a comment at one point that it would be cool to tell Paul that she knows they decided early on to get rid of the veterans and now the table is turned.
  • But, with him up there against Michelle, I can only think she'll vote Michelle out.
  • Apparently, Michelle did also come close to winning the veto -- another reason besides their bad blood between them to get her out this week.
  • I swear ... they're going to hand over the game to Paul and Victor.
  • I guess I have to wonder who would win out of those two? Both have played good games. One is much more personable than the other and wins more comps. But the other is a super schemer and can win comps when he needs to do so.

I'm Corey. I'm a pretty boy.

Please get your act together, James!

One day your face will freeze like that!

Survived Paul's amends talk


Witt said...

If Victor gets to the end, he will have truly earned this win. He has reentered the house not once but TWICE and both times had enough gameplay to not automatically be renominated. He also realized that each time he reentered the game he had to change some things up (social game, strategy, long term planning, etc) to continue to stay. He totally grated on me at the beginning but actually has grown on me a bit.

Petals said...

There is no question between ♥ictor vs Paul: VICTOR wins! Paul is repugnant and very difficult to even look at...Plus, Paul is a snake-oil salesman (best way to put it, ever! Jackie) I, for one, am reallllly tired of hearing his 24/7 infomercial.

*sigh* I am holding-out hope that James can open CoCo's eyes and point-out that the Paul-Vic train is the wrong way to go. We have 4 days, anything can happen. We've seen it before...

Happy Sunday! XOXOX

MikesGirl said...

I can't imagine going through life and being as blind and (excuse me) STUPID as that blonde nurse! I just don't know what to think :/

chrob61 said...

I know this is a longshot, but who thinks that MAYBE Nicole has been playing Paul all along, and will vote him out with the tiebraker??

This of course assumes that Nicole has a brain in that head.

Ed in Ohio said...

Nicole & Corey are delusional! They're not gonna' beat 'the best' if either one is matched up against P or V. Nicole's dis-like for Meech is clouding her judgement. Getting Meech before Meech can get her seems to be more important to her than the $$.

James & Natalie are in for a big shock. James put 'all his eggs in Nicole's basket' and they're about to get scrambled.

Nicole's not gonna' flip the vote. She'll play it safe and evict her 'nemesis'. She has the opportunity to make one of the biggest (perhaps winningest) moves of the season but she'll throw it away.

Once Meech goes James & Nat are all but screwed (not using boned). One or the other pretty much has to win HOH next week.

JonMD1267 said...

Go Team Victor lol The only thing that could make this slightly better if Nicole flips and pulls Paul off and Nominates James lol Throw a comp you.... foolish jedi lol

Judi Sweeney said...

I agree with you Petals and Chrob! Nicole may just surprise us and be playing Paul... Voting Paul out by breaking the tie... It would be a great game play!

But, Michelle has scared Nicole so many times by throwing her name up for eviction that she would have to extremely trust James... and that he will not go a long with Natalie to team with Michelle!

The intense games have officially begun! Happy Sunday everyone!

Sharon N said...

I can't recall ever seeing a season quite like this.
Right from the get-go, the usual progress is for the HGs to separate couples, and try to evict the strongest players. In the past, even the clueless greenhorns have been able to grasp that concept fairly quickly. This year, we've been subjected to total idiots. The majority have been so wrapped up in 'she said mean things about me' and petty jealousies they can't see the forest for the trees. Equally strange is that the Vets are just as blind and haven't 'got their minds right.' It's just plain weird.

Judi Sweeney said...

Exactly Sharon!

Petals said...

Paul is SOoooo jealous of Victor. I know he wants to "love" him, as a bro, etc...but he is eaten-up with jealousy. He stares at him. (lol, so would I, but for different reasons, heehee)

Becky said...

I am sick that James put his game in jeopardy by letting Nichole have HOH. I hope she keeps her word with him, but with Corey in her ear, who knows. I do know that I will vote for James for AP at the end, unless he is going to the end and Victor is out. I could not stand Victor either at the beginning of the game, Witt.

If Nicory flips and aligns with V/P, they both deserve to lose.

monty924 said...

I'm okay with anyone but CoCo winning at this point.

monty924 said...

The drone that buzzed the backyard has them all in a tizzy. Paul was sleeping through it all, LOL. Pics of the drone and the inflatable doll attached are on twitter.

monty924 said...

*and on Jokers

Petals said...

Thanks Monty. I missed it.

I agree with you 100%: anyone but CoCo! Between the 2 of them, they have 1/3 of a personality, and not even a good one. :/

Given how malleable are CoCo, I can see James going in and completely turning things around before Thursday! It wouldn't take much for him to make CoCo see how dangerous Paul is. It wouldn't take much to get their attention: clap his hands, show them a shiny thing, LOL

Petals said...

Oh geeminy. A drone flew over the backyard, had a brunette blow-up doll inside. Natalie thinks it's about her @@

Petals said...

LOL - given the level of paranoia, how funny would it be if we- the FANS - all pitched-in to buy a drone and fly it over?
We could put a banana, blue mitten, a Slinky, a rawhide dog chew and a rock.

Let them stay awake for nights trying to determine the meaning... bwhahahaha

monty924 said...

Michelle lost her mind, lol. She said, "It has a man on it", LOL

Sharon N said...

LMAO at Petals and Monty!

Speaking of Jokers, found this insightful article on there and couldn't agree more!

Sharon N said...

Seriously, I think it's going to take a HUGE hit to viewership for BB to improve. I'm convinced it will only happen IF (or when) the present Casting and Production Directors are dumped Get back to basics by doing the things that worked so well in the past instead of trying to turn the show into teeny-bopper seedy romance novel.

For the last few years, we've tuned into our Summer Fun, hoping BB will finally bring back the diversified personalities, nationalities, and ages. Instead, we see the same old tired routine getting worse.

I used to turn into BBAD, but after 15 minutes the other night, I have ZERO interest in watching BBAD the rest of the season. I read Jackie's blog to catch up on some of the activity (such as it is), a bit on Jokers but the conversation is so repetitious, and watch the aired shows. Unfortunately, BB shows very little of how some of the disgusting way the HGs really talk and treat each other.

You'd think with all the talk on Twitter, Jokers, Hamsterwatch, and other places like Jackie's blog, that CBS would catch the hint and fix this mess before they no longer have fans/watchers.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. I stopped watching because I stopped caring. I don't like any of these people. Usually I have a few favorites but not this season.

Zoe in California